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20 Photos Of Prince George & Kate Middleton Being The Best Of Friends

These two are the cutest.

Much has been made of the close relationship between 9-year-old Prince George and his dad Prince William. Now I’m not saying this father-son duo isn’t close. They share a common future as heirs to the throne of England, and certainly Prince William has proven that he pays close attention to his oldest son’s interests, joining him at his soccer games and teaching him how to be a little environmentalist. But really, it’s Kate Middleton who is clearly Prince George’s best friend. Or mate, as he would probably say. And we’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Middleton is close to all three of her children, including 7-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte and 4-year-old Prince Louis. There’s no disputing that. Whenever she has her kids out in public, she can be seen wearing matching dresses with Princess Charlotte or cuddling Prince Louis in an effort to get him to calm down. But it’s the quiet moments she shares with her oldest boy that are perhaps the most poignant. The pair are two peas in a pod, always quietly laughing together or whispering or sharing a smile.

And we love to see it.

Smitten Right Out Of The Gate

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When Prince George arrived in July 2013, his mom was clearly smitten with him right out of the gate.

Her Favorite Travel Buddy

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In 2014, Prince George joined his parents on their tour of Australia and had the chance to visit the zoo. He and his mom were both in awe of the animals they saw, perfect travel buddies.

Having Fun On The Sidelines

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Before Prince George came along, Kate Middleton had to hang out on the sidelines of Prince William’s polo matches on her own. He gave her something to do while she avoided her natural enemy; horses.

Competition On The Horizon

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When Princess Charlotte arrived on the scene in 2015, Prince George did not look too impressed to share his best friend. But don’t worry too much about this kid. He clearly had a plan.

A Gallant Little Gent

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Prince George was true to his name when he gallantly helped his mom get up from sitting in the grass, wearing one of his trademark cardigans, in 2015.

Sharing His Toys

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At yet another polo match in 2018, Prince George distracted his mom from those dreaded horses by showing her his toys.

Favorite Of The King

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When he was getting stressed out at an airfield in Germany in 2016, Prince George just wanted one person. His mom.

Their Shared Love Of Balloons

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At a 2017 garden party in Victoria, Canada, Middleton and Prince George shared a love of balloon animals. And each other.

Showing Her What’s Up

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Prince George was all about showing his mom what was up in 2016 during a visit to an airfield.

Even BFFs Have Their Moments

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OK, even best friends fight some times. It’s important to keep the friendship sparky. And Middleton’s irritation with Prince George during a 2016 visit to Canada certainly looked sparky.

Kiss & Make Up

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These two can never stay mad at each other.

Mother’s Little Helper

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At a 2019 polo match (again on the sidelines) Prince George dug through the family SUV to find snacks for the rest of the family. Mother’s little helper indeed.

Her First Mate

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Kate Middleton has been teaching her kids to sail for some time, and in 2019 Prince George looked like he was ready to be her first mate.

They’ll Always Have Rugby


Kate Middleton is a big fan of rugby, and in 2021 she brought her best mate Prince George to a match. It looks like he was a fan too.

Sharing A Quiet Moment

For her tenth wedding anniversary with husband Prince William, Kate Middleton shared a video of her family hanging out at home. And while Prince William chased the younger two through the yard, Prince George was happy walking around with his mom, sharing a quiet moment.

Reaching For Her Pal

The whole family posed for a Christmas card photo in Jordan in 2021, but please pay attention to who Middleton is reaching for.

Sharing Secrets

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At Wimbledon in 2022, Middleton and Prince George appear to be sharing secrets. Typical BFF behavior.

Her Ideal Date


He gives her his full attention, wears a suit, and is incredibly charming. His mom’s perfect date.

Who Has A Better Time Than These Two?

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As Prince George gets older, he and Middleton look more and more like best friends than mom and son.

Always Watching Out For Each Other

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Middleton was busy dealing with Prince Louis at the Platinum Jubilee, but she always keeps her eye out for Prince George. Her little best friend.