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The 8 Best Postpartum Underwear, According To Reviewers

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The days after birthing your little human into existence often involve a messy, uncomfortable recovery process — whether your delivery was via C-section or vaginal, there’s likely to be postpartum wounds and/or fluids you’ll want to keep clean. That’s why the best postpartum underwear will meet your recovery needs, whether you’re healing from an incision or could use extra absorbency for bleeding. They’ll feel comfortable and stretchy, and range in style from high-waisted briefs to low-cut bikini underwear.

While the style you choose is ultimately down to preference, you might want to consider the type of support you’ll want as you recover. For C-sections, consider underwear that won’t roll down or agitate the wound. While high-waisted underwear can be a good option for C-section recoveries since they’re less likely to irritate the scar, it’s recommended that you avoid bikini cuts that could rub or chafe that sensitive area. Underwear with light compression can also help with the C-section recovery by reducing swelling and supporting weakened tissue.

If you’re recovering from a vaginal delivery, you might want to look for leakproof underwear (or postpartum diapers for more protection) and/or designs that are big enough to fit overnight pads. Fabrics with some stretch can also offer extra room to move and breathe. Designs that sit below the belly (like bikini cuts or underwear with fold-over waistbands) can comfortably accommodate your changing belly, and they can make great crossover underwear as you transition from pregnancy to postpartum.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of high-waisted briefs or something lower cut, scroll on for a postpartum underwear style that’ll work for you. Most of the options on this list are machine-washable for easy maintenance — but you can also find disposable underwear for even more convenience.


The Best Disposable Underwear

If you’re searching for an upgraded version of the hospital underwear given to you after delivery, check out these disposable panties that can help keep pads and liners in place. Simply attach your preferred recovery layer (pads, panty liners, etc.) to the inside of the underwear and replace them as needed — then toss the underwear at the end of the day. They’re made with a stretchy microfiber and spandex, and one reviewer claimed that “they’re thicker than the ones from the hospital,” adding that they “provided an extra layer of leak protection.” Other reviewers have agreed that they offer a slight compression and are comfortable for sensitive areas.

Reviewers have reported to use them for recovery from both C-section and vaginal deliveries. One shopper described, “Plenty of room for pads and ice packs, and very comfortable.” Other reviewers described them as “soft and stretchy” with a high-waist design that “won’t roll down” or “dig into your belly.” Choose from two styles: boy shorts (featured above) or briefs.

One fan wrote: “These were so comfy for postpartum. I had trouble finding anything that I could wear that didn’t irritate my c-section scar and these were perfect.”

Available sizes: Petite — Regular | Available styles: 2


A Budget-Friendly Postpartum Diaper

If you’re looking to skip the hassle of periodically changing out pads, opt for these postpartum diapers. They’re designed to absorb leaks and made with a lightweight, breathable material. One happy reviewer wrote, “The material used feels so soft against my skin. Even in the heat of summer.” According to shoppers, since they are high-waisted, contain leaks, and offer just a hint of compression, they’re a good option for recovery from both vaginal and C-section deliveries. Plus, one reviewer noted that “they don’t crinkle or make an obvious diaper sound and they’re not hugely puffy that they puff your pants out.” Last but not least, they’re a great deal — they come in at under $1 for each pair, and you can choose from a range of quantities and sizes to find the best option for you.

One fan wrote: “I planned to use these for postpartum vaginal birth, but ended up having a csection. They work AMAZING! You can pull them way above the incision line and they don’t hurt at all, plus they’re very comfortable, durable, and you can’t really tell you have them on!!”

Available sizes: S/M — L, XL — XXL | Available styles: 1


The Best Fold-Over Postpartum Panties

Looking for some extra support around your tummy? Try these fold-over seamless underwear, which are made from a soft cotton blend that incorporates nylon and spandex for a bit of stretch. You can wear them as high-waisted underwear with light compression, or you can roll them down to give yourself, and your skin, some extra breathing room.

Reviewers have claimed they’re comfortable to wear after C-section and vaginal deliveries. One reviewer also noted that “they are great for holding the pads required after either type of delivery.” Although the manufacturer recommends hand washing the underwear, one reviewer mentioned that they do well in a washing machine on a “normal cycle in a small garment bag.” You also get two different colors in a pack (one beige and one black) for a bit of variety.

One fan wrote: “These were great in the first few weeks postpartum when I was tired of the mesh underwear the hospital provided. They provide just enough compression in the lower abdominal area to be comfortable but still feel a little held in.”

Available sizes: Small — 3X | Available styles: 1


These Packs Of Leakproof Postpartum Briefs

If you prefer a mid-rise brief, these are made with a soft bamboo-spandex fabric on the outside, with a water-resistant lining to help contain leaks when used in tandem with pads or liners. Shoppers have confirmed that the underwear are super helpful in preventing accidental leaks, even while sleeping. However, due to a mid-rise cut with band placement that could irritate C-section incisions, they’re likely better suited for vaginal deliveries. These undies are also machine washable and available in two colors, with an additional five-pack option.

One fan wrote: “These are great for postpartum wear! Comfortable and they work great for leaks. They're not absorbent enough to skip the pad, but still really handy if you're not able to change the pad for a while etc.”

Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large | Available styles: 3


The Fan-Favorite, Stretchy Slip Shorts

These super-stretchy underwear from Fruit of the Loom boast more than 40,000 ratings on Amazon and counting, and shoppers have noted that they’re great for postpartum wear. One reviewer who “needed something comfortable, stretchy, with cotton lining for pads, and high waisted to reach above my belly button incision,” attested that these underwear “check all the boxes.” They are designed with a wide elastic band to prevent rolling or bunching, and they “hold up well in the washing machine,” according to another reviewer.

They don’t offer much in the way of compression, but it’s a great choice if you plan on wearing them under dresses or staying comfy at home. Choose from various high-waisted styles that include boxer briefs (featured) and hi-cut briefs.

One fan wrote: “Absolutely love these [...] I went with slip short because i was 37 weeks and getting ready to give birth and wanted to be as comfortable as possible in the hospital and at home for recovery and boy did these hold up to my expectations. Super sheer, stretchy, comfortable.”

Available sizes: 9 — 13 | Available styles: 7


The Most Stylish Postpartum Underwear

If you’re looking for postpartum panties that look and feel more like a traditional pair, give these stylish lace underwear a try. Made from a cotton and rayon blend, you can expect them to be breathable and soft against your skin, with just enough stretch for comfort, regardless of the type of delivery you have. Multiple reviewers have noted that the high-waist design allowed the band to sit above their C-section incisions, with one describing: “These were amazing to have after my c-section! They were high enough and extra comfortable to wear during my recovery!” Another noted that while “they aren’t compression type that are nice during the first days of c-section recovery [...] they are super comfortable and don’t rub on my incision.”

They also have enough room to fit large pads and liners, and shoppers have reportedly worn them as everyday underwear for years. They’re machine-washable, making it super convenient to toss in with the rest of your laundry.

One fan wrote: “So comfortable postpartum! When you get fed up wearing the mesh underwear, these are perfect. You finally feel comfortable and cute again. Perfect for cesarean or vaginal birth, and for bellies changing sizes.”

Available sizes: Small — XX-Large | Available styles: 2


These Full-Coverage Briefs For Everyday Comfort

This five-pack of high-waisted postpartum underwear comes at a great price without skimping on comfort and functionality. They’re designed with dual layers of a cotton-spandex fabric, offering a comfortable balance between stretch and support, without rolling down or riding up. Many other reviewers have agreed that they work well for both C-section and vaginal deliveries.

One shopper described: “Had a c-section and these were wonderful for compression and not putting too much pressure on the incision.” Another reviewer praised, “Finally underwear that works with pads and that is super comfortable.” While the manufacturer doesn’t specify washing instructions, many shoppers have noted that they can withstand machine washing. And with more than 26,000 ratings on Amazon, it’s safe to say they’ve been put to the test.

One fan wrote: “So glad I bought these! One of my best purchases for postpartum. These are so comfy and provide light support for recovery post-c-section. Also, they actually look cute and vintage! Going to be wearing these for months to come.”

Available sizes: Small — 5X | Available styles: 10


The Best Low-Cut Transitional Panties

With many Amazon reviewers claiming they work for both pregnancy and postpartum, these 100% cotton bikini underwear make a great transitional option. They’re designed with a low-rise for comfort in the front and have what one reviewer described as “full coverage around [the] booty.” Some reviewers even noted that they’re low enough to not interfere with their C-section healing incisions (although, it won’t offer any compressive support). They’re also wide enough in the crotch and “fit a pad nicely,” according to another reviewer. The best part is: They’re machine washable for easy cleanup. Choose from a three or six pack, along with other styles that range from fun prints and colors.

One fan wrote: “These were a lifesaver when I was pregnant and postpartum! They ride below the bump, and they were so much more comfortable that trying to just get a bigger size underwear.”

Available sizes: Small — XX-Large | Available styles: 7