'Chibi Tiny Tales: Molly's Haunted Mansion' is based on the new series 'The Ghost and Molly McGee' a...

Take An Exclusive Peek At Disney's Halloween Short Set In *The* Haunted Mansion

Characters from The Ghost and Molly McGee visit the Haunted Mansion for a crossover that’s to die for

Two of Disney’s most ghostly properties are coming together this Halloween season with the new short Chibi Tiny Tales: Molly’s Haunted Mansion, which will premiere on the Disney Channel on Oct. 10. Ahead of its premiere, Romper can share an exclusive sneak peek at the cartoon, which is a perfect balance of spooky, silly, and adorable.

The short is based on the series that premiered on Oct. 1, The Ghost and Molly McGee. Molly is an irrepressibly perky tween, who longs to make the world a better place. But even her eternal optimism is tested when her family moves to a new house. Making new friends is hard... that is until cantankerous ghost, Scratch, appears before Molly. Since Scratch’s sole purpose in afterlife (see what we did there) is to spread misery, he curses her to be haunted by him forever. But, in Molly’s sunny world, “haunted forever” means “new BFF!” Scratch quickly realizes that this curse has terribly backfired. But in its aftermath, a humorous, heartwarming and incredibly unlikely friendship emerges, setting the stage for lots of new adventures. (In fact, Season 2 has already been greenlit.)

In this stylized short, Molly goes to not just any haunted mansion but the Haunted Mansion, as in “the one you can visit at Disney theme parks.” All your favorite grim grinning ghosts will be there — from the spooky bride to the hitchhiking ghosts to Madam Leota herself! You’d think a little girl would be terrified in such a dark and scary place... but not Molly. Every new specter or ghoul is just another opportunity for her to make a new friend. Meanwhile, Scratch sees the Haunted Mansion as a place to prove to other ghosts just how ferocious and terrifying he is.

See how things pan out in Romper’s exclusive clip of Chibi Tiny Tales: Molly’s Haunted Mansion below.

Chibi Tiny Tales: Molly’s Haunted Mansion premieres on the Disney Channel on Oct. 10. You can watch new episodes of The Ghost and Molly McGee every Saturday at 9 a.m. on the Disney Channel, or on Disney+.