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Meghan Trainor Says She Pooped With Her Son To Help Him With Potty Training

“We’re potty training my kid, so don’t attack me internet, but I pooped with him.”

Meghan Trainor has a potty training hack and knows it’ll raise a few eyebrows. The mom of two spoke to Dax Shepard on Monday’s episode of his Armchair Expert podcast about her decision to talk openly about pooping with her son while she’s trying to potty train him. You know, setting a good example and all of that.

The “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” singer, who shares 3-year-old son Riley and 10-month-old son Barry with husband Daryl Sabara, chatted with Shepard about their experiences with anal fissures and husbands spending a lot of time on the toilet when the topic of potty training came up. “We’re potty training my kid,” Trainor said, “so don’t attack me internet, but I pooped with him.”

Shepard shared that he thought that was “great,” especially since his 11-year-old daughter Lincoln and 9-year-old daughter Delta have both famously come in to chat with him while he’s pooping. Or so he shared with Bradley Cooper, another celebrity dad who poops in front of his daughter.

As for Trainor, she explained that “everybody hates when I poop near people, but we both pooped at the same time. He was on his little potty and I was over here.” In case the smell was the part you were worried about, Trainor shared that she uses “Poop Breeze so no one can smell my poop.” It was a big family celebration after they both finished, with Riley’s parents cheering “We did it buddy!”

This isn’t the first time Trainor has talked about potty training her kiddos. In a recent red carpet interview with the Daily Mail, she said she really makes a big deal when her little guy poops. “We’re working on potty training and my sweet son ... he holds it in all day, like I do. So every time I FaceTime him I’m just like ‘Good job pooping!’ You know, I’m screaming that. I’ve never praised someone so much for going poo.”

Later on in her interview on Armchair Expert, Trainor and Shepard went down the rabbit hole, as it were, and shared their love of a shared toilet. Shepard explained that he and his ex-girlfriend wanted to “hold hands” on a shared toilet they’d call “the bunny toilet” because “when you put the seat up, it would have looked like bunny ears.”

Trainor assumed Shepard brought up the subject because of her famous side-by-side toilets, which she shared with the world in 2021, but the podcast host said he had now idea about until their conversation. “You’re not saying this because of my famous toilets? I have two toilets that sit side by side. Are you f*cking with me? ... When we first [moved into the house] there was like an old school bidet and I was like ‘we’re not gonna use that.’ I was like ‘I have an extra toilet, so let’s just pop that one next to it.’ And my plumber laughed at me.” Trainor added that she “got destroyed for this online.”

In the near future, however, the couple’s toilets will not be side-by-side. They’re moving into a new home and the toilets will be, as she told Shepard, “knees-to-knees.” And to those people who do not support her bathroom design, Trainor says, “Sorry you don’t know what love is.”

And that’s all for today, folks.