We’re celebrating the joy of moving our bodies because it feels good — full stop.

No Pressure

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How To Reframe Your Relationship With Exercise

A guide to experiencing more joy — and less pressure — in fitness.

by Danielle Friedman
Finding Center (Again)

I Vowed Motherhood Wouldn’t Derail My Martial Arts Career — And Then I Had A C-Section

After black belts have kids — mothers and fathers alike — they usually leave martial arts.

by Ali Treviño-Murphy

My Child Athlete Self Still Has A Lot To Teach Me

When did I stop believing I could come back from anything, that I had time to turn things around?

by Taylor Harris

Fitness Influencers To Follow If The Word "Fitfluencer" Makes You Want To Die

Because you don’t have to hate your body to enjoy moving it.

by Meaghan O'Connell


An Injury Forced Me To Slow Down And It Was Exactly What I Needed

I’m a 45-year-old mom trying to keep it together, feel good, maybe learn a few new skills while I’m at it.

by Angela Garbes
Personal Records

My Slowest Marathon Ever Is The One That Makes Me Most Proud

A little over a year after giving birth, I reached a new marathon personal record... just not the one I had in mind.

by Lauren Peterson
Making It Work

10 Moms Share What Actually Motivates Them To Exercise

Finding time (and motivation) to exercise can be hard for anyone. Here's what works for these moms.

by Jamie Kenney

My 4-Year-Old Is Basically My Personal Trainer And It Works

Alone time is not a thing for me. So I had to adapt.

by Samantha Darby