7 Avocado Halloween Costumes For Every Age That Are Totally Delicious

Loaded with vitamins and fat (the good kind), avocados are everything. Whether you are using them to make your skin smooth, your hair soft, or to add protein to a salad, you can't deny their awesomeness. And what better way to show your love for this amazing superfood than to cultivate your Halloween costume with the avocado in mind. Whether you're looking for a DIY look or prefer to let someone else do the work for you, there are plenty of avocado costumes that will make your entire family look absolutely delicious this Halloween.

Whether you're a fresh new baby, a creative teen, or a full blown adult, an avocado Halloween costume is appropriate at every age. And what's not to love about this trendy fruit? They're healthy, delicious, and incredibly popular right now. But that popularity, combined with a low-yield domestic harvest is sending the price of avocados soaring, as Fortune reported. So even though you may not be able to find a good deal on fresh avocados, you can still find plenty of ideas for awesome avocado costumes for Halloween.

When it comes to pulling together a great avocado-inspired costume, let your imagination go wild. Just start with a few basic brown and green pieces and then accessorize with as many avocado jewelry and hair accessories as you can find. Because after all, when it comes to Halloween, more is more. Dads, kids, moms-to-be, and even your pets can get in on the action.

Use this list to give you inspiration as you pull together your family's yummy avocado Halloween costumes. Who knows, you may find an adorable little taco or bowl of tortilla chips to hang out with at your Halloween party.



Your baby may not be eating solid foods yet, but chances are, they'll be getting a taste of avocado pretty soon, and you'll soon find out that they're obsessed. Start letting them show their love with this avocado onesie ($26, Etsy). You get extra points if you wrap them up in a tortilla blanket to represent a chip.


Kids and Adults

If you're looking for a low maintenance way to show your love for the popular fruit, just throw on a store bought adult avocado costume ($40, Target). Best part is you can wear whatever you want under it.


Glam Fruit

There's nothing better than a costume that you can use again after the holiday is all said and done. If you're looking for something a little more glam, you can wear an outfit that pays homage to the avocado as opposed to dressing up as one. Start with an avocado dress ($46, Red Bubble), and accessorize with a pair of avocado-shaped earrings ($12, Etsy).


70s Inspired

If you'd rather not take the whole costume too literally, create your own interpretation of the delicious green fruit. With an avocado headband ($12, Etsy), and a green suit ($45, Etsy), you can create a fabulous vintage-inspired costume.


Avocado Mama

The avocado is a perfect Halloween costume for an expectant mother. Your baby bump will make the perfect pit. DIY your own avocado look in no time. Simply cut an avocado shape out of cardboard, paint it green and wear it over a brown dress ($37, Walmart). Accessorize with a ring ($10, Etsy) and some funky bracelets ($24, Etsy).


Avocado Tree

Money may not grow on trees, but avocados sure do. You can pay tribute to the trees that bear these delicious fruits by making it your Halloween costume. Wear an avocado t-shirt ($17, Etsy) and a pair of brown leggings ($28, Macy's). Then you can top the whole thing off with a tree hat ($5, Oriental Trading) to help you look the part.



Don't let your dog miss out on the Halloween fun. Dress your pooch in this crocheted avocado costume ($50, Etsy), and keep him nice and warm when you go out for trick or treating.

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