All the best photos of royal moms with their kids.
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The Best Photos Of Royal Moms With Their Kids Through The Years

Those vintage ones are gold.

Being a mom and a royal means pulling double duty any time you are out with your kids. Royal moms are technically on the clock any time they’re in the public eye, even if they’re just sitting for photos or popping by to show their faces for an event. And when they bring their offspring, that changes things entirely. Even for Queen Elizabeth herself. While it’s true that, as monarch, Queen Elizabeth was something of a hands-off mom when her four children were younger, they were still her children. And certainly when she was photographed with her offspring she always looked proud to have them by her side.

By the time Princess Diana welcomed Prince William, she was ready for royal parenting to become less hands-off. She was openly affectionate with both of her sons and seemed most at ease when she was in their presence. The same holds true for Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton, who has followed in her late mother-in-law’s footsteps and even taken it a step further, asserting herself as a natural mom who prioritizes time with her children.

Whatever kind of royal mom any of these women were and are, one thing is certain. They love their kids.

Two Elizabeths & A Margaret

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Princess Elizabeth and her younger sister Princess Margaret were just little girls when they found out their father was going to become King George VI after his brother King Edward abdicated the throne. This photo of them was taken in 1937, when their mother became Queen Elizabeth and little “Lilibet” became heir to the throne.

The New Queen & Her Kids

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Queen Elizabeth was a 25-year-old mom of two when she was crowned after her father’s death in 1952, and she looks to be growing into her element with little Princess Anne and Prince Charles by her side at Frogmore Cottage. Probably because of the dog in the background.

Her First Baby As Queen

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Her Majesty was 33 years old when her third child, Prince Andrew, was born. She had been a queen for seven years and looked so much more relaxed in a sweet photo with her third child.

Her Three Sons

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Queen Elizabeth’s fourth and final child, Prince Edward, was born when she was 39 years old. This meant her oldest and youngest child had 17 years between them, and she looked to be loving it in a photo with her three sons.

Two Outdoorsy Royal Women

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In 1959, Princess Anne was her mom’s little mirror as the two of them prepared to set sail at Frogmore Cottage. Both looking super outdoorsy, both wearing pants, and of course there’s a corgi in the background.

Growing Up Fast

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By 1972, Queen Elizabeth had two adult children and looked ready to live her best life with Prince Philip.

Royal Babies Don’t Always Cooperate

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After Prince Charles married Princess Diana in 1981, they quickly welcomed their first son Prince William. And right out of the gate it was clear Princess Diana would not be following the same formal, hands-off policy as had been done in the past. Just look at her face in this photo as she struggles with her son’s pacifier. She’s not hiding her feelings.

Mom’s Getting Musical

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During a press photo shoot at Highgrove Estate with both of her sons in 1985, Princess Diana kept her eyes on the two of them. Especially Prince William who looked ready to bolt at any moment.

A Royal Theme Park Mom

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Princess Diana was not afraid to get wet in 1990 when she took Prince William and Prince Harry to Thorpe Amusement Park for the day. She rode the log ride, got soaked, and the three of them had the best day ever.

Hitting The Slopes Together

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The royals have always loved a ski holiday, and Princess Diana was no different. The only thing that was different was that she kept her two boys with her on the slopes, riding up the mountain and keeping one hand on wild child Prince Harry. Because who knew what he would get up to.

A New Generation

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Kate Middleton, much like Princess Diana, is a big fan of skiing. So much so that she braved the cold in the French Alps in 2016 to bring 2-year-old Prince George and baby girl Princess Charlotte out for a snowy photo shoot. And she couldn’t look happier if she tried.

Princess Charlotte Causing Chaos

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One slight drawback to being so hands-on as a royal mom is that there’s no delegating a temper tantrum. When 3-year-old Princess Charlotte threw a royal fit on a tour of Germany, it was her mom who had to stop and deal with her. And the look on her face should tell you that she means business.

Keeping It Casual At Polo

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Middleton had just welcomed third baby Prince Louis when she took her two older kids out to see their dad play polo in 2018. And here’s where we really see how natural and easy going Middleton is as a mom. Princess Charlotte is barefoot and curled up on her mom’s lap, while Prince George is opening up a toy police kit complete with handcuffs. She’s not stressing about anything, which is very impressive.

She Gets A Kick Out Of Him

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In 2022, Kate Middleton brought all three of her kids to the Platinum Jubilee, including Prince Louis who absolutely stole the show. He danced, he acted out, he was silly and energetic. And through it all, he just made his super relaxed mom laugh. Because what else can you do?

Archie In Africa

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Meghan Markle was only a working royal for a short while after welcoming son Archie with husband Prince Harry. The two took their little boy to live in Montecito, California and went on to welcome 1-year-old daughter Lilibet. But in 2019, it was just Archie and his mom and dad as they visited Archbishop Desmond Tutu in South Africa. And Markle was clearly overjoyed to have her little boy with her.

There are all different types of parenting used by moms in the royal family, and it would be unfair to say one kind is better than another. Through the years, royal moms have changed with the times. But the one constant that remains is that they want the best for their kids.