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10 Kiddie Pools Perfect For Your Pup

Now you can quit screeching at them when they get too close to the kid’s inflatable pool.

by Irina Gonzalez and Ashley Jones
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Whenever summer starts, my favorite thing to do is grab a float and jump in the pool. I'm a proud dog mommy, so I love getting in the pool with my dog — but don't exactly love the hair that he leaves behind. Having a kiddie pool for dogs on hand when the warm weather hits means that both myself and my pup can enjoy some much-needed cooling down without his fur clogging up our pool filter.

Unfortunately, it turns out that most traditional, inflatable kiddie pools don't work for dogs. Their nails (even if they’re not all that sharp) can cut through the material pretty easily. When your kid’s wading pool suffers a paw puncture, both your kid and your pooch are out of a swimming spot in one fell swoop. Instead, what you need is a kiddie-style pool that works exclusively for dogs — a dog pool, if you will. These dog-specific pools are usually made of tough and durable material, like PVC rubber or sturdy plastic. They’re also easy to clean. And don't worry, you can still put both your human and fur babies into these pools.

From a paw-shaped dog pool to an inflatable pool that will withstand your pup’s scratches, here are the best kiddie pools for dogs that you can enjoy all summer long.

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A foldable dog pool

Available in both small and large size choices so that you can pick which one is the best fit for your dog, the Frisco Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool is a foldable, portable puppy pool. It’s made from PVC, so it’s lightweight and easy to set up anywhere your dog needs a spot to cool off. Chewy’s website does note that this is not the best pool choice for chewers, so keep that in mind if your pup is prone to nibbling on everything.

Review: “This pool is easy to set up, easy to clean and easy to drain. Plus it folds up using minimal storage space. Now more hanging the old plastic pool on the wall. Our 6 month Shepherd, Sadie, loves it.”


A sprinkler pad dog pool combo

Sprinklers are situated around the edges of this combo pool and sprinkler pad for dogs by Peteast on Amazon, but according to the product reviews, there will still be plenty of water to splash in as it collects in the center of the mat. As an added bonus, your kids will absolutely love splashing in the sprinklers with their doggie BFF, and you can rest assured that they’ll be safe running over the slip-resistant surface.

Review: “We're already hitting triple digits in Arizona and I wish I'd found this wonderful splash pad years ago. Both of our dogs lost their minds with happiness when I set this up. They had a fantastic playtime with both the fountain effect and just tromping around inside the pool. Great way for them to cool off and get some exercise when it's just too hot for their normal trail runs. Reasonably priced with easy setup right out of the box — basically set it down and hook up the hose — and held up very well against their rough play. Seems very durable and looking forward to an entire summer of cool playtime in the desert heat! Highly recommend if your dogs love water, and this would be fun for small children as well!”


A foldable dog pool

The Petsfit Foldable Pet Pool’s unique design makes it ideal for rowdy and rambunctious pups to romp and play in. Its construction features a wire frame that keeps the 18-gallon capacity pool upright and the water in place throughout use. Panels made from a puncture-resistant Oxford and nylon combo material can be folded in to release the water when your pup is done playing. Once dry, the pool can be folded into a small square and easily stored without taking up a ton of space.

Review: “Bought this for 1-year-old Goldendoodle to cool off in hot weather and bathe in. It is easy to set-up to fill. It is equally as easy to empty pool when done. I was worried about my dog's nails puncturing the liner, but this has not been a problem. Have had the pool about 3 months.”


An inflatable dog pool

If portability and ease of use are important qualities to you when it comes to purchasing a kiddie pool for your dog, the Alcott Inflatable Pool on Amazon is a great option to consider. It’s one of the only inflatable options on the market made from PVC material durable enough to withstand your pet’s paws, but that can still be deflated and folded down to an easily transportable 4 pounds.

Review: “I love the pool, I have a bunch of small dogs and it is a great size for them. I wouldn't get this pool for a large dog. They really wouldn't get much out of it other than keeping their ankles cool! It's about the size of those hard plastic pools that you find at stores like Dollar General but has the benefit of deflating and storing for the winter. There are three different chambers to blow up and inflates quickly with one of those small electric air pumps. It is also good as a toddler pool. The only thing that I don't like is that the grime gets in between the chambers and makes it a little more difficult to clean. After cleaning it the first time, I now put a tarp over it when it is full but not being used.”


A scratch-resistant dog pool for large breeds

Made from scratch-resistant polyvinyl plastic, the Trixie portable dog splash pool is perfect for pups to splash and lounge in all summer long. The large size is ideal for bigger breeds, with a 63-inch diameter and nearly 12-inch depth. The pool also features self-standing sides that can be folded for easy storage, a wide mouth drain cap for easy drainage, and a non-slip bottom.

Review: “We just got this pool and set it up today for our 3 rottweiler service dogs. We bought the large model and all 3 fit in great. It is well made, very easy to assemble and has a drain to empty the water. They love it. The photo is of the first test of the pool with the rottie who helped me set it up. Really great idea.”


A heavy-duty dog pool for chewers

If you’re looking for a kiddie pool for dogs that will hold up despite being gnawed on, the Summer Waves wading dog pool is your best bet. Made from extremely durable polyethylene material, even the rowdiest pups (and ones prone to chewing) shouldn’t be able to tear it up. Measuring 59 inches in diameter, it’s plenty wide enough for a larger dog to wade in and play. Thanks to its hard sides and heavy-duty construction, this pool is a great buy for pet parents.

Review: “Withstands my 6 wolfdogs running t


A travel-friendly dog pool

If you plan to travel with your dog’s kiddie pool, the Petmaker Foldable Pet Pool comes with a convenient carrying case included. Made from durable and easy-to-clean PVC, the red and blue pool features a wide-mouth drain cap that twists on and off for easy draining. Although the pool’s total weight when empty is just over 7 pounds, it’s wide enough to accommodate larger dogs and features foldable sides that measure 12 inches high.

Review: “My 6 month old husky puppy loves it. It's big enough that he will still be able to use it when he's full grown. Seems to be made well so far, holds up to his digging motions (with nails trimmed). Would not pay the original asking price for this, however the sale price I got it for was perfect. Best part is it folds up for easy storage.”


An oversized dog pool

For the largest dog breeds who need a break from the heat on a hot day, the Frisco XX-Large Outdoor Dog Swimming Pool measures a full 63 inches across and is nearly 12 inches deep. Not only is this one of the biggest dog pools on the market, it’s also one of the cutest with the bright pink flamingo design and green palm tree leaves across the pool’s sky blue exterior. Also available from Chewy are these same kiddie pools for dogs in varying sizes with a fun Hawaiian print or rubber ducky design.

Review:“My active 55 lb. pit bull mix has a blast in this pool, it's all she wants to do now when we go out to play. The pool is very sturdy and easy to set up, and I love the flamingos! This is an excellent product, I'm very happy we purchased one!”


A trendy dog pool

Leave it to Target to have a kiddie pool for dogs that’s so cute and Instagram-worthy. The Minidip Pup Dip Pool in the That’s Banana Leaves print has a fun and summery design and bright teal and green colorway that will add a splash of the topics to your backyard. Made from heavy-duty vinyl, this pool is built with double the thickness of Minidip’s standard inflatable pools and folds flat when not in use for easy storage. It measures 48 inches in diameter, with 12-inch sides, and an 80-gallon capacity, so it’s great for one medium to large dog or multiple smaller pups to play in.

Review: “I have a 60lb golden doodle and she absolutely loves this pool! It’s so cute. I was thrown off by the small dog photo but it definitely works fine with larger dogs.”


A rectangular dog pool

While most kiddie pools for dogs are round, the KOPEKS Outdoor Portable Dog Pool is rectangular. The pool comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Featured here, the small size measures 31 inches long by 20 inches wide and is 8 inches deep, so it’s best for smaller breeds. The foldable design is portable and a breeze to set up with no inflating required to keep the sides standing. Made from industrial-strength PVC, this dog pool is durable and easy to clean thanks to a twist-off cap that makes draining it easy.

Review: “Easy to use and will be an easy storage after summer. Being able to open the spout for drainage a real treat and will take up less room when stored.”

Whether you’re looking for a place where your pup can beat the heat or a kiddie pool for dogs that can be enjoyed by all of your babies (human included) these dog pools are sure to make a splash.

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