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Lyla, her family, and her side-kick Stu pose for a family photo. 'Lyla in the Loop' premieres on PBS...
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Lyla in the Loop Is Bound To Be Your Kid’s New Favorite TV Show

And we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that even though there’s nothing wrong with kids having screen time, parents still feel guilty when they watch TV... that is unless they’re watching PBS Kids. Its line-up of educational, thoughtfully-made series makes parents feel OK about the fact that their kiddos are watching TV and not running around foraging for berries or reading Tolstoy or whatever momfluencers tell us their kids do. And now, we can look forward to a fun new series, Lyla in the Loop, which will premiere on Feb. 5, and Romper has an adorable sneak peek!

Produced by Mighty Picnic and Pipeline Studios, Lyla in the Loop is an animated series for kids ages 4 to 8 and will debut in English and Spanish. It follows Lyla, a 7-year-old girl who lives in a big city with her loving family — Mom Lydia, Dad Louis, older twin sisters Liana and Louisa and younger brother Luke. (This L-name theme extends to the family restaurant: Loops Lunch diner.) Her whimsical sidekick Stu is usually around (along with her best friend, Everett), and has the quirk of doing exactly what was asked. Together with her family, friends, and community, Lyla and Stu (and by extension your kiddos) learn creative and strategic problem-solving skills to take on everyday challenges, from creating a DIY carnival game to putting on a puppet show that celebrates Jamaican folklore.

In this adorable preview, Stu is the seeker in an apartment-wide game of hide and seek with Lyla, Everett, and Luke. The children’s antics highlights the importance of being really precise when it comes to giving quirky little Stu directions...

Lyla in the Loop is created by the same minds that brought you other beloved series like Odd Squad, Peg + Cat, Elinor Wonders Why, Alma’s Way, and Bubble Guppies. Voice talent includes Liyou Abere as Lyla Loops, Izzy Woodbury as Stu, Isaac Ng as Lyla’s best friend Everett Phan, and Eden Cupid, Elijah Lindo, Joseph Motiki, Shechinah Mpumlwana, and Morrissa Nicole, as the Loops family. The theme-song (a true bop) is written and performed by Grammy-nominated artist Divinity Roxx.

“Kids are natural creative problem-solvers, experimenting and investigating the world around them with joyful curiosity,” says series creator and showrunner Dave Peth in a press release. “Lyla in the Loop celebrates and encourages kids and the grownups in their lives to recognize those innate abilities and see them as a powerful tool to help others, express themselves, and solve all kinds of problems in everyday life.”

Lyla in the Loop premieres on PBS Kids on Feb. 5, 2024.