A bunch of new 'CoComelon' episodes will be released this year.
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New CoComelon & Blippi Halloween Episodes Are Coming — & We Have Sneak Peeks!

Get ready to sing and play this spooky season!

Spooky season is upon us! As a parent, that means rounding up the holiday classics: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Hocus Pocus, and more are perfect for cuddling up with your kiddos and enjoying a blissful dose of comforting nostalgia. But if you’re in the mood for something new as well, you’re in luck. Brand new CoComelon and Blippi Halloween episodes, both produced by Moonbug Entertainment, are coming to YouTube throughout the month of October, and we just happen to have fun sneak peaks!

CoComelon will premiere three new Halloween specials.

That’s a lot of songs! Yes, the Melon Patch kids are going on plenty of musical, spooky (but not too spooky) adventures this month. Here’s what your children can look forward to on CoComelon’s YouTube Channel.

  • Silly Kooky Halloween | Oct. 3: JJ, TomTom, and YoYo are going to help JJ’s Dad decorate the house for Halloween. But why decorate the “normal way” like Dad (get with it, Dad!) when they can deck the ghoulish halls in a creative, kid-tastic way. Look, we’re not suggesting that JJ’s dad is going to get wrapped up like a mummy... we are telling you that’s what’s going to happen.
  • CoComelon Animal Time: Emmy’s Haunted House | Oct. 13: While hosting a fabulous Halloween party, a napkin falls on Mimi the Mouse, leading Emmy the Elephant to think the party is haunted! One by one, her friends JJ, Mochi the Monkey and Benny the Bunny gather up their courage to investigate the “ghost” and the “haunted” house.
  • Wheels on the Bus Halloween | Oct. 17: The Melon Patch kids take a Halloween field trip on a school bus (their favorite mode of transportation, which should be obvious at this point) and everyone is in costume... except for poor Cody! His parents forgot all about the holiday! But not to worry: the kids on the bus are there to help. When everyone shares parts of their costumes, everyone wins!

Check out Romper’s exclusive look at Silly Kooky Halloween, premiering Oct. 3.

Halloween surprises abound in this preschool special.Moonbug Entertainment

Blippi is back with eight new Halloween specials!

Your children’s favorite bespectacled friend is back — in live-action (Blippi classic) and animated form (Blippi Wonders) — to explore everything that makes Halloween fun! In addition to a new Halloween song on Blippi Wonders coming Oct. 25, here’s what else you can look forward to on Blippi’s YouTube Channel in October.

Blippi celebrates Día de los Muertos with the Mariachi Divas.Blippi
  • Blippi Explores A Pumpkin Patch | Oct. 1: In this new episode, Blippi leans how pumpkins and sunflowers grow on his visit to a pumpkin patch. He also gets to wander through a corn maze, ride a way-wagon and even meet up with some adorable barnyard animals! There are so many ways to have fun this time of year and Blippi, it seems, is determined to try them all!
  • Blippi Wonders - Scare Contest | Oct 5: Mr. Pumpkin & Bones are back to challenge Blippi and D.BO to a good-spirited (get it?!) scare contest and show that, sometimes, being a little bit scared can be fun!
  • Blippi and Meekah's Sweet Trick or Treat | Oct 8: When Blippi and Meekah want some tasty candy to fill their Halloween trick or treat bags, they decide the best thing would be to head straight to the source: so they go to a candy store to learn how, exactly, sweets are made!
  • Blippi Wonders - Trick or Treat | Oct. 11: When D.BO accidentally mistakes trick-or-treaters for real monsters (whomst among us...?), Blippi teaches him all about the fun of trick-or-treating with the assistance of Rita the Raccoon. Who better to help than someone who wears a mask all year round?
  • Blippi and Meekah's Best Halloween Costume Ever | Oct. 15: Blippi and Meekah visit a super fun costume shop on Halloween. After checking out all the costumes on display – mermaids, sailors, zebras, clowns, kings – they decide to choose the best costumes for each other! Which will it be?
  • Blippi Wonders - Halloween Party | Oct 18: Peter the Spider loves Halloween... but people are always too scared to celebrate with him! So Blippi and TABBS decide to throw their new friend a Halloween party.
  • Blippi’s Magical Halloween | Oct 29: Blippi is making this Halloween extra special by learning how to be a real magician! During a visit to the Magic Apple Shop, Blippi learns all about disappearing tricks and more as he prepares for his first magic show as Blippi the Great!

Check out a sneak peek of Blippi Explores A Pumpkin Patch, premiering Oct. 1.

Blippi is up to lots of autumnal hijinks this month!Moonbug Entertainment

As you can see, there’s plenty of preschool Halloween fun to keep your kiddos entertained all month long.