Pikachu, wearing a captain's hat, happily eats from two bowls of food.
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The Journey Continues On Pokémon Horizons & We Have An Exclusive First Look

We would follow Captain Pikachu anywhere.

For the past 27 years, kids (and former kids) have been charmed by Pikachu and his friends. And on August 9, U.S.-based fans can enjoy all new adventures with Part 3 of Pokémon Horizons: The Series exclusively on Netflix in the U.S., and Romper has an exciting sneak peek(achu... sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Earlier this year marked a special moment in the history of the franchise: new protagonists. (Yes, Ash Ketchum has gone onto new journeys: we wish him well.) Our new heroes are Liko — a quiet, shy, somewhat insecure young girl is determined to be a Pokémon trainer with her partner, Sprigatito — and Roy, a lively, spirited young boy who is partnered with the fiery Fuecoco. But never you fear, die-hard Pikachu stans; our favorite, rosy-cheeked, yellow Pokémon is still along for the adventure, now as Captain Pikachu. Together they, along with a ragtag band of adventurers known as the Rising Volt Tacklers travel the land, are always trying to keep one step ahead of the formidable Explorers who want to exploit Pokémon for their own questionable ends.

This next episode drop will find Liko recently reunited with her grandma and learning the identity of her new Pokémon partner, Terapagos. But the family reunion is disrupted when the Explorers go on the offensive. Meanwhile, aboard the Brave Olivine, the Rising Volt Tacklers investigate the Ancient Poké Ball as they look for clues about the Six Heroes. When a rumor about a singing Pokémon leads the crew to another of the heroes, the elusive (newly introduced) Pokémon Rayquaza isn’t far behind.

In this exclusive first look, Liko is trying to advance her Poké-knowledge by carefully observing the adorable new Terapagos, who seems to feel right at home aboard Captain Pikachu’s ship.

Fans can view a sneak peek of the upcoming episodes on the official Pokémon YouTube channel and gear up for the launch of Part 3 by catching up on current Pokémon Horizons: The Series episodes via Netflix. They can also learn more about the latest series by visiting Pokemon.com/Horizons.