Chocolate Toffee Matzo Crack with different kind of toppings - passover dessert

Not All Matzoh Desserts Are Made Equally

So here’s the best of the bunch. And yes, matzoh toffee is well-represented.

It is easy to see how people would think that matzoh, the unleavened bread of our affliction — the near-cardboard cracker that has about as much flavor as a paper plate — would not naturally lend itself toward delicious Passover desserts. But we Jews are a creative lot. Over the years we have done the impossible with matzoh; we’ve made it taste amazing, and we’ve come up with some of the very best matzoh Passover desserts.

And holy wow, these recipes are wonderful. I have made each and every one of them for Passovers past, and I will vouch for their overall tastiness. They really run the gamut from simple toffees and icebox creations, to cookies made with matzoh meal. (Honestly, I didn’t even know you could do that.) You only have eight days of Passover, but who says you can’t have more than one dessert per day? I am personally planning on three different desserts just for the first night of the holiday. I like to put out a spread!

Baruch Hashem that potato starch and sugar exists in this world, and that so many good kosher for Passover alternative butters are on the shelves, now, because it means these desserts are simply divine.


Matzoh ice cream cake


The best part of this? You can make this recipe for matzoh ice cream cake in under 20 minutes. Then you just stick it in the freezer to firm up, and you’re good. All you need is some kosher for Passover ice cream, melted chocolate (optional), and matzoh! One tip I’d add is to add a layer of melted chocolate between each layer of ice cream, directly above and below the matzoh. This makes for a delightful textural change, and an added layer of flavor.

You could use white chocolate, but finding white chocolate that’s kosher for Passover is harder than finding the afikomen.


Charcuterie, but make it Jewish


I seriously don’t know why I never considered a s’more matzoh board before last year when my daughter was like, “Can I roast my Passover marshmallows?” She’s a genius. We all know that Passover marshmallows are some of the best on earth, why not make a whole s’more board? Matzoh as the base, with marshmallows, chocolate, fruits, and even jams. If you want to be daring, add jelly rings. Do it. Be bold, be brave. And don’t forget the little s’more burner!

Yes, we all have a charcuterie board for every get together and holiday, but they’re not anywhere near overdone. In fact, I’d say they’re just getting better.


Matzoh icebox cake

Icebox cakes are a staple of any good bakery, and it’s a recipe that lends itself well to a matzoh makeover. Whipped cream, shaved chocolate, and delicious vanilla come together with an almost sensual taste profile ready for any celebration. The people at Delish make this recipe easy to follow, quick to make, and you’ll crave it even when it’s not Passover.


Matzoh marshmallow treats


I’m calling it; these matzoh marshmallow treats are better than the original. It’s exactly like crispy rice treats but made kosher for Passover with Passover-friendly marshmallows and crunched-up matzoh. Made by PopSugar and developed by Treat House, these are so decadent they make the original seem weak.

And yes, if you’re a fan of the strawberry or toasted-coconut flavored marshmallow, don’t worry, both work for these. In fact, the coconut marshmallows bring these treats to the next level. They’re even better if you then drizzle them with chocolate.

Because hey, we survived, we deserve to be extra.


Chocolate matzoh passover layer cake

I don’t know how this icebox cake from Tasting Table gets away with being so delightful. It’s painfully easy to make, and yet, it’s also impressive? Cutting through it reminds me of the ‘90s commercials for Vienetta. Like, if you serve this, you’re somehow automatically fancy even if the ingredients are humble. Blow your family away with this oh-so-easy-fancy cake this Passover.


Passover cheesecake

Joan Nathan is the Julia Child of Jewish cooking. She gets it right every time, and her Passover cheesecake is no different. It’s actually what I’m making for my birthday cake because my birthday falls smack dab in the middle of Passover, so no cake or pie for me. (Having 4/20 as a birthday is only fun for one reason.)

The matzoh crust and the matzoh meal in the cheesecake give this a wildly entertaining texture that really lights the whole cake up. I love to serve it with a metric ton of strawberry jam, because that’s the kind of lady I am.


The best matzoh toffee you’ve ever had

Step back, close your eyes, and think of every matzoh toffee you’ve had in your life. Now imagine it 10 times better. That’s Tori Avey’s chocolate matzoh toffee crunch. It’s the most delectable matzoh toffee I’ve ever had. I always thought that my recipe was the best, so it was more than a little humbling to realize I’d been one-upped, but Tori Avey knows what she’s doing. It’s incredible.


Chocolate matzoh truffles


OK, you can skip the wine glaze for the babies, but even if you don’t have the glaze, these chocolate matzoh truffles are wonderful all on their own. They have a similar texture to a buckeye candy, but they’re totally chocolate. However, the matzoh lends itself to a naturally nutty flavor, so the comparison is not far off. You’ll love these. And bonus, later in the year, these are amazing when made with graham crackers.


Matzoh chocolate chip cookies

Dang it, Tori Avey. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Matzoh chocolate chip cookies? That are actually good? They aren’t traditional chocolate chip cookies, that’s true, but they’re wonderful. The edges are crispy, the inside is buttery, and the chocolate gets perfectly melty. They’re truly a feat to behold.


Apple matzoh kugel


Kugel is always welcome, and apple kugel is the best kugel in my opinion. Admittedly, Passover kugel can lack some... texture. (Not that kugel is known for its texture to begin with, so you’re starting at net zero.)

This apple matzoh kugel uses the crunchiness of the matzoh and the tart crispness of the apple to blend together in custardy harmony, making each flavor sing. And it’s even better for breakfast the next day.