April Fools' Day

12 April Fools' Day Pranks For Grandparents To Play On Their Grandkids That Are *So* Good

Your kid will never see these pranks coming.

by Jacqueline Burt Cote
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Fact: Grandparents have all the fun. While moms and dads have to deal with all the stressful stuff like pediatrician appointments, report cards, and getting everybody out the door on time in the morning, grandparents get to focus on frivolity (mostly by letting your kids do stuff you don't and buying them things you won't). Take April Fools' Day, for example: While you're too busy and tired to think up any tricks, grandmas and grandpas live for this stuff. So what are some April Fools’ Day pranks for grandparents to play on grandkids this year?

Assuming your little one's grandparents are fans of gag humor and general tomfoolery, there are plenty of ways for them to take advantage of this annual opportunity that don't require a ton of effort or planning. Plus, since grandparents are stereotypically more likely to spoil a kid than try to be sneaky, it's safe to say your kid probably won't see these pranks from their grandparents coming.

And here's a way that parents can get their sneak on as part of this whole tradition: Why not convince your parents (or in-laws) that the easiest way to play their jokes would be by taking the kids for the day (or evening)? That way, you get a little time to yourself out of the deal. April Fools!


'Milk' & Cookies

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No trip to grandma's house would be complete without a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, right? That's what makes this trick from Martha Stewart so brilliant: With the help of a packet of powdered gelatin, that milk can be transformed into a solid goo that won't pour at all. (Find the instructions here.)


Cheetos Swap

For lots of kids, going to Grandma's house means way more lenient rules on the junk food front. Dump out a snack bag of Cheetos and fill it up with baby carrots, then glue it back together and offer it as a fun snack. Oh, the horror! (Check out how one dad pulled this off here.) Grandkid not a fan of Cheetos? Try swapping out potato chips for the kale variety.


Minty Oreos

There have been lots of new Oreo flavors on the market in recent years, but none quite like this: Before serving, scrape out the creamy filling and replace with toothpaste for a shockingly minty surprise. (See a tutorial here.)


Rigged Remote Control

This trick from Pen + Paper Flowers couldn't be easier — or more guaranteed to get a rise out of screen-addicted tykes. Just put a piece of clear tape over the remote control sensor and watch as kids freak out!


An Amazing Maze

This one's perfect for kids who are into activities like word searches and crossword puzzles: The evil geniuses over at Disney Family designed a Donald Duck-themed maze that has no end, and the PDF can be downloaded for free here! They'll be stumped for hours (or at least a whole bunch of minutes).


'Ice Cream' Sundaes

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Time for an extra special dessert: Sundaes with mashed potatoes instead of ice cream and gravy instead of hot fudge. Check out the tutorial on Bake at 350, and maybe have some back-up ice cream handy so kids aren't too disappointed.


Balloon Pillow

Having a sleepover? Make bedtime a bit more interesting by stuffing kids' pillowcases with balloons and watch as their faces turn from sleepy to confused (and, hopefully, back to sleep again at some point). Check out a tutorial at The Maven.


Caramel 'Apples'

Caramel apples are a fun treat — except when the apples are onions, in which case they're the exact opposite. Honestly, this trick might be a tiny bit evil (but the looks on their faces will be priceless). See how to make them here.


Bugged Out Lampshade

This is particularly easy to do if you happen to have any toy plastic bugs lying around (the bigger and creepier looking, the better): Just tape one to the inside of a lampshade, turn it on, and wait until somebody starts screaming. No plastic bugs? See how to get the same effect with a paper cutout at Katie's Crochet Goodies & Crafts.


Juice It Up

Make a batch of Jell-O in your grandkid’s favorite flavor of juice or fruit punch, toss in a straw, and let it set in clear drinking glasses. When it comes time to slurp it up, they’ll be super confused.


The Eyes Have It

Before you send your grandkid comes over, give everything in the fridge a set of googly eyes from the craft store — from the carton of milk to the bell peppers. Then send them to the fridge to fetch a snack (and wait to hear the squeals of surprise).


Make Some Brownies

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Whip up a batch of brownies... as in, cut the letter “E” out of brown construction paper and place it on a plate. When you tell the kids the “brownies” are ready, they’ll be so excited... then so disappointed. (Maybe have a real batch of brownies ready so they’re not too devastated.)

Kids will love seeing this playful side of their grandparents, but beware... they’ll probably get pretty pranky in return.

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