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Take An Exclusive Sneak Peek At A Brand New Back-To-School Peanuts Special

Lucy’s School is a back-to-school treat that gets an A+!

Lucy and the Peanuts crew are back with a back-to-school special sure to inspire your kids to sharpen those #2 pencils and and get them psyched to board that yellow bus. Lucy’s School tackles those jitters that most little students feel when they’re about to begin a new school filled with many new challenges and unfamiliar faces. When the Peanuts are feeling anxious about heading back into the classroom, they inspire the bossiest member of their crew to start her very own school. But Lucy is about to learn the very important lesson that teaching isn’t exactly a piece of cake. It’s much harder than just standing in front of the class and reading facts straight from a boring textbook. Ahead of its premiere, Romper has an exclusive sneak peek that’s sure to and get your kid giddy about shopping for that cool backpack and prepare your little one for the unmistakable sound of that school bell.

In Romper’s exclusive clip from Lucy’s School, you’ll feel absolutely transported back to your grade school days when Sunday scaries were all about finishing up that last-minute math homework, cramming for that vocab quiz, and of course picking out the perfect Monday morning outfit. Lucy and the gang are still deep in summer mode, slurping their bright tasty popsicles, when they take a visit to the huge, looming building that will be their brand new school. When Charlie asks if Lucy is nervous, at first she is confident as ever. But when her imagination takes over, some of her biggest fears begin to bubble.

In addition to the new classrooms, subjects, and of course, teachers, big changes are in store for all the Peanuts students. They’ll have to find their way through the mazes of hallways, demystify those tricky combination lock codes, and face the thirst-inducing fear of not being able to reach the water fountain! Although the prospect of gross school lunches is especially daunting, nothing is as frightening as the possibility of the gang being separated in different classes.

Lucy’s School, an all-new Peanuts special coming to Apple TV+ on Aug. 12, is a sweet tribute to educators.Courtesy of Apple TV+

This brand new Peanuts special isn’t just a love letter to teachers, it’s a relatable tribute to the ways that friends can help each other face upcoming challenges and overcome fears of change. It’s the perfect way to gently remind your kid that it’s almost time to swap those beloved bathing suits and flip flops for Fall sweaters and gym sneakers. It’s also a great opportunity to be inspired by some of the most iconic cartoon kids and take teacher appreciation to the next level. So after you watch Lucy’s School, why not thank that beloved educator who made an impact on your life or on the minds of your brilliant kids.

Lucy’s School will premiere on Friday, Aug. 12 on Apple TV+.