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Fascinating Things About Being Born During Mercury Retrograde

You’re probably a smartie.

by Jacqueline Burt Cote
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When someone is born at the same time that some noteworthy event is happening, it's not uncommon for corresponding predictions to be made regarding the child's life. My cousin was born during a hurricane, and several superstitious aunts wondered if maybe the storm wasn't a sign of some sort (for what it's worth, he's in his 30s now and not a walking natural disaster). Since Mercury retrograde is the astrological equivalent of a hurricane, a birth during that time could be seen as a similarly suspicious omen. But the fascinating astrological implications of being born during Mercury retrograde are actually pretty positive, as it turns out.

What it means if you were born during Mercury retrograde

“Being born with Mercury retrograde is an advantage,” suggests Mystic Medusa. “Or, at the very least, it is not disadvantageous. It deepens your consciousness and bestows an innate poetic sensibility. It gives the person a surreal literacy that many folks long to emulate.”

Who knew retrogrades could be so romantic-sounding? It could be worth figuring out if your birth took place when that trouble-making planet was making its seemingly backward journey through the sky, and it's easy to do. Depending on your level of interest in astrology, you might have gone so far as to get your own personal birth chart drawn up by an astrologer at some point (or at least plugged your info into a free online calculator like this one at Astrolabe). If that's the case, look for Mercury on your chart; if there's an Rx beside the symbol, then you were born during Mercury in retrograde.

If you were born during Mercury retrograde, these are some of the more fascinating facts associated with your astrologically-significant birthday.


You're one of the sharper tools in the shed

“When Mercury is retrograde at birth, the thinking processes are generally more acute,” explains Cafe Astrology.

Interestingly, while these people tend to be very intelligent, they sometimes “struggle with doubts about their perceptions or their ability to learn,” (which can lead to some self-doubt and second-guessing when it comes to their own ideas and work).


You’re a deep thinker

Along with that tendency to analyze their own ideas over and over comes a certain depth of perception. A willingness to examine their past actions and decisions means people born when Mercury is in retrograde may be particularly thoughtful and insightful types.


You have a quirky sense of humor

If you're one of those people who consistently makes comments you think are hilarious but only one or two people ever “get,” blame your birthday: Those born during Mercury retrograde may often be a little offbeat with a quirky sense of humor.


You're actually fine when Mercury is in retrograde

While everybody else loses their minds worrying about what will befall them during Mercury retrograde, people born during such a phase seem to be immune to its ill effects for life, according to The Astro Codex.

“A strange pattern that appears is that when someone is born under Mercury retrograde, he functions a lot better in such an occasion," the site reported. "During the rest of the time, he has more difficulties in adapting to the 'normal' way of things. Of course, the normal way is defined by the masses, by 80 percent of people who were born under a direct Mercury!”

Sometimes it's good to be different.

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