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4 Myths & Superstitions About Babies Born On St. Patrick’s Day

It's definitely a lucky day.

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Between folklore, legends, and myths, March 17 has become synonymous with leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and celebrating the luck of the Irish. While having an excuse to enjoy a pint of Guinness is fun and all, are there any old wives tales about St. Patrick’s Day babies? It turns out, these lucky little charms are born to succeed.

If you do a quick search for superstitions about St. Patrick’s day, you’ll be flooded with reminders to wear green, meal planning tips for corn beef and cabbage, and reasons why it’s good luck to kiss someone who’s Irish. Oddly enough, though, there aren’t a ton of legends about babies born on the holiday.

"There really is no great richness of tradition regarding babies born around the time of St Patrick's Day," Bairbre Ní Fhloinn, an assistant professor in the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, and Folklore at University College Dublin, tells Romper. However, just because there aren’t historical or superstitious legends doesn’t mean there aren’t any themes when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day newborns. "Babies born at that time were sometimes called after the saint," Fhloinn says, so don’t hesitate to name them Patrick or Patricia in honor of their birthday.

Even though there isn’t a wealth of Irish folklore about babies born on St. Patrick’s day, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be said about little ones with a March 17 birthday.


They're Well-Balanced

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Based on their astrological birthday profile, St. Patrick’s Day babies are both sensitive and practical. Honestly, this is a pretty lucky fortune in and of itself, because not many people can say they are equally in tune with their emotional and logical sides.This means they’ll be more likely to make smart decisions in life, love, friendship, and beyond.


They'll Enchant You

If you go by their zodiac birthday profile, babies born on March 17 have a “personality of magical sparkle” (does it get much better than that?). As if that’s not enough, they’re also said to have an “ethereal quality about them” and are described as being “enchanting company” to anyone.


They'll Be Lucky (But They'll Need Your Help)


"The shamrock was an old Druidic mystic emblem in Ireland [and] was considered a lucky symbol," author Farrin Chwalkowski writes in Symbols of Arts, Religion, and Culture: The Soul of Nature. It’s not really a secret that a four-leaf clover is a symbol of luck, however, since there happen to be more around on St. Patrick’s Day, parents have a better opportunity to follow Irish tradition by putting one in their baby’s bassinet. According to Chwalkowski, shamrocks were traditionally tucked into a newborn baby’s bassinet for good luck and spirituality.


They're Full Of Deep Thoughts

St. Patrick’s Day babies are “known for spirituality and passion,” according to their birthday horoscope. It is because of this that they often ponder the meaning of life, look inward, and analyze things philosophically. Basically, they’re deep. They’re going to look at everything in unique ways and will have a fierce passion for the things they believe in.

Even if there aren’t any centuries-old Irish legends declaring St. Patrick’s Day babies to be luckier than most, there is still a lot of (perhaps superstitious in nature) evidence suggesting they won’t be short on luck throughout life. Who knows, maybe that good luck will rub off on you, too.


Bairbre Ní Fhloinn, an assistant professor in the School of Irish, Celtic Studies, and Folklore at University College Dublin

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