Exclusive: A Brand New & Very Cute Bluey Easter Episode Is Airing Soon

You and your kids will be hopping for joy!

Cheese and crackers! Mark your calendars because an Easter-themed episode of Bluey is coming to Disney Junior just in time for the holiday and Romper has an adorable exclusive clip. The brand new episode, appropriately titled “Easter,” centers around little sister Bingo’s concerns that the Easter Bunny has forgotten to stop by their house. But, as is in the case with these emotional, adorable blue heelers, all is well in the end.

If you’re not familiar with the show, it is a hilariously relatable Australian series centered around a family of blue heeler dogs. There’s 6-year-old big sister Bluey and her 4-year-old sister Bingo who make imaginary fun out of just about every experience you can imagine. From waiting with their dad for takeout, to playing a balloon game called “keepy uppy,” there is no moment too mundane to turn into fun. And, best of all, their mom and dad are always there to join them, too.

The brand new episode, which premieres on Disney Junior on April 4 (check your local listings for exact timing), opens on Easter morning when Bluey and Bingo wake to find what they believe to be empty Easter baskets. It then follows the family as they try to determine whether or not the Easter Bunny passed over their house for a second year in a row. But when Bluey finds a set of clues to an Easter egg treasure hunt, they discover that Easter found them after all.

Check out Romper’s exclusive peek at the new Bluey episode below.

Check out this preview of the Bluey Easter episode!

With a mix of important life lessons, healthy family relationships, and plenty of fun — it’s no surprise that kids and parents alike can’t get enough of Bluey. And if your family is anything like mine, you’ve watched the existing episodes on repeat since they were released. Catch some new Bluey content this Easter Day.