CoComelon holiday episodes are premiering on Netflix.

CoComelon Is Releasing 8 Brand New Holiday-Themed Episodes

JJ, Cody, Nina, and the rest of the Melon Patch crew are ready for the holidays.

Your little one’s holiday wish came true! Starting Nov. 28, JJ, Cody, Nina, and the Melon Patch crew are coming your way with eight new holiday-themed episodes of CoComelon, available on the CoComelon, Cody Time, Nina’s Familia and JJ’s Animal Time YouTube channels. From ice skating and snowmobiling to decorating houses and cookies, the cartoon toddlers are all set to get into the holiday spirit, and we’re willing to bet your little one will be, too.

The exciting new lineup — featuring classic songs and all your child’s favorite characters — is as follows...

  • “Cece’s Ice Skating Song” (Nov. 28, CoComelon channel): Set to music from The Nutcracker Suite, Cece and her mom lace up their skates and hit the rink. But skating is hard, especially when you’re little.
  • “Cody Snow Racing Song” (Nov. 29, Cody Time channel): Cody and Nina have a sledding playdate, but their imaginations take them much farther (and faster).
  • “Nochebuena Christmas” (Dec. 1, Nina’s Familia channel): As Nina and her family celebrate Nochebuena together, they all have a special, secret plan to make a special ornament for Abuelita.
  • “Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Star” (Dec. 5, CoComelon channel): JJ is excited to place the star on top of the family Christmas tree, but how is he ever going to reach it himself?!
  • “Deck the Halls” (Dec. 6, Cody Time channel): Cody, JJ, and Nico are building a gingerbread house at Kwame’s Café. With three toddlers and just one house, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice taking turns.
  • “Deck the Halls” (Dec. 12, CoComelon channel): JJ, Cody, and Cece have brand new Christmas sweaters and wouldn’t you know it: dancing, twirl, skipping, and otherwise getting your wiggles out is way more fun in a cozy Christmas sweater!
  • “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” (Dec. 13, Cody Time channel): Cody’s grandparents are in town, and everyone knows that family is part of what makes celebrating Christmas so special.
  • “Bells on the Sleigh” (Dec. 14, JJ’sAnimal Time channel): Why should humans have all the fun? JJ and Boba are excited to take their festive sleight all through the snowy forrest to deliver gifts to their friends.

In this exclusive clip from “Cece’s Ice Skating Song,” Cece and her mom demonstrate what practice and perseverance can do on the ice.


Holiday-themed episodes of CoComelon will premiere on the CoComelon, Cody Time, Nina’s Familia and JJ’s Animal Time YouTube channels from Nov. 28 to Dec. 14.