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Sesame Street Releases A Brand New Comic Book For Littles (& Our Inner Child)

Check out Romper’s exclusive first look!

Since the late 1960s, Sesame Street has been teaching kids their ABCs, numbers (ha! ha! ha!), and valuable lessons about friendship and community. And now, your child’s favorite show is going to be available as a comic book. Oni Press, in Collaboration with Sesame Workshop, Debuts Sesame Street #1: Grover Lends A Hand, and Romper has an exclusive sneak peek of the cover!

This marks the first time the franchise has partnered with a major comics publisher. The first issue comes from writer Joey Esposito (Batman: Urban Legends) and artist Austin Baechle (Rick and Morty: The Coloring Book) and is sure to be beloved by the young and young-at-heart (aka those among us who still need to nurture our inner child with friendly monsters and large yellow birds). The series features a rotating cast of fan-favorite comic talents across all four issues. Sesame Street #1 will be available in comic shops everywhere this summer on Aug. 28.

“Oni Press, a premier publisher of comic books, blends imaginative narratives with vivid graphic artistry,” said Gabriela Arenas, SVP of Global Licensing for Sesame Workshop. “We’re so pleased to team up to introduce kids and fans to visually innovative and fun stories featuring everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends.”

“We are incredibly excited and grateful to be able to partner with the incomparable Sesame Street, who has been at the forefront of children’s education since its inception in 1969,” said series editor Megan Brown. “As someone who grew up with the likes of Big Bird, Elmo, and more, it’s been a joy to be able to enter this world and add to its comics legacy. We hope that readers of all ages will enjoy the wonderful and heartwarming antics of Grover, Bert & Ernie, The Count, Cookie Monster, and all the other residents as they take a trip down Sesame Street!”

The first issue begins when Grover wakes up to another sunny day on Sesame Street. The clouds? Swept away, of course. But he soon finds that his friends can’t enjoy this beautiful day: each has a problem they have to solve first. So Grover does what he does best — he helps!

It promises to deliver all the sweetness and educational content that we’ve come to expect from this iconic brand. Just check out the adorable cover...

ONI Press | Sesame Workshop

Subsequent issues in this four-issue run will feature the artwork of Erin Hunting (The Loud House, Catkwondo), JustaSuta (My Little Pony), Beth Hughes (Nat and Cat), Michela Cacciatore (Hades: I Am The End), Sean Dove (BroBots), and Alison Acton (The Books of Clash) as well as writing from Stephanie Williams (Wonder Woman: Black and Gold) and Mary Kenney (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic).

We can’t wait to fall in love with “the Street” in this new medium.