Serena Williams finds being a mom of two busier than being a tennis champion.
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Serena Williams Says Being A Mom Of Two Keeps Her Busier Than Tennis

(But just as competitive.)

Serena Williams might have retired from tennis, but she is actually busier than ever. The mom of two spoke to TODAY on Thursday about her new life at home with her daughters, and the super athlete said that it’s keeping her busier than she ever was a tennis champion.

Williams, who is mom to 6-year-old daughter Olympia and 7-month-old daughter Adira with husband Alexis Ohanian, retired from tennis last June in an effort to focus on her family. And it seems as though mom life is really keeping her on her toes. “As a mom, I’m actually way more active than what I was during tennis," Williams explained on TODAY, going on to note that motherhood is a 24/7 commitment on a different level. “Obviously, (with) tennis, I was playing Wimbledons and stuff. But, as a mom, I’m gone all day.”

Being gone all day means volunteering in Olympia’s classroom, because Williams is following some parenting advice she was given to “spend more time with the oldest, because they’ll remember.” And what Olympia might remember is that her mom brought her A game to being a classroom volunteer. “I’m really competitive about it, too,” she said. "I sign my name up whenever I can, whenever there’s a spot open.”

Williams is loving her time with her daughters, but she did admit that she misses tennis now that she’s no longer pregnant. “Tennis was my first love, and it will always be my first love,” Williams explained.

However, between her daughters and her various businesses, she doesn’t have a whole lot of time on her hands to miss tennis these days. Williams recently shared a TikTok where she was up at 4 a.m. pumping breast milk for her baby girl, looking tired but happy. And of course, who could forget the video taken of her wearing Adira while she was in the middle of a business meeting last December?

It is sort of incredible, if not surprising, to see Williams bring the same characteristic drive and ambition that put her at the top in the tennis world to her life as a mom. And can you even imagine Serena Williams as a volunteer mom? Seriously, imagine being a typical mom just kind of phoning it in (I can’t be alone here...) and seeing Serena Williams saunter into the school. Time to step it up.

Truly: it would be a sight to see.