Disney+ Just Added A New Sing-Along Version Of The Nightmare Before Christmas

“This is Halloween, this is Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! 'Alloween, 'alloween'...”

Disney+ has added a new sing-along version of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas to its Hallowstream lineup. Yes, that means you and your kids can belt out “This Is Halloween,” “Kidnap The Sandy Claws,” and “What’s This” to the top of your lungs all spooky season long.

Most of us don’t really need the lyrics, but it’s nice to have just in case we miss a phrase or two. Like “there are children throwing snowballs here, instead of throwing heads” and “I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair.”

The new sing-along version of The Nightmare Before Christmas will include captions to the songs and change colors based on the characters meant to sing them, such as the Mayor and Jack Skellington, of course!

Into The Woods is also getting a sing-along version in honor of Disney+’s Hallowstream. Other new release titles on the annual lineup to look forward to include Under Wraps 2, Marvel Studios’ Werewolf by Night, Dancing with the Stars: Halloween Night, Super/Natural, and the highly anticipated sequel, Hocus Pocus 2.

Speaking of sequels, over the years, Burton has reportedly been asked about a potential follow-up to the 1993 classic but shut it down for one understandable reason. “They always said, ‘But it will have to be CG,’” said director Henry Selick, Collider reported. “And that was a non-starter for me. It certainly was for Tim Burton.”

CG? “You’re joking, you’re joking,” as Nightmare’s Oogie Boogie would say.

“The idea of a short has never come up in the past... I think that Tim might be open to a short,” Selick added. “It would have to be so refreshing... such a new take to justify making a sequel, but a short makes good sense.”

A short could possibly provide a look into the other holiday doors in those magical woods. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

The original Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Twitches, Frankenweenie, Muppets Haunted Mansion and Toy Story of Terror are also available for streaming on Disney+. Not in the mood for Halloween just yet? But you still want to sing? No worries. For our Anna and Elsa fans, there are new sing-along versions of Frozen and Frozen II on Disney+. So, you can belt out to “Let It Go” and “This Is Halloween” all in one night if you wish!