Luke Grimes keeps his family life private.

Luke Grimes Embraces That Yellowstone Lifestyle With His Wife

The actor lives in Montana with his wife, Bianca.

It’s easy enough to watch Yellowstone on Paramount+ and convince yourself that the Duttons really are a family. They’re just so good at pretending to love/hate each other. Luke Grimes does a bang-up job of playing rebellious, complex Kayce Dutton, a man who struggles with finding his own path and his loyalty to his family. In real life, Grimes doesn’t seem to have that struggle, and he’s protected his family by keeping them remarkably private.

Grimes grew up in Ohio.

Grimes was born in Dayton, Ohio as the youngest of four kids to mom Angie and dad Randy Grimes, a minister. His siblings don’t appear to have a presence on social media, which is really saying something in 2022. As for Grimes himself, he moved to New York City after graduating from Christian High School in 2002 to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

He got married in 2018.

In 2018, Grimes married model Bianca Rodrigues. Neither Rodrigues nor Grimes has offered up much in the way of details about how they met, but we do know they were married on Nov. 21 simply because Rodrigues, the only one of them to have social media, posts a yearly anniversary picture of them being beautiful together.

They love that Yellowstone, mountain lifestyle.

Grimes and Rodrigues actually moved to Montana to live full time, and he told Gold Derby that he credits his work on Yellowstone with helping them “fall in love” with the lifestyle. “So I’ve ended up moving to Montana, and now I live there. I live where we shoot the show, which I might not have found without being up there so much and seeing that world through the eyes of this character and then actually really for real falling in love with the lifestyle.”

Luke Grimes seems to have it all figured out — working and living in Montana with the woman he loves, a private family life, and a role in one of the biggest television series around. Yellowstone returns on Nov. 13 on Paramount+ in case you need to reacquaint yourself with Grimes and his TV family.