Resting Mom Face

The 11 Best-Smelling Fall & Winter Fragrances, According To A Beauty Editor

I’m doused in basically all of them.

by Carly Cardellino
Resting Mom Face
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There’s nothing better than a warm, gourmand perfume that makes you feel things during the fall and winter months. I never had a fireplace when I lived in New York City, but I made up for it with rich, smoky-sweet candles and cozy-smelling fragrances. But while we have a fireplace in our home now, when the leaves start to change color and the chilly weather prompts me to bring out my favorite cable-knit sweater and thick socks, I swap our my crisp, fresh-smelling summer scents for cozy fall and winter perfumes.

As a former beauty editor, I’ve smelled it all and while I love a new scent, there are a few that I come back to every year. Here are 10 of the best-smelling fall and winter fragrances that’ll have you feeling — and smelling — cozy. They are the scent equivalent of wrapping yourself in your favorite fuzzy throw.

This fragrance mells exactly like this chic country store up near where I live called The Huntress. It smells of black pepper, cedar, sandalwood, with the softest hint of floral to round it out, a combination that transports me to a calm place. This fragrance from Aesop is brand new, but has quickly made it to staple-status on my dresser next to all of my other faves.

The brainchild of influencer and PHLUR owner/creative director Chriselle Lim and perfumer Robert Gaudelli, Somebody Wood is a creamy blend of smooth sandalwood and spicy amber with a side of leathery accords and a touch of musk. It’s a heady scent, but not one that’s overpowering by any stretch.

Spicy ginger and hearty patchouli balance out a light dusting of what seems like cinnamon and cardamom on your skin. Honestly, Byredo can do no wrong and they hit the mark again on this autumn-inspired fragrance that makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a warm cocoon of spice and sweetness.

A more sophisticated scent, this Dior juice is as chic and timeless, thanks to its velvety blend of amber and Turkish rose. The combination makes it a warm floral you’ll be drawn to instantly.

This dreamy-smelling scent is the perfect cocktail of spicy cardamom, jasmine, and vetiver (a favorite of Tory Burch’s actual dad), balanced out by smoky wood, patchouli, and sage. It’s the definition of crisp fall vibes.

Although my favorite, favorite fall scent from Maison Margiela is By the Fireplace (which smells exactly how it sounds), the brand’s newer scent, Autumn Vibes, brings well, exactly that. Think red berries, cedarwood, moss with a side of fir balsam and spicy cardamom — it’s both crisp and spicy and instantly makes you feel like driving to upstate New York to marvel at the changing leaves.

This isn’t a new scent but it’s one of my all-time favorite perfumes to spritz on (my husband loves it too!). It gives a strong hit of vanilla without smelling saccharine or too-sweet, thanks to its underlying notes of tonka and amber woods.

I’m a sucker for woodsy, deep, alluring scents like this one from Kilian, which combines cognac, tonka bean, and oak wood for a warm and spicy dry-down. It’s my other go-to!

Another hit if you can’t get enough vanilla notes. This combo of vanilla, sandalwood, and amber that has the most delicate finish — it almost smells like a vanilla powder on your skin. If I’m not wearing Kayali or Kilian, I’m wearing this.

Okay, this fragrance is technically called spring but one sniff of it screams fall thanks to the mix of incense, moss, and bergamot. It smells like my favorite anise cookies that my grandma used to make, so it not only reminds me of her, it pulls me in and gives me all of the warm and fuzzy fall feels.

This brand is new to me, but I was immediately drawn to this particular scent after smelling it at an event recently. It’s honestly the lightest musky scent I’ve ever smelled — so, if you tend to think those headier fragrances aren’t for you, consider this one because I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Balanced out with an energizing whiff of coffee, intoxicating vanilla (I’m clearly very into vanilla scents, so this one really got me good), and patchouli, this blend, for me, is a match made in heaven.

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