20 Halloween Movies To Watch With Your Little One That Aren’t Scary

Because getting in the spirit of Halloween doesn’t have to include nightmares.

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Halloween is the ultimate kid holiday. Dressing up, eating candy, and, of course, having lots of spooky good fun. Who doesn’t love cuddling up and watching Halloween specials and movies every year? Well, some little kids. Sometimes the spookiness can be a little too much for young or sensitive kiddos. So we’re gathered together some of our favorite Halloween movies that aren’t scary, because everyone deserves to have a good time.

This time of year can be hard for the sensitive kiddos. Because sometimes, even “kids’ movies” can be a bit spooky for some children. Hocus Pocus is a favorite, but have you taken a look at Billy Butcherson, Winifred’s adulterous zombie boyfriend, recently? Creepy! The Witches? Who doesn’t love a movie based on a Roald Dahl? But look me in the face and tell me that the grotesque practical effects used on The Grand High Witch didn’t haunt your dreams as a child? (Or, for that matter, as an adult.) You can’t. Fortunately, there are lots of options out there for Halloween movies that are spooky without being scary.

Of course, what your children find scary is extremely subjective. Some kids are more easily frightened than others, or find random things absolutely terrifying. (Like that time my daughter, who finds zombies cute, was terrified to see a large shrubbery decked out in Christmas lights.) But, overall, we doubt many kids will find any of these movies scary as they’re either explicitly geared toward very young children or are quite tame. We’ve listed each film’s ratings (those that are unrated can be considered rated G) and where you can watch them. When the only option for certain movies was a rental or digital purchase, we’ve also included an option to buy the movie on DVD when possible (because, honestly, it just makes sense to have some of them: especially the classics).

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Have you ever seen a more sincere pumpkin patch?!Apple TV

No list of Halloween family entertainment would be complete without this classic, the OG Halloween special and, dare we say, the GOAT? As Charlie Brown and his friends celebrate Halloween, Linus tries to convince everyone to join him in the pumpkin patch, where the Great Pumpkin will appear and bestow gifts of toys to all the sincere children who believe in its power! Surely it will come this year: it always comes to the most sincere pumpkin patch, and has there ever been a patch more sincere that this one?!

Stream It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, rated TV-G, on AppleTV or buy the DVD on Amazon.


Igor has dreams... but so does Eve.Netflix

Igor may be a humble lab assistant now, but he aspires to be a mad scientist like his master, Dr. Glickenstein. Well... kind of. Dr. Glickstein has a little mishap with a monster of his own creation. So now Igor can pursue his own dream and he knows just the way to prove himself: win the kingdom’s annual science fair. With the help of his friends Scamper and Brain, Igor sets out to creat the most terrifying, evil monster in the world. Unfortunately, his creation, Eve, isn’t scary at all. In fact, she’s a total sweetheart.

Stream Igor, rated PG, on Netflix.

Room on the Broom

When it comes to magic, the more the merrier!Gruffalo World

Based on the book of the same name, this Halloween tale is told in sing-song rhyme by a kindly narrator, who tells the story of a witch with a ginger plait (that’s braid in fancy English, folks) and her broomstick adventure. She loses her hat, her ribbon, and her wand, but in the process makes lots of new friends – a cat, a dog, a bird, and a frog. But will she and her friends be able to stand up to a ferocious dragon who loves to eat witches with a side of chips?

Stream Room on the Broom on YouTube or AppleTV

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

Will the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood be able to catch the “Gobloon”?Amazon Video

It’s Lumpy the baby Heffalump’s first Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood and all his friends – Roo, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and the rest – are excited to take him Trick or Treating. But when Pooh accidentally eats all the candy, Lumpy and Roo go off in search of the fabled, wish-granting “Gobloon,” who grants a wish if you catch him. But they have to be careful: if the Gobloon gets them first, they’ll be truned into Jack-O-Lanterns! Will these two find the courage to save Halloween?

Stream Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie, rated G, on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD on Amazon

Toy Story of Terror

Jessie must face her fears in this Toy Story Halloween special?Disney+

All of your child’s favorite Toy Story characters return in this fun Halloween special. Bonnie and her mom are on a road trip, and Bonnie has brought her trusty toys with her. But when the car breaks down on an isolated road, they all must spend the night in a motel. Mr. Pricklepants warns everyone that this adventure is shaping up just like a horror movie, and it isn’t long before a strange creature starts capturing the toys one by one. Soon it’s up to Jessie the Cowgirl to rescue her friends, but will she be able to overcome her own fears in time to save them?

Stream Toy Story of Terror on Disney+

Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc isn’t technically a Halloween movie, but it fits right into the holiday.Disney+

Sully is the top scarer at Monsters Inc, an energy company that turns the frightened screams of children from Earth into electricity for the city. It’s a tough job: children are terrifying and toxic to the touch! All monsters live in fear of these terrible creatures. But when a little girl sneaks through her closet and into the world of monsters, Sully and his best friend Mike learn that, maybe, everything they thought they knew about children is wrong. Now it’s up to them to get little Boo back home safe and sound.

Stream Monsters Inc, rated G, on Disney+

Monster Family

Emma and Dracula face off.Hulu

Emma Wishbone’s family is disarray. Her son, like her bookstore, is struggling, her daughter is in the throes of teen self-centeredness, and her husband never stops working. But when a chance encounter with Dracula convinces the Transylvanian count to make Emma his bride, things start to get really weird.

Baba Yaga, under Dracula’s orders, puts a curse on the family, and they all turn into their Halloween costumes. Emma is a vampire, her husband Frank is Frankenstein’s monster, her daughter Fay is a mummy, and her son Max is a werewolf. But maybe living life as monsters can teach the family something — and help them reconnect — that is if Emma can convince Dracula to abandon this idea of marrying her.

Stream Monster Family, rated PG, on Hulu.

Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Hijinks abound with Wallace’s latest harebrained invention.Amazon Video

The town of Tottington Hall is gearing up for its annual giant vegetable competition, which has meant that eccentric inventor Wallace and dog Gromit’s humane pest control business, “Anti-Pesto” is booming. But even these two plucky inventors are finding it difficult to keep up with all the rabbits plaguing the gardens of the locals. Hoping to work smarter not harder, Wallace devises a plan to brainwash rabbits against vegetables using the Mind Manipulation-O-Matic. But when the wrong switch is flipped, his mind is fused with that of a bunny, turning Wallace into a giant Were-Rabbit when night falls!

Rent Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit, rated G, on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD on Amazon

Spooky Buddies

Can these little pups stand up to the ghost of Warwick Manor?Amazon Video

Warwick Manor has a spooky history involving the wicked “Warwick the Warlock and the Halloween Hound.” But that’s just an old legend... right? The Buddies (B-Dawg, Rosebud, Buddha, Budderball, and Mudbud) soon find themselves swept up in the house’s sordid past when Warwick and the Hound return to lurk its hallways by way of a magic mirror. It’s up to them and Pip, the kindly ghost of a beagle cursed by Warwick, to work together to save the day.

Even if your kid is easily frightened by all things spooky, talking puppies are sure to set them at ease!

Rent Spooky Buddies, rated G, on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD on Amazon.

Gnome Alone

Not your average garden gnomes.Netflix

Chloe and her mother Catherine have just moved into a spooky house in Tenderville, made all the creepier by the fact that it’s surrounded by garden gnomes. But things get even weirder when Chloe discovers a secret room containing an otherworldly green gem. Of course, not one to let a good spooky gem go to waste, she turns it into a necklace. But little does she know that her actions open a portgal to another realm (which just so happens to be located in her basement) unleashing a pack of rabid and hungry creatures named Troggs.

It isn’t long before the gnomes reveal themselves to Chloe that they're alive, and protect the home from the very creatures she has inadvertently set loose on the world. Can Chloe save the day and survive a new high school?

Stream Gnome Alone, rated PG, on Netflix.

Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest

George is about to learn that there’s nothing like your first Halloween in the country.Peacock

George and the Man with the Yellow Hat are so excited for Halloween in the country. Festivals in town, pumpkin picking at the Rankins’ farm, planning prize-winning costumes, decorating the house and, of course, telling the story of local legend No-Noggin’, the headless scarecrow who steals people’s hats out by old Lonesome Tree. But when the pair learn that their house was the original home of the mysterious scarecrow, they’re in for a (not-too) spooky good time! Full of catchy songs, fun plot twists, and all your favorite characters, this cartoon is a Halloween classic.

Buy Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest on Amazon

A Witches’ Ball

Magic school mishaps and a world of magic await in this cute Halloween movie.Netflix

Beatrix, a 12-year old almost witch attending a magic school, has just passed her final exam to begin a full witch with flying colors. In fact, she’s going to be valedictorian of her class, a fact that will be celebrated at this year’s Witches’ Ball. Everyone in the Witching World will be there. But when a mishap jeopardizes all her hard work, she must figure out how to set things right before the Ball. Sweet and not at all scary, A Witches’ Ball features a cunning, plucky heroine in Beatrix and sends kids the message that the best they can be is themselves.

Stream A Witches’ Ball, rated PG, on Netflix


We stan the Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Aggie.Disney+

Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie don’t understand why their mother, Gwen, never lets them go out on Halloween. What’s the harm in a costume party? But when their grandma Aggie arrives for her annual October 31st visit, the truth is revealed: Aggie and Gwen are actually witches! Aggie wants Marnie to train as a witch; Gwen will hear none of it. But when Marnie and Dylan follow their grandma on a magical bus to her home in Halloweentown (where ghosts, goblins, and magic talismans are the norm) Marnie hopes to fulfill her destiny as a witch.

Stream Halloweentown, rated PG, on Disney+

Hotel Transylvania

Who knew Dracula was such an overprotective dad?Amazon Video

After an angry mob of humans kills his wife, Martha, Count Dracula decides monsters need a place where they can be among their own kind, and where he can raise his daughter, Mavis, in safety. So he builds the luxurious Hotel Transylvania. Frequent visitors include Frankenstein (and his wife, Eunice); a huge family of werewolves; the Invisible Man; and a mummy named Murray. But Mavis longs for the company of other 118 year olds (or at least the relative equivalent) and longs to explore the human world. When Dracula agrees, little does he know that a hapless human named Johnny will stumble into his lair... or that Mavis will fall head over heels for him!

Stream Hotel Transylvania, rated PG, on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD trilogy on Amazon.


Because who says you can’t have a good cathartic Pixar-cry on Halloween?Disney+

Miguel wants to be a musician, just like his hero, local legend Ernesto de la Cruz. Unfortunately, music is banned in his family. During an accidental trip to the Land of the Dead on Día de los Muertos, he meets the skeleton spirits of his ancestors, including the stern Imelda, who banned music in the first place when her husband left her to pursue his career. Determined to honor his family and his dream of becoming a musician, Miguel seeks the otherworldly blessing of de la Cruz to return to the Land of the Living before he is trapped among the spirits forever.

Stream Coco, rated PG, on Disney+

100% Wolf

Does Fred have what it takes to be High Howler?Hulu

Freddy Lupin is the heir to a powerful werewolf pack that protects their town. But when the time comes for his first wolf transformation, he’s horrified to discover he turns into a poodle instead. He is determined to right this wrong, lest he risk banishment from the pack, and sets out to find the lost Moonstone. But will he be able to brave the legendary, dog-eating Beast that lurks around the town?

Stream 100% Wolf, rated TV-PG, on Hulu.

The Addams Family

*snap snap*Hulu

The Addams family are many things. Creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky... one might say they’re all-together ooky! In this cartoon version of the franchise, the first family of fright gets a backstory: Gomez and Morticia were chased away by an angry mob on their wedding night and fled, settling in the one place no one would be caught dead in: New Jersey. They find an abandoned asylum on a hill and isolate themselves from the outside world. But when their beloved home stands in the way of TV personality Margot Needler’s ideal community (called “Assimilation”... the movie is not subtle) they must defend their family home and offbeat way of life.

Rent The Addams Family, rated PG, on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD or Blu-Ray on Amazon.

Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!

When it comes to monsters, ghosts, and ghouls, this is your gang!Warner Brothers Entertainment/YouTube

Crossovers abound in this Scooby-Doo adventure. When Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (crossover #1) employs the gang in a covert mission to capture the Haunted Scarecrow who’s been ruining her Halloween fun, the gang unmasks none other than Dr. Jonathan Crane, aka Batman’s nemesis and Arkham Asylym escapee The Scarecrow (cross over #2 and we’re only two sentences in, folks). Everything seems wrapped up pretty quickly... that us until Dr. Crane’s fear serum mixes with toxic sludge and lands in a pumpkin patch, causing the pumpkins to mutate and become evil “Jackal Lanterns!” Fortunately, Velma, with the help of Bill Nye (crossover #3), have modernized the Mystery Machine to take whatever these ghoulish gourds can throw at them!

Rent Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo on Amazon Prime or buy the DVD on Amazon


A twist on a classic based on a twist on a classic!Disney+

Victor Frankenstein (no, not that one... kinda) is an 11-year-old boy living in the idyllic suburb of New Holland with his mom, dad, and beloved dog, Sparky. After Sparky is accidentally hit by a car and dies, Victor is despondent... that is until his science teacher inspires him to think about ways that maybe, just maybe, he can bring his dog back to life. But when his mad science plans are successful, Victor must keep Sparky’s reanimation a secret, which gets harder and harder as time goes on.

(Given the subject matter, kids may reasonably become emotional watching this movie. In terms of scare factor, Frankweenie is probably along the lines of another Tim Burton stop-motion animated feature The Nightmare Before Christmas. Common Sense Media recommends it for children age 9 and up.)

Stream Frankenweenie, rated PG, on Disney+

Spookly the Square Pumpkin

Spookley is built different...Netflix

Spookley has always been different. While most pumpkins are known for their nice round shape, Spookley is square! While he has friends in the patch, like Jack the Scarecrow, a trio of spiders, and a pair of bats, many of the other pumpkins make fun of him. When Jack decides to throw a competition to find the “Pick of the Patch,” Spookley is determined to prove his worth.

Stream Spookley the Square Pumpkin, rated G, on Netflix.

Happy Halloween!

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