Where is Snow Falls in 'Christmas Inheritance' on Netflix?

The Town In Netflix's Christmas Inheritance Will Give You All The Holiday Feels

(Yes, you really can stay at that bed and breakfast!)

by Zakiya Jamal
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The 2017 Netflix film Christmas Inheritance has proven itself to be a lasting holiday classic, on par with A Christmas Prince and other comfortingly similar festive rom-com favorites. In Christmas Inheritance, Ellen Langord (Eliza Taylor) is a young heiress who goes to the small town of Snow Falls to prove to her father she's ready to take over the family business. The quaint town — that is, of course, filled with snow — is beautifully charming and has left many people wondering: Where is Snow Falls in Christmas Inheritance?

Is Snow Falls A Real Town?

The town of Snow Falls is fictional, so it's hard to say where exactly it's supposed to be located, but we do have clues. To get there, Ellen takes a bus from Port Authority in New York City, so it’s a safe bet to assume it’s not too far from the city itself, though it’s unclear how long Ellen’s bus trip is or in what direction her bus is traveling. So it’s up to the viewer’s imagination to decide where Snow Falls might be. New Jersey? Connecticut? Pennsylvania? You decide!

What is clear is that the town serves up some serious inspiration for its fictional inhabitants. Though Ellen's story about learning the true spirit of Christmas is nothing new, it’s still very cute and heartfelt. After hiding her true identity so she won't be treated differently, Ellen gets to know the people of Snow Falls and realizes there's more to life than just parties and becoming a big-time CEO.

Additionally, although Ellen starts the movie with a fiancé (as is typical of any holiday rom-com heroine coming in from the Big City), she does find love in Snow Falls with Jake Collins (Jake Lacy), who works at the inn and has no idea who Ellen really is or that she's engaged to someone else. That is until her fiancé, Gray Pittman (Michael Xavier), shows up. Uh-oh! Who could have possibly predicted this holiday love triangle to keep fans interested?

Where Was Christmas Inheritance Filmed?

Although the fictional town exists somewhere outside New York City, the real-life setting for the film was actually in Ontario. And surprisingly, it wasn't even filmed during the winter.

Christmas Inheritance was filmed in North Bay, Ontario from March 24 to April 8 of 2017, according to Bay Today, with some scenes being filmed at Niagara-on-the-Lake in early March. The Grand Victorian, a beautiful bed and breakfast dating back to 1860, was used for most of the shots at the inn Ellen stays at in the movie. Although the majority of the film was shot in the spring, the setting still had a wintry vibe, and it was actually hit by a snowstorm 10 days prior to when shooting began. Coincidentally, this is similar to the snowstorm that strikes in the movie, causing Ellen to be trapped in Snow Falls longer than she anticipated. (What were the odds?!)

Overall, Christmas Inheritance has all the necessary elements of a timeless holiday hit. If you’re really feeling the spirit of the season (regardless of the time of year), go ahead and make it part of your official 2023 Holiday rom-com lineup. Of course, we also recommend including other tried and true classics, like A Christmas Prince and/or Falling For Christmas, which are also streaming on Netflix.

So grab some hot chocolate or egg nog, get into your coziest PJs, and watch these modern-day holiday classics. Whether they make you genuinely smile or laugh at all the plot holes, there's no doubt you'll love them.

Christmas Inheritance is now streaming on Netflix.

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