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10 Maternity Looks From Friends We Still Think About All These Years Later

Including an iconic look from Joey.

The cast of Friends set fashion trends for decades. The “Rachel” cut, bootleg jeans, crop tops, high boots, Chandler’s bowling shirts, Monica’s Dudley Moore haircut (maybe not that one). So it is perhaps not surprising that we are still looking to this beloved series for fashion inspiration. Even when it comes to maternity wear.

Over 10 seasons, there were only a few noticeable pregnancies for main cast members. Ross’ ex-wife Carol Jane Sibbert, who spent much of the first two seasons of Friends pregnant with their son Ben. Carol was not seen terribly often on the series, so her fashion didn’t really land in a big way.

Then there was Phoebe Buffay’s pregnancy in Season 4, which coincided with Lisa Kudrow’s real-life pregnancy. As the resident bohemian and lover of all things loose and comfortable, Phoebe’s pregnancy style still tracks to this very day. And she gets extra bonus points for being a surrogate for her younger brother Frank Jr. (Giovanni Ribisi) and delivering triplets.

Finally, fashion icon Rachel Green spends all of Season 8 pregnant with her daughter Emma Geller-Green, who she shares with ex-boyfriend/future boyfriend Ross. While Rachel brings some real style to her looks, by the end of her pregnancy she’s really just had it. And this is some fashion we can get behind.

Phoebe’s Yellow Overalls Hold Up

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When Phoebe couldn’t join her friends at Ross’ doomed wedding to Emily in London, she hung out at Monica and Rachel’s apartment instead. Ate food, talked on the phone, tried to talk Rachel out of taking a presumably expensive last-minute flight to stop the wedding, and wore these incredible buttery yellow overalls with a colorful long-sleeve t-shirt underneath that we would still wear now.

Color Me Impressed, Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe Buffay isn’t afraid of anything. Not living on the streets in her youth, not giving birth to triplets, and definitely not wearing color. Just look at this lime green satin robe with blue piping she is wearing? Tied artfully over her baby bump with a little bow just so.

It’s Giving Comfy & Cute

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In many ways, maternity fashion was not exactly a leap for Phoebe. She tended to wear lots of loose skirts and flowing tops that would easily accommodate a baby belly. Like this adorable look of a denim jumper with a yellow long-sleeved t-shirt, black tights, and comfy shoes. Perfect for lounging on the sofa and giving sage advice to your friend who is bound to ignore you, as Rachel did for Ross’ wedding.

When In Doubt, Look To Santa For Inspo


In the earliest days of her pregnancy, Phoebe accidentally looked to Santa Claus for maternity fashion inspiration. She wore a pair of red velvet pants with white cuffs and loads of room in the waist that conveniently came with a “list of baby names.” While Chandler and Joey were not fans of the look, we give it a hearty thumbs up.

Free The Baby Bump


When Rachel was nearing the end of her pregnancy with baby Emma, it was late summer. And she was hot. Too hot to bother covering up. Instead, Rachel let her baby bump breathe and bared it with a low-slung maxi skirt and a graphic orange tank top. Add in the exhausted look and the hand on the hip when Ross suggested she change into something more “appropriate,” and you’ve got a real maternity moment right there.

A Shelf & A Dress


At the end of her pregnancy, Phoebe wisely went for an easy floral maxi dress and wore her hair up to beat the heat. And she also took advantage of the handy shelf the triplets in her womb provided by eating off it. Who needs a table?

A Fun Pattern Is A Maternity Fashion Win


Phoebe might have been in neutral beiges and khaki in this maternity maxi dress/cropped cardigan combo, but she made the fun print work for her. Just as Chandler tried desperately to make a kiss work for her, even as he was dodging around Phoebe’s baby bump and she didn’t budge an inch to help him.

Keeping Her Cool In Fun Colors


When baby Emma started moving inside Rachel’s belly, she did the thing everyone wants to do. Put a can on her belly and watched it move. Looking appropriately chic while doing it, of course. Rachel wore a grey knit top with a pair of cayenne pepper red loose pants, and the color combo was 2002 perfection.

Late, Late Pregnancy Easy Fashion

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Rachel went past her due date with Emma. In the summer. So what does a woman do when this happens? She wears the lightest clothes in the lightest colors possible. A long beige maxi skirt with a light grey tank, and the all-important pigtails to keep her trademark hair out of the way. Because enough is enough.

Joey’s Iconic Thanksgiving Pants

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One of our favorite maternity looks. Joey, not pregnant, borrowed a shockingly odd pair of Phoebe’s old stretchy maternity pants to leave room for his turkey eating. Not sure how I feel about the tucked in shirt exposing that pregnancy panel, but we’ll let it slide. He’s just trying to make room for his own food baby, after all.

Friends is the gift that keeps on giving, nearly 30 years later. The maternity fashion has really held up. Certainly held up better than Chandler’s sweater vests, at any rate.