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Rihanna Looks Back At Her Favorite & Least Favorite Fashion Choices As A Mom

The ones she still loves, and the one she’s not sure about anymore...

No matter what Rihanna does from here on out, she is and shall forever be, a certified baddie. From her impressive roster of bangers to her impeccable fashion sense to her Fenty empire, there’s nothing the Barbados National Hero can’t do that isn’t absolutely badass. But motherhood can, if not change a person, shift their priorities. The mom of RZA, almost 2, and Riot, 8 months recently spoke with British Vogue about some outfits she probably wouldn’t wear now that she’s a mom.

The outlet spoke to Rihanna at the red carpet of the FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty Earth Tone at Tobacco Dock on Wednesday in London, a city the singer says she loves living and making music in. Vogue asked about her favorite Met Gala looks of the past: no small feat, considering Rihanna is widely regarded as the best dressed celeb every year. And yet she managed to come up with an answer...

“Obvious the yellow fur stole that went all the way down the stairs,” she replied. “Nobody will ever forget that. [And] my Stella McCartney white cropped top with the skirt and my afterparty dress that she made me for that same night with my little asscrack out.”

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When asked what looks she regrets wearing, the she groaned emphatically. “Why would you put me on the spot like this?” she pleaded, before continuing. “There was like a brown-tan suit that we loved so much. The day we put it on it was just one of those days where we’re like ‘Mmm, it’s giving UPS driver.’”

But it was her “fashion ick” that was perhaps the most surprising.

“It’s going to sound hypocritical but... because I did so much shit in my life: I had my nipples out, I had my panties out,” she explains. “But now those are the things, like, I guess as a mom and an evolved young lady ... they’re just things I just feel like I would never do or, like ‘Oh my god, I really did that? Nips out?!’”

Of course, motherhood in and of itself should never keep anyone from wearing whatever they want. Nipples visible, nipples covered: it’s all good! If you feel the world needs to see your panties then, damnit, those panties should be seen! But Rihanna has already admitted that becoming a mom has meant more casual, “lazy” fashion choices. In a recent interview with Interview, she said, “I spend my time getting the kids dressed to death, and then I’m like, ‘What’s the most comfortable outfit to wear around them? What’s not going to feel uncomfortable on their face or on their body or make me feel like I can’t hold them properly?’”

We get it, Rihanna. You keep doing you, girl.