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30 Marvelous Baby Boy Names That Start With “M”

From Max to Milo, these baby names are anything but mundane.

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Naming a baby is a huge decision, and one that deserves plenty of attention. Whether you want a baby name that’s one-of-a-kind, one that has a particularly meaningful significance for your family, or something truly timeless, this list of baby boy names that start with “M” has it all. From modern to macho to majorly magical, glancing through all of the boy names that start with “M” is a solid jumping off point to the baby name conversation for newbie parents and second (or third, or fourth) timers alike.

As this list so clearly shows, there is truly no shortage of marvelous “M” names for boys to choose from. Learn the meaning behind traditional monikers like Matthew, Michael, and Mark (and why these popular names are unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon), or take a gander at more unique, trendy “M” choices for boys like Major, Malik, and Mercer. There are even a few unisex name options to take a look at, like Morgan and Mason, if you’re in the market for a name that could work regardless of the gender of your baby. Also included are surnames like Meyer and Morton that could be idea choices for a really stand-out first name. Though this list of “M” boy names is far from exhaustive, it has plenty of interesting options if you’re looking for baby name inspiration.



One of the most popular boy names of the last century is Mark. Of Latin origin — and, of course, biblically-associated — Mark means “warlike.” It’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a strong, traditional boy name.



Primarily of Arabic origin, the boy name Malik means “king.” The name also has ties to Greenland, where Malik means “wave.” Choosing this boy name that starts with “M” seems like a regal gesture no matter which definition speaks to you.



Marcus is a baby name with Roman roots that means “dedicated to Mars.” The name’s meaning can be traced back to Mars, the Roman god of fertility.



Derived from the Latin word for “soldier,” this boy name that starts with “M” also has ties to the Slavic word for “merciful.” Short, sweet, and charming, Milo can also be spelled Mylo.



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The name Max means “greatest.” Though it is often a nickname for more formal monikers like Maxwell, Maximilian, or Maximus, Max is also a wonderful standalone name choice if you’re looking for something short and snappy.



If you’re looking for a Spanish boy name that starts with “M,” consider Miguel. The name is the simply the Spanish version of Michael, and is sweet as your baby boy is sure to be.



If you like the boy name Milo — or perhaps if you’re naming a set of twins — this is a similar choice to consider. Also spelled Miles, Myles is the English version of the Latin-derived name Milo, meaning “soldier” or “merciful.”



Malakai is a spelling variation of the Hebrew name Malachai, which means “messenger of God,” and is found in the Bible. The biblical spelling is slightly more popular, so if you’re looking for a unique twist on an “M” name for your baby boy, Malakai is one to consider.



Mateo is the Italian version of the name Matthew, meaning “gift to God.” Sometimes spelled Matteo, the moniker has skyrocketed in popularity in the U.S. in recent years. It was the 15th most popular boy name for babies born in 2021, per the Social Security Administration (SSA), the name’s highest ranking to date.



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If you’re looking for a classic boy name that will stand the test of time, Matthew is one to consider. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “gift of God.” Plus, if an easy nickname is important to you, Matt is an easy one to love.



Of Irish and Scottish origin, Mac is a simple and charming Gaelic boy name that means “son of.” Mac was historically used as a prefix of surnames, much like the “Mc” which begins surnames like McHenry. As a given name, Mac can standalone, be spelled Mack, or be a nickname for lengthier monikers like Mackenzie or Macalister.



The European boy name Magnus means “greatest.” It shares Latin roots with names like Maxwell and Maximus, so the meaning is the same, but Magnus’ meaning can also point to words like “mighty” and “important.” Magnus is a common boy name in Scandinavian countries, but has only recently seen a surge in popularity in America.



Though the name Michael is extremely common, it is one boy name that’s starts with “M” that has an especially poignant meaning for religious families. Of Hebrew origin, Michael means “who is like God?” Sometimes shortened to Mike, Michael is also the name of an archangel in the Bible.



If you’re looking for an old-fashioned boy name that will give your little one several options for trendier nicknames, Maurice is one to consider. Meaning “dark-skinned,” the French name can be shortened to Mo or Reece.



When you see the name Major, the first thing you probably think of is the military rank between Captain and Colonel. It can also be, however, a cute choice for a little one if you’re looking for an “M” boy name. As a name, Major has Latin roots and means “greater.”



The Arabic boy name Muhammad means “praiseworthy.” Of significance, this moniker has ties to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. The name has seen a steady increase in popularity in the U.S. over the past few decades.



The baby name Mercer is of French origin and means “a merchant.” This occupational name is more popular with boys than girls, but is actually used for both genders.



Morgan is technically an androgynous baby name that’s popular with both genders, but it’s also a great choice for parents who want an “M” name for their boy. Of Welsh origin, Morgan means “sea-born.”



The Welsh baby name Maddox is derived from a surname that means “son of Maddoc.” The name Maddoc means “fortune,” so another way to think of the meaning of the name Maddox is “son of fortune.”



This English baby name means “settlement with a mill,” or more put plainly, “mill town.” Milton hasn’t seen the SSA’s list of top 1,000 boy names since 2008, so if you’re looking to bring back a stately name that’s fallen out of favor, it’s a solid choice.



Montgomery has English and French roots as a surname meaning “hill of a powerful man.” Northern Irish translation of the name also points to the meaning “man power.” If this longer “M” name feels too cumbersome for a baby, consider the jaunty ‘Monty’ as a nickname.



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Maverick is an American boy name that means “independent, nonconformist.” Believe it or not, the original Top Gun movie did not inspire a wave of babies named Maverick after the film’s 1986 release. Only time will tell if Top Gun 2 bolsters the now-popular moniker, ranked 47th in the U.S. for boys born in 2021.



Micah is of Hebrew origin and means “who is like God.” Unlike the similar name Michael, Micah’s definition doesn’t ask a question, but makes a statement. Though the name is most commonly used for boys, it is also sometimes chosen for baby girls.



Derived from the French surname Masson, the baby name Mason means “worker in stone.” It’s a fairly popular choice in the U.S., though the name fell out of the top 10 most popular names for boys in 2020 after a 10-year run.



Manuel is a boy name that starts with “M” of Spanish origin. It means “God is with us,” and is the Spanish version of the English name Emmanuel. One nickname to consider for the formal name of Manuel is Manny.



If you’re considering southern baby names for you boy and want something that starts with the letter “M,” Marshall is a top-notch choice. Marshall is of French origin and means “one who looks after horses.”



Meaning “grinder of grain,” Miller is an English boy name that starts with “M.” This common surname is a stylish choice for a boy’s first name, but has also been used for girls in recent years.



Yes, Friends fans will recognize Marcel as the name of Ross’ pet monkey on the show. Or perhaps it makes you think of a particularly small-but-beloved shell. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be an adorable choice for your baby boy. Marcel is of French origin and means “little warrior,” so it has a particularly strong meaning.



The Hebrew name Meyer means “bringer of light,” and is a lovely choice if you’re looking for an “M” boy name. Though it is a relatively common American surname, Meyer as a first name is a rather unique choice.



Morton is an English name that means “town near the moor.” It’s stately and dignified, but your little guy could also go by Morty for short, a really cute and sweet option for a baby boy.

Of all of these marvelous, magical boy names that start with “M” to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your soon-to-be main man.

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