St. Patrick's Day

The Best St. Patrick's Day TV Episodes For Kids That Are Pure Gold

For when you need the luck ‘o the Irish.

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St. Patrick’s Day is a bit of a dark horse when it comes to celebrating with kids. Sure, McDonald’s brings back the Shamrock Shake for a few weeks and little ones can wear a green shirt to school or a cute little shamrock onesie at home. But let’s face it; what we really want is to just put on a fun kids’ show with St. Patrick’s Day episodes and get a half hour or so of relaxation. And with some luck of the Irish, we’ve found a bunch of them for you to stream right now.

St. Patrick’s Day is actually meant to be a day spent in honor of the patron saint of Ireland, Patrick, who drove the snakes out of his adopted country after being brought there as a slave in the 4th century. Not exactly a tale that lends itself to a kids’ show, but there are some creative geniuses out there who manage to make it work. Especially shows where they weave in the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and traditions we know and love from modern times.

Below you’ll find some of the best and most festive St. Patrick’s Day TV episodes that are kid-friendly and you can watch together as a family.

Puppy Dog Pals: “Somewhere Under The Rainbow”

There is one terribly important element of St. Patrick’s Day that the puppies cover in Season 3, Episode 11 of Puppy Dog Pals called “Somewhere Under The Rainbow” — food! Sweet little pugs Bingo and Rolly are on a mission in this episode to find a pot big enough to cook Bob’s Irish stew, and if you’ve ever had Irish stew you know it’s worth the effort these two go through to make sure Bob can cook his stew.

If ever there was a perfect combination to get kids interested in St. Patrick’s Day, it’s pug puppies and Irish stew. Trust me. Also please note the subtle reference to The Wizard Of Oz with the title. You have to hand it to the Puppy Dog Pals. They know what they’re doing.

Watch Puppy Dog Pals on Disney+ and Disney Now.

The Loud House: “No Such Luck”


Lincoln Loud has the opposite of the luck o’ the Irish in The Loud House: No Such Luck. He wants desperately to get out of attending his sisters’ many events and eventually manages to, simply because he is apparently bringing bad luck with him wherever he goes. Lincoln uses this to his advantage to get out of things he doesn’t want to do and, no big surprise here, his little white lie does not end up serving him well.

While this episode (Episode 14, Season 2), The Loud House is not billed specifically as a St. Patrick’s Day episode is still in the spirit of the lucky holiday. And best of all, kids love it.

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The Fairly Odd Parents: “Crocker Of Gold”

Of course Timmy Turner’s Fairly Odd Parents Cosmo and Wanda would have a St. Patrick’s Day special. In Season 7, Episode 25, “Crocker Of Gold” sees Crocker, the famously fairy-obsessed teacher at Timmy’s school, suffer a bit of an accident that makes him suddenly obsessed with finding leprechauns instead of fairies. He heads off to Little Ireland in Dimmsdale to try to catch a leprechaun, where he finds Cosmo dressed as a leprechaun and telling his family about Leprechaunaka, a holiday combining Hannukah and St. Patrick’s Day. Crocker somehow gets his hand on a pot of gold from leprechauns called the McPunchies, it’s all very hilarious. And perfect for kids.

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Futurama: “The Luck Of The Fryrish”


Any parent who wants to enjoy a little throwback nostalgia this St. Patrick’s Day with their tween will love Season 3, Episode 11 of Futurama, “The Luck Of The Fryrish.” The episode opens in the ‘70s with a young Phillip Fry being born and given a seven-leaf clover that affords him unbelievable luck. This episode flips all over the place, from the ‘80s where Fry hides his seven-leaf clover in a vault alongside his copy of The Breakfast Club. Flash forward to the year 3000 and Fry tries to find his seven-leaf clover with friends Leela and Bender. It’s a real adventure, especially when Fry realizes his brother Yancy might have stolen his good luck. And a fun trip down memory lane besides.

Watch on Futurama on Hulu.

Teen Titans Go!: “The Gold Standard”


Of course the Teen Titans gang would want to do their best to catch a leprechaun in Season 4, Episode 13 of Teen Titans Go!, “The Gold Standard.” They want those three wishes they’ve heard a leprechaun will grant if you catch one. Beast Boy in particular becomes very interested in getting his hands on a pot of gold. They set a trap and they do catch someone; unfortunately they catch Robin. The Teen Titans want Robin to become a leprechaun, but it’s actually Beast Boy who gets his wish granted and becomes a leprechaun himself. Confusion ensues, of course.

Watch Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network and Max.

Doc McStuffins: “St. Patrick’s Day Dilemma”

Kudos to Doc McStuffins for actually choosing a different element of Irish culture than the old leprechaun in Season 3, Episode 22, “St. Patrick’s Day Dilemma.” Doc wins an Irish dancer doll who explains what St. Patrick’s Day actually means to her (after she comes to life in Doc’s toy room, of course). The Irish dancer explains that the holiday is all about music and dancing and wearing a twirly green dress.

They even decide to try out hosting a parade for the toys, which goes off like gangbusters. It’s one of the sweetest episode that introduces kids to lovely music and the lovely Irish lilt. Nothing wrong with that.

Watch Doc McStuffins on Disney+.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: “Minnie’s Rainbow”

We’re always excited to see Minnie Mouse get her own moment to shine instead of playing her usual “girlfriend of” role alongside Mickey. Especially so in Season 2, Episode 6 of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, “Minnie’s Rainbow.” This episode sees Minnie discovering a rainbow outside the clubhouse that leads to a pot of gold that Donald Duck immediately wants to steal because, well, he’s Donald. The group goes on a treck to find the end of the rainbow with her friends, turning them into “rainbowers” and helping them along when they find themselves fooled by that pesky leprechaun. It’s a cute, colorful, musical taste of St. Patrick’s Day that kids will be happy to watch.

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Rainbow, rated G, on Disney+.

The Garfield Show: “Lucky Charm”


Who would love St. Patrick’s Day more than Garfield? I mean, the Irish aren’t exactly known for their lasagna which is the charming cat’s all-time favorite, but still. Season 1, Episode 20 of The Garfield Show follows the beloved orange cat finding his very own pot of gold. He meets a leprechaun who promises him all sorts of good luck after he finds that pot of gold, which should mean lasagnas until the end of time you would think. Sadly, things don’t work out quite so well for Garfield. His good luck is not as good as he thinks... but hey, he still has John and Odie. So all’s well that ends well.

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Martin Mystery: “Rage Of The Leprechaun”

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It seems 16-year-old Martin has met more than his match when he comes up against a leprechaun in Season 2, Episode 20 of Martin Mystery, “Rage Of The Leprechaun.” After Marvin comes to Martin and Diana at the Paranormal Center for help to stay away from this angry, volatile leprechaun he has escaped, the two mystery-lovers decide to take the case. They find out that Marvin has a special four-leaf clover that grants the person holding it limitless luck and the leprechaun wants it. Will the leprechaun get it back? Will Martin still help Marvin?

Like everything else about this show, it remains a mystery.

Watch Martin Mystery on The Roku Channel.

Bob’s Burgers: “Flat Top ‘O The Morning To Ya”


Linda Belcher really gets St. Patrick’s Day going right away in Season 10, Episode 16 of Bob’s Burgers, “Flat Top O’ The Morning To Ya.” The episode opens with the enthusiastic mom making corned beef hash, wearing a leprechaun t-shirt, and giving her husband Bob an “Irish coffee,” which she thinks is just corned beef hash in coffee.

Things go off the rails when the family tries to help a failed restaurant owner, but as ever the humor is understated and sweet and just a bit off-kilter. Another show for the older kids simply because there’s a bit of language and every once in a while some mature content. Mostly from the Belcher children.

Watch Bob’s Burgers on Hulu.

The Simpsons: “Homer Vs. The 18th Amendment”

Season 8, Episode 18 of The Simpsons, “Homer Vs. The 18th Amendment,” saw the townspeople of Springfield decide to bring prohibition back after a particularly wild St. Patrick’s Day parade in the town. Homer becomes an old-fashioned bootlegger, and of course everything falls apart in classic Simpsons fashion. Now, this episode will be a fun one for kids over the age of 12 since there is a whole lot of drinking beer and jokes about drinking beer going on, but it remains a classic for a reason. Also Lisa wears a green dress for the occasion so you know it’s a big deal.

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Looney Tunes: “Lepreconned”

Bugs makes it to Ireland.Boomerang UK/YouTube

Good things happen when Bugs Bunny packs his suitcase and digs under ground to take himself on a nice journey. Good for us, that is, not so much for the rabbit himself as he constantly is getting lost. In Looney Tunes: Leproconned, Bugs tries to dig his way to a nice holiday in sunny Hawaii, but somehow ends up in Ireland because I guess Google Maps doesn’t work under ground. There he immediately meets a feisty little leprechaun who, as ever, is worried Bugs is after his pot of gold. He proceeds to shoot a bunch of potatoes at Bugs which the rabbit turns into shepherd’s pie. In other words, they really go hard on the stereotypes. Which you might want to mention to your kids if you plan on watching.

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St. Patrick’s Day can be a confusing one to know how to celebrate with kids. So why not make some sort of baked good with green icing, wear a complimentary green shirt, and watch one of these excellent television episodes. It’s not like you can really take them for a pint at the pub, right?

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