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Rihanna Pulled Out A Classic Mom Move In This Adorable Video From RZA’s Birthday Party

Is this, perhaps, how Rihanna and Rocky get the energetic toddler to stay in one place for photos? If so, genius and adorable.

It isn’t every day your firstborn turns 2 and Rihanna and A$AP Rocky weren’t about to let that milestone go to waste. On May 11 (technically two days before the little man’s birthday on May 13), the pair threw a fabulous birthday for RZA at the Color Factory in New York City.

A video shared by make-up artist Jasmine “Jazzy B.” Cook featured photos from the adorable, decidedly technicolor event. “Celebrating RZA,” Cook captioned the photos and videos. “Boy do you know how to throw a party! We loved celebrating you. The BIG 2! Slow down!”

In a particularly adorable video, re-shared on X (formerly Twitter), the party gathered to sing “Happy Birthday” to little RZA as his mom dangled him upside-down, swaying him gently. It’s a move parents around the world are familiar with — a move that your children love and will ask for again and again even as you grow positively exhausted by the effort. (Pro-tip, Rihanna: they get older, taller, and heavier over the years but they will. not. stop. asking you to do this, so start measuring his expectations now...)

The newly minted 2-year-old was clearly having a ball as baby brother Riot, 9 months, looked on from his daddy’s arms.

Apparently, it’s Little Man’s signature move. In Rocky’s “happy birthday” message on Instagram, we can see an earlier photo of RZA, once again flanked by Riot, being held by dad and dangling upside-down. Is this, perhaps, how Rihanna and Rocky get the energetic toddler to stay in one place for photos? If so, genius and adorable.

And the parties may not stop here. The Bajan singer recently spoke to Interview about the possibility of having more babies. How many? “As many as God wants me to have,” she said. “I don’t know what God wants, but I would go for more than two. I would try for my girl. But of course if it’s another boy, it’s another boy.”

Rihanna has talked previously about her desire to have a daughter. This past December, E! News reasonably asked if there was anything she couldn’t do. “So far, have daughters,” she quipped. “I’m batting at 75% for a boy next time. So, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed.”

But honestly, boy, girl, or anything between or beyond, you really can’t go wrong. We suspect this adorable family will make any combination of number and gender of children magical.