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The Weeknd performed at the Super Bowl with an army of backup dancers.
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Every Mom Recognized Those "Masks" During The Weeknd's Super Bowl Performance

You know what those look like. You shoved a bunch in your hospital bag before you were discharged.

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A lot can be said about Super Bowl 55's Halftime Show, but moms had a unique perspective on one aspect of it. The Weeknd's Super Bowl performance had moms making hilarious comparisons between the dancers' masks and "postpartum undies." And while the show was certainly entertaining, those masks were something else.

The Weeknd stole the show on Super Bowl Sunday with that Halftime Show performance. Including all of your favorite songs and quite a few interesting film special effects, it was a wholly unique viewing experience. Not known for sticking to the status quo, The Weeknd shook things up with an army of masked dancers backing him up. And while they certainly did dance their hearts out, their faces raised a few eyebrows.

Covered by white masks that made them look a bit like Storm Troopers coming to take over the field, the dancers moved en masse and backed up the superstar as he jammed. But moms noticed something interesting about the size, color, and shape of the masks. They looked a bit like, ahem, those mom-sized diapers that discharge nurses send home with new moms — along with peribottles, and all kinds of goodies.

Moms compared the dancer's masks to postpartum underwear.

The swarm of dancers was necessary to keep The Weeknd from being completely alone in his performance. This year — in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, fans were not permitted to swarm the field to dance along to the annual concert as they have in past years. In fact, he didn't perform in the field at all. For Super Bowl 55, the performance was moved to the stands, as The New York Times reported. The Weeknd performed on a stage that was set up in an empty section of the stands in order to abide by strict coronavirus protocols. He had limited contact with the players and coaches, and fans as well.

So, the need for so many dancers is completely understandable. Where some fans took hilarious objection was the costumes used by the dancers. "Are those postpartum undies on The Weeknd's dancers [sic] heads?" tweeted the page, Honest Mom.

Moms had opinions about the Halftime Show

In the same vein, the page also tweeted out, "This Halftime Show has been interesting. Some mom & baby unit is missing their inventory of mesh underwear."

One of the dancers tweeted their own photo of the show, including a close-up of just what those masks looked like.

One of the dancers tweeted the performance from his own experience.

But these weren't the only mother-child related tweets to come out of the Halftime Show. As one user so poignantly put it, it was a bit like "when you lose your mom in the grocery store as a kid."

The Weeknd's Halftime Show was an experience.

Some even compared the star to an actual child. Which, coming out of 2020, is really all of us. Am I right?

The Weeknd or a distressed toddler? Same, honestly.

It's safe to say he was having fun.

Moms everywhere likely felt very seen, especially in the mesh undies department. I know in my experience, at least, those giant diapers were even more painful to change than the tar poop of my new babe. And even those without kids probably related to the other tweets surrounding the show. During such an emotionally charged time, it's nice to laugh when you can. Thanks for that, The Weeknd.

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