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20 Heartwarming Episodes To Help Prepare Your Child For A New Sibling

As with so many things, TV can help!

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There’s nothing quite like bringing a new baby into your home. It’s exciting! It’s emotional! It can also be a huge adjustment, and not just for the responsible adult(s) getting up with them every few hours. For older siblings, having a new baby waltz on in can also be exciting, but it can be scary too. They might feel jealous, angry, or just overwhelmed at the big changes happening in their routine. It helps to let them know what they might expect. Fortunately there are lots of great books out nowadays to help parents explain what being a big sibling means. But there are also great kids’ show episodes to prepare for a new sibling. And, since it’s on a screen, they won’t even notice they’re becoming better adjusted: genius!

New babies are often a way to breathe new life into a series, including kids shows. And, fortunately for us, it’s a pretty fun way to help children literally see what’s in store. Moreover — again lucky us — since so many shows are aimed at packaging complex events in a neat, 30 minute window, it’s a good, quick way to get a point across effectively. It may even help them realize feelings they didn’t know they had or couldn’t necessarily express without some help. (Good ol’ TV, always helping us out...)

From cartoons to sitcoms, parents have a wide array of shows to choose from to help their kids in this new role of “older sibling.” Here are some of our favorites.


Arthur has two younger sisters, D.W. and baby Kate.Arthur Episodes Tower Channel/YouTube

Season 1, Episode 11 of Arthur is a flashback to when baby Kate was born. The first half of the episode is about how scared and unprepared Arthur felt about having a new baby in the house. But when his mom asked him to watch her for a few minutes and he burped her to stop crying, he felt a sweet bond. In the second half, D.W. recalls how hard it was being asked to share a room with her baby sister, as she cries, has stinky diapers, and seems to get all the attention. This is so relatable — especially when D.W. tries to sell Kate in the family yard sale.

Stream Arthur (rated TV-Y) on PBS Kids on Amazon.

Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum songs and episodes are perfect for toddlers! Moonbug Kids - Cartoons and Kids Songs Channel/YouTube

If you want a cute song to help younger kids prepare for the arrival of a new baby, then Little Baby Bum has the perfect episode for you! Season 2, Episode 192, “New Sibling Song,” is all about 6-year-old Mia wondering about the arrival of her new baby sibling. She wonders if it will be a boy or a girl, then goes to the hospital to meet baby Max, her new little brother. It’s super cute! Later, watch Season 2, Episode 200, “Brothers and Sisters – Stop Bugging Me!” which is about figuring out how to deal with little siblings who annoy you.

Stream Little Baby Bum on Hulu.


Stream Caillou on Amazon Prime Video. Caillou - WildBrain Channel/YouTube

Caillou remembers when he became a big brother to his sister Rosie in Season 1, Episode 6, “Big Brother Caillou.” This episode is a flashback to when Mommy is pregnant with Rosie. Caillou is excited to meet his baby sister at first, but soon gets super jealous of all the attention on her. He pouts on his bed, pinches Rosie when Daddy isn’t looking, and says he doesn’t like Rosie (a common feeling for new toddler older siblings). By the end, though, he learns about the good things of little siblings and even enjoys holding her.

Stream Caillou on Amazon Prime Video.

Ready for Preschool

Ready for Preschool is a collection of two-minute shorts. Disney Junior Channel/YouTube

Disney Junior’s Ready for Preschool series is comprised of two-minute shorts featuring your toddler’s favorite Disney Junior characters. Each one teaches a variety of preschool-friendly lessons set to music. Season 2, Episode 24, “You Have a New Sibling” features the characters from Chicken Squad. In it, Little Boo learns how to be the best big brother to a new sibling, who cutely hatches from an egg. It teaches kids how they can play with their baby sibling more and more as they grow up, and how the older sibling can help out by feeding their baby or reading together.

Stream Ready for Preschool on Disney+.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger meets his baby sister Margaret in Season 2.Daniel Tiger Channel/YouTube

The first three episodes in Season 2 of this PBS Kids show are all about Daniel Tiger getting a new baby sibling! In Episode 1, “The Tiger Family Grows/Daniel Learns About Being a Big Brother,” Mom Tiger and Dad Tiger tell Daniel a baby is coming and show him pictures of his arrival from the baby book. Episode 2, “The Baby is Here,” is all about preparing for the baby’s arrival and meeting his baby sister Margaret in the hospital. Finally, Episode 3, “Time for Daniel/There’s Time for Daniel and Baby Too,” touches on the sensitive topic of parents’ divided attention when a new sibling is born, but Daniel learns that his parents have time for both him and his little sister — and it’s OK that things aren’t exactly the same. (Plus, it has a great song, too!)

Stream Daniel’s Tiger Neighborhood (rated TV-Y) on PBS Kids on Amazon.

Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby is available for streaming on Paramount+.TreehouseTV Channel/YouTube

If you’re expecting twins — or you have multiple siblings getting ready for a new baby instead of just one — then stream Max and Ruby. In Season 7, Episode 23, “Max and Ruby and the New Baby,” 7-year-old Ruby is excited her mom, Mrs. Bunny, is pregnant and she wants to choose a name. She tries to get 3-year-old Max on board to help, but he is nervous about bringing another baby into the family. When she gives birth, she ends up having twin bunnies, Oliver and Grace! It’s such a cute episode.

Stream Max and Ruby (rated TV-Y) on Paramount+.

CoComelon – It’s Cody Time

New episodes of CoComelon - It's Cody Time premiere weekly on YouTube.CoComelon - It's Cody Time Channel/YouTube

JJ’s best friend, Cody Green, is about to become a big brother! In CoComelon – It’s Cody Time, “Spy Song,” Cody investigates the changes happening around the house, which signal some exciting news. In “Baby Bump,” Cody asks his mom’s baby bump to play with toys. It’s such a sweet bonding moment with his sibling before birth. And in “I’m Going to be a Big Brother,” Cody wonders what it will be like when he is a big brother. His parents teach him what big brothers do, like reading the baby books and rocking them to sleep. “Cody’s Finger Family Song” explores how many people will be in his growing family. In this one, his family is getting ready for baby by building a crib and setting up the nursery.

Stream CoComelon – It’s Cody Time (rated TV-Y) on YouTube.

Sesame Street: Three Bears and a New Baby

Rent Sesame Street: Three Bears and a New Baby on YouTube Movies.YouTube Movies & Shows Channel/YouTube

The story of The Three Bears is a classic — so why would Mama and Papa Bear want to bring a new cub into the family? Baby Bear learns how to become a big brother with the help of Gina, Big Bird, and Telly in this cute special. Sesame Street: Three Bears and a New Baby is a compilation of three Sesame Street episodes: Season 34, Episode 24, “Baby Bear Worries About His Future Sibling,” Episode 25, “Curly Bear is Born,” and Episode 26, “Curly Bear Comes Home.” Baby Bear goes from worrying about losing his name to happily holding his baby sister, Curly, to being sad about losing the attention from his parents. By the end, Mama and Papa Bear assure him that they will always have time for him, and Curly Bear sweetly grabs his ear in a cute bonding moment.

Rent Sesame Street: Three Bears and a New Baby (rated TV-Y) on YouTube Movies for $1.99.

Bubble Guppies

Molly becomes a big sister on Bubble Guppies.Bubble Guppies Channel/YouTube

All day at school, Molly is excited about becoming a big sister in Bubble Guppies Season 4, Episode 10. The guppies pretend to be babies, they play with baby stuffed animals, and they sing songs about babies until Molly gets a call that her baby sister was born! Mr. Grouper brings the Guppies to see Molly’s baby sister, Mia, in the hospital. She giggles and coos, and Molly comforts her by singing a lullaby when she starts crying. This episode is filled with baby-themed songs, plus it shows pictures of what all the Guppies looked like as babies at the end!

Stream Bubble Guppies (rated TV-Y) on Paramount+.

Peppa Pig

Kids can learn about pregnancy and its unique cravings by watching Peppa Pig.Peppa Pig - Official Channel/YouTube

Kids can get a feel for pregnancy in Peppa Pig Season 4, Episode 10, “Mummy Rabbit’s Bump.” Mummy Rabbit has a big tummy and lets Peppa listen to it, telling her she’s pregnant. She has gross-sounding cravings that make the kids laugh. Afterward, they go to the hospital and Mummy Rabbit has twins, Robbie and Rosie, making her older bunnies, Rebecca and Richard, big siblings. As this is her third pregnancy and delivery, the babies were born so fast that Daddy Rabbit missed it, which is funny because she assured him “having a baby always takes a long time.” Another helpful episode is Season 2, Episode 31, “The Baby Piggy.” In it, Peppa and George get to meet cousin Chloe and her new baby brother Alexander.

Stream Peppa Pig (rated TV-Y) on YouTube.

Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins picks out the perfect stuffed animal for her new baby sister. Disney Junior UK Channel/YouTube

Grandma McStuffins comes to watch Doc and Donny as Mom and Dad go to pick up a baby they have adopted. When they come back, Doc helps name her baby sister Maya (with a little help from a stuffed animal). She coos and sleeps in her crib, and Doc gives her the new toy. She may already be a big sister to Donny, but she’s still doing a great job adjusting to a new baby in the house — and Donny is excited about being a big brother for the first time, too. Doc McStuffins Season 3, Episode 25, “Bringing Home Baby,” is a cute one to watch with the kids.

Stream Doc McStuffins (rated TV-Y) on Disney+.

Angelina Ballerina

Angelina dances with her baby sister. Bobby Joe 1 Channel/YouTube

Angelina Mouseling is upset that her parents missed her dance recital, in which she was awarded the “Most Promising Dancer of the Year.” They were too busy with their new baby, Polly. She resents Polly throughout the episode, until she bonds with her over ballet. She makes her baby sister laugh by dancing with her, and at the end of the episode, vows to teach her ballet and play with her and even babysit! A full-circle moment comes when Angelina calls Polly the “Most Promising Little Sister of the Year.” Cue the awws!

Stream Angelina Ballerina (rated TV-Y) on Tubi.

Dora The Explorer

Dora must find her way home to meet her new twin siblings! Akili Kids! TV Channel/YouTube

Dora is going on her biggest adventure yet — becoming a big sister! In Dora The Explorer Season 4, Episode 10, “Big Sister Dora,” Dora prepares to become a big sister. When her dad calls a phone inside Backpack to announce the baby’s arrival, Map helps guide Dora and Boots to back home. On the way, they help others and travel through the spooky forest to get back home. When she arrives, her whole family is there and Dora discovers that she has twin baby siblings, a boy and a girl, who smile at Dora and fall asleep to a Spanish lullaby. It’s typical Dora The Explorer fun with adorable babies at the end.

Buy Dora The Explorer (rated TV-Y) on Amazon Prime Video for $1.99.

Blue’s Clues

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have two babies in Blue’s Clues. MrWimpyKid27 Channel/YouTube

Blue has a secret, and Steve needs your help to figure it out! In Blue’s Clues Season 1, Episode 18, Steve works to find clues and put together the mystery of what Blue knows. By the end, it’s revealed that Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper had a baby named Paprika. In Season 4, Episode 6, Paprika becomes a big sister. Steve and Blue go to the hospital as they wait for Mrs. Pepper to have another baby. After Paprika meets her baby brother, Cinnamon, they all go home together so the rest of the house can meet the baby, too.

Stream Blue’s Clues (rated TV-Y) on Paramount+.

Blue’s Clues & You

Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have twins in Blue’s Clues & You!Blue's Clues & You! Channel/YouTube

In Blue’s Clues & You, the 2019 spinoff series starring Josh (Josh Dela Cruz). In Season 1, Episode 3, “Big News With Blue,” Josh has to solve the clues to figure out Blue’s exciting news — which is that Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper have twins, Sage and Ginger. At the end of the episode, all the friends get to meet the new babies, and Blue draws a picture of the whole family. Josh also gets out his guitar to sing his farewell song softly as the twins sleep. It’s so cute!

Stream Blue’s Clues & You! (rated TV-Y) on Paramount+.

Chip and Potato

Chip and Potato is streaming on Netflix.Netflix Jr. Channel/YouTube

Chip loves being a big sister to Totsy Tot, her parents’ new baby, but she also feels sad when her baby sister cries. In Chip and Potato Season 1, Episode 25, “Chip’s Baby Sister,” the adorable, 5-year-old Pug learns all about babies — and how to tickle her and make her giggle. Of course, Chip’s best friend, a mouse named Potato, is right by her side. Getting a new sibling can be challenging for little ones, but this is such a cute episode to show how to learn what babies like and how to bond with them.

Stream Chip and Potato (rated TV-Y) on Netflix.

Handy Manny

Handy Manny is streaming on Disney+. Giovanni Colon Channel/YouTube

It’s a lot of work to bring a new baby home, and one of the major things that needs done? Building a crib! Mr. Alvarez and his wife are having a new baby, and he calls Manny to help put together the crib in Handy Manny Season 1, Episode 8b, “Big Sister.” Mr. Alvarez’s daughter, Susana, is worried about being a big sister until Manny enlists her help installing the baby’s mobile and getting the crib ready. This episode is also a great lesson for parents in involving kids to help with the preparations for a new baby!

Stream Handy Manny on Disney+.


Bluey is streaming on Disney+.Bluey - Official Channel/YouTube

Bluey is known for its relatable parenting content, and Season 2, Episode 47, “Baby Race” is no exception. It’s a flashback episode to when Bluey was a baby. She mastered rolling over early, but Chilli got frustrated when she wouldn’t crawl or walk like the other babies. It hilariously touches on the fun realities of having a new baby at home, and the funny annoyances of not being able to get a baby to do what you want to do. Kids who love Bluey will enjoy seeing a glimpse of her as a baby (See? We were all babies at one point!), and parents will get a reminder that it’s OK not to be perfect.

Stream Bluey (rated TV-Y) on Disney+.

Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie is streaming on Disney+.Disney Channel UK Channel/YouTube

Good Luck Charlie focuses on how much the Duncan family’s lives change with the arrival of their baby sister Charlie, but in Season 3, Episode 7 and 8, “Special Delivery (Part 1 and 2),” Charlie becomes a big sister! This adorable episode is about the arrival of their little brother, Toby. This is great for big families (the Duncans have five kids!), for families with big age gaps with their kids, and for older kids to help get used to the idea of a new sibling. It’s a cute one (and cute show, really) for the whole family to stream together.

Stream Good Luck Charlie (rated TV-G) on Disney+.

Modern Family

“I’ve had you to myself for 14 years...”Huli

Modern Family is known for tackling domestic issues with heart and humor. In episode 12 of Season 4 (“Party Crasher”), Gloria and Jay welcome their son... on Gloria’s older (and up until now only) son, Manny’s birthday. Gloria — already feeling sentimental about her family growing from 3 to 4 — is determined not to give birth until after midnight so that her children won’t have to share a birthday. It’s a sweet ode to the fact that there’s room in a family’s heart for everyone without having to cede space.

Stream Modern Family, rated TV-PG or TV-14 depending on the episode*, on Hulu.

*This episode is TV-PG!

So whether you’re expecting another baby or just want to start floating the idea by your older kid or kids, this list is here to help you out!

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