Three nap mats for toddlers in different shapes and patterns
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The 6 Best Nap Mats For Toddlers

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A midday toddler nap can offer many perks to both you and your child, including helping with stabilizing their emotions and even cutting down on tantrums. But sometimes it can be a battle to get them to go down at a scheduled time — especially when they hit periods of sleep regression. Whether you’re looking for a sleep sack, foam pad, or heftier cot, the best nap mats for toddlers offer them a comfortable place to catch some Z’s. They all roll or fold up for compact storage, and they’re easy to clean, so you’re always prepared for a potty training accident or miscellaneous spills. Plus, they come in a variety of styles to appeal to all kinds of kids’ aesthetics.

When shopping, consider the overall design of the mat, as well as the level of comfort it offers. Many nap mats for toddlers look and function a lot like sleeping bags, but they feature built-in blankets and pillows. These sleep sack-style nap mats can be ideal if you’re looking for something that’s lightweight and easy to roll up and carry (to school, for example), but they can vary in how much padding they offer.

Beyond the basic sleep sack, you can also find more substantial (yet still portable) options. Foldable memory foam nap mats or canvas cots are commonly used as sleep mats in daycares and schools, but you can still easily snag them for home use. Folding nap cots don’t usually incorporate padding, but they allow kids to sleep off the ground more like traditional beds, which some children might prefer. The foam mats and cots on this list don’t come with blankets or pillows — to get the best of both worlds, you might try pairing a foldable nap pad or cot with a sleep sack to level up on coziness.

You’ll also want to look for something that’s easy to clean, especially if you’re in the middle of the potty training journey. There are plenty of nap mats that can be tossed into the washing machine, or ones that come with removable, washable covers. If a mat can’t be machine-washed, make sure it’s made of a material that’s easy to wipe clean, such as vinyl or canvas.

Lastly, consider letting your tot have a say when choosing colors, characters, or fun patterns, so that they might feel a sense of autonomy and excitement once it arrives.

Find all the best nap mats for toddlers on Amazon below. Nap mats range in size, so make sure to find the ones that work with your child best. Refer to the measurements to see if the width and length will accommodate your growing child and check to see if it fits conveniently wherever you plan to use it.

1. A Nap Mat That Comes In Dozens Of Colors

If you’re looking for a nap mat with plenty of cute colors and patterns to choose from, check out these vibrant nap mats from Wildkin. Each sleep sack-style nap mat has thick polyester padding that reviewers have confirmed is comfy, as well as a built-in flannel blanket and a pillow (which is attached but can be removed for washing). It’s available in dozens of patterns: You can find ones that incorporate purple and pink hues (like the one featured above) as well as ones that lean more towards blues and greens. When nap time is over, simply roll it up and fasten it all together using the included elastic straps with hook-and-loop closures. It’s lightweight, convenient to store, and completely machine washable.

  • Mat size: 20 x 50 inches (width x length)

Promising Amazon review: “Perfect for naptime [...] Daughter loves it for preschool and sleep overs. Very easy to clean and roll up. Very soft. Also light to carry and not too bulky. Win win.”

2. Writer’s Pick: This Disney Character-Themed Nap Mat

This Disney-themed nap mat is one my two-year-old uses at her preschool, and it’s honestly one of the only ways to get her to nap (even at home). She loves the Minnie design on the front and enjoys snuggling under the sewn-in fleece blanket. The pillow on this one is attached, but you can easily toss the whole thing into the washer for a quick clean. We’ve been using this nap mat for the past year and have yet to encounter any pilling or rips, even with our weekly washes.

It has a lightweight, padded design and is constructed from a soft microfiber, but the fill isn’t super thick so it’s best used on carpeted flooring or combined with a foam mat or cot. There are also attached hook-and-loop straps you can use to secure the blanket once it’s rolled up, plus an extra carry strap sewn on at the top. With 18 different Disney-inspired designs and characters to choose from, your child is bound to find their perfect match.

  • Mat size: 33 x 44 inches (width x length)

Promising Amazon review: “My daughter was so excited to take her new sleeping bag to daycare since one of her favorite characters, Minnie, is on it. I love it because it is durable and easy to throw into the washer machine at the end of the week.”

3. This Foam Nap Mat With Fitted Covers

If you’re looking for value, check out this nap mat bundle, which comes with a padded mat and two fitted covers. The mat features 1.5-inch-thick foam padding that has a tri-fold design so you can easily store it away when it’s not in use. While some reviewers have noted it’s on the shorter side for older kids, it’s certainly thick. One shopper described it as “thick but lightweight and soft” and “great for preschool kids nap times.” Another reviewer noted its versatility, writing that it could be used “for afternoon naps and tumble time.”

The mat has a vinyl exterior that’s easy to wipe clean, and the fitted sheets are made out of 100% cotton that you can machine wash. The covers feature a variety of familiar characters your kids may recognize from PBS Kids. Choose from nine different styles, including options that come with two, one, or no fitted covers.

  • Mat size: 18 x 42 inches

Promising Amazon review: “Exactly what was needed for day care. I would recommend the 1.5” for you LO as will offer more cushion. Great price, especially when I could not find any locally.”

4. A Nap Sack That Converts Into A Cute Pillow

This Happy Napper pillow and sleep sack does double duty for both nap time and play. It’s cute, cuddly, and can be used as a plush toy pillow when rolled up or a sleep sack when expanded. It’s also one of the longest options on this list, making it great for older or taller kids, and has an attached pillow for the headrest. The cover and lining are made from a soft material — one reviewer wrote, “My boys love them, so soft and comfortable,” adding that it “folds up easy into a pillow and off you go!” There’s not a lot of thickness in the padding here, according to reviewers, so it’s best to pair this with another padded mat or lay it atop a soft surface like plush carpet. The Happy Napper is completely machine washable and other designs to choose from include a unicorn nap mat and a larger bear option.

  • Mat size: 20 x 54 inches

Promising Amazon review: “Perfect for my three year old boy. He likes sleeping in it. Also uses it as a stuffed animal.”

5. This Nap Mat With Elastic Cot Fasteners

A winner of multiple parenting awards, this nap mat has built-in corner straps to prevent it from sliding around on cots. Simply wrap the elastic bands around the corners of the cot to keep it in place, and have your child climb in. When nap time is over, you can easily roll it up and secure it with the elastic straps. It’s also lightweight and has a handle on top, making it easy to tote around. Although this option works best when combined with a cot, some reviewers reported that it worked fine for them on carpeted flooring — one reviewer explained, “You can just lay it on the floor.”

The quilted base serves as a soft padding and includes a removable pillow and a sewn-in, no-pill fleece blanket. There’s even an extra pocket to tuck in a small stuffed animal. Both the removable pillow and nap mat are machine washable. Choose from 24 different styles and colors.

  • Mat size: 22 x 52 inches

Promising Amazon review: “Bought this for my 3 year old son when he started preschool. This mat fits perfect and adds a nice cushion-y softness. Comes with a built-in (but removable) pillow and attached blanket. I am convinced that the coziness of this mat helped my son transition to preschool. He was napping on the first day! Great product! I've shared it with all of my friends who have kids and they ended up buying it too and love it!”

6. This Elevated Cot For Toddler Naps

Planning a trip to the beach or park that might involve a midday nap? Try this portable toddler cot, which features a waterproof canvas stretched across a steel frame. It’s lightweight, folds up for storage, and will elevate your toddler 9 inches off the ground to keep sand, bugs, and any other outdoor debris at bay. This option comes with a machine-washable fitted sheet (available in four solid colors) to cover the top of the mat, but it doesn’t include any padding on the mat itself — reviewers have suggested using extra blankets and a pillow (or sleep sack) to make it soft and cozy. Considering its relatively low price, you might consider combining it with one of the other padded options on this list.

  • Mat size: 24 x 48 inches

Promising Amazon review: “Our toddler napped well at daycare but not well at home so we thought we’d give this a try - GAME CHANGER. Now he naps quite well at home... if only we can convince the newborns to nap as well.”