Olivia Munn shares relatable photo in boyfriend's clothes while shopping for grocery.
Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Olivia Munn's "Snapback" Look Is Something Every New Mom Can Get On Board With

We’ve all been there... and in the cheese aisle, no less.

The first few months after delivering a baby are no walk in the park for any mom, even the ones with Hollywood zip codes. From possible hernias to mental health issues, it’s not always easy to open up about how hard it can be. And especially to get dolled up for a quick errand. But if there’s one celeb mom who continues to keep it one hundred, it’s Olivia Munn. In a new Instagram post of a recent trip to the grocery store, Munn, who is mother to 2-month-old Malcolm, shared a very relatable photo that shows how humbling (and funny) postpartum can be, proudly strolling the aisles in her boyfriend John Mulaney’s clothes.

“This is my #snapback,” she captioned her Instagram post. We’ve all been there. Left the house, thinking we looked cute, until later realizing our unfortunate fashion choices. Munn was finally feeling herself (and her cute kicks), when she stepped out in public in a casual checked button-down and comfy pants. Then she saw a candid photograph her friend snapped while food shopping.

“No lie, I thought I was holding it together pretty good until I saw this photo,” Munn captioned her post. “I thought the wedge sneakers made me look a little more pulled together but I was wrong. Thanks for capturing this moment @kellynotcasey.”

Of course, what makes the photo just the right amount of random and also pretty hilarious is that Munn happens to be standing next to copious amounts of cheese.

Actress and comedian, Whitney Cummings, got in on the fun and was quick to come to Munn’s defense in the comments section: “100 percent John’s fault because they’re his clothes - also his sperm did this.”

Body fluid jokes aside, this isn’t the first time Munn has shared her more vulnerable or less than flattering post-pregnancy moments. From breastfeeding stresses to infant sleeping challenges, Munn has been open with her fans on Instagram about the struggles of being a first-time mom. But it’s not all baby puke and diaper blowouts, Munn also celebrates her wins. Recently, she posted photos from little Malcolm’s first trip to a restaurant with Mulaney in tow.

Munn has had a whirlwind year with Mulaney, who is recently divorced and has been open with his addiction battles. Not only can the comedian credit Munn for becoming a gushing father, he has publicly thanked Munn for helping him through his sobriety.

Lately it seems like Munn has reached that next phase of being a new mom, when you’re finally ready to focus on yourself a little more and make the most of any free second you have available to snatch that much-needed self-care. She recently ventured out on a solo trip to the salon, and shared an Instagram video getting caramel hair highlights set to a fun Harry Styles’s song.

But of course being a new mom is an rollercoaster ride. One day you’re on top of the world, and the next you’re at the bottom of a barrel (of Parmigiano Reggianno).