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17 Podcasts About Sex You Need to Hear

Advice, inspiration, and hilarity guaranteed.

by Cat Bowen
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The Moms And Dads Are Horny
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I have been married for 313 years, and being married that long sometimes requires a bit of sexual inspiration, if you know what I mean. Podcasts about sex are one of the tools in my arsenal for keeping things fresh in the bedroom. Also, they’re just plain hilarious. As a pansexual woman with a healthy sexual appetite, and a love of a great pod, I’ve found more than a few sex podcasts that have really delighted me. (And my husband.)

I have a few criteria for a new sex podcast to enjoy: It has to be entertaining, informative, and inclusive. I’m not looking for a dull podcast told from the perspective of your average white guy gym teacher who yells “Freebird” at bands because he thinks it’s funny. I want to hear about all genders, sexualities, and experiences. Not because they all pertain to me, (that’s not possible) but because I’m curious. I want to know how other people are knocking their boots. I want to compare it to my own life experiences. Or, maybe, I just want to be an audio voyeur, eavesdropping on other people’s sex lives. And if I learn a few tips and tricks along the way? All the better.

The podcasts I’ve chosen here represent the best sex podcasts you can find. And there is a little something for everyone on this list.

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If you’re a reader, you should also be listening to Fangasm. The hosts delve into the steamiest and often hilarious fanfiction on the internet. You will never think of Ironman or Dumbledore the same way ever again.

And not all of it is ridiculous. Some of it is extremely sexy. Just listening to this podcast could make you spontaneously combust.

Listen to Fangasm here.


Sex Ed Shouldn’t Suck

Sex Ed Shouldn’t Suck with Kaylee Moser and Jen McPhail was born of the idea that most of what we were taught in sex ed was incomplete or burdened with hangups. Whether the curriculum influenced by a conservative school district or parent body, or, like me you attended a religious school that only taught you that sex gets you pregnant, most of what we learned was crap.

This sex podcast is decidedly not that. With topics ranging from trans masc fat liberation to why abstinence-only sex education is inherently racist, you’re bound to learn a lot.

Listen to Sex Ed Shouldn’t Suck here.


TAGS (Talk About Gay Sex)

I am queer, and TAGS has still taught me oh so much. It’s primarily a gay podcast dealing with male/male presenting sex, but they touch on a lot of issues in the queer community. Whatever you thought you knew about gay sex? Throw it out the window, and prepare to be educated. Host Steve V. is a ton of fun, too.

Listen to TAGS here.


Girl Boner Radio

Podcast host and author August McLaughlin combines reporting with first-person storytelling dedicated to sexual health and positivity on Girl Boner Radio. The podcast is what you’d hope talking about sex with a close group of female friends would be like — if everyone was completely open and honest about their experiences.

Listen to Girl Boner Radio here.


Sex Ed the Musical

Sex Ed the Musical is not actually a musical, but it does have a fun jingle. Wendy Miller thought she knew all there was to know about sex, until she started working at Playboy TV. That’s when her education really began.

Wendy is hilarious and approachable, and the parasocial relationship I have formed with her through listening to the podcast is somewhat worrying. She does everything from talk to her seventh grade boyfriend to openly discussing how childbirth affected her sexually. It’s refreshing, hilarious, and a really approachable podcast about sex.

Listen to Sex Ed the Musical here.


Dyking Out

Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali of Dyking Out aren’t afraid of talking about the weird, wild, and wonderful bits of WLW sex and sex lives. It’s a refreshing approach to something that has traditionally been a taboo topic.

Listen to Dyking Out here.


Pillow Talks

Pillow Talks’ Vanessa Marin is a sex therapist, and her husband? He’s just your average dude. Together they pull back the curtain on all things sexual health and intimacy in a friendly, familiar way that will be very comforting to married couples everywhere. It turns out that even being married to a sexual therapist doesn’t mean you have the perfect sex life.

Listen to Pillow Talks here.


They Talk Sex

They Talk Sex is an astonishingly straight-forward podcast, and that makes it that much more compelling. The topics can get a little wild — case in point: “Satanism and Sexuality” — but because host Elle Stranger is so up front about learning about and discussing sex, it feels like you’re in a super-interesting class, as opposed to listening to a sex show.

Listen to They Talk Sex here.


Sex in Space

Sex in Space is by far the most inclusive sex podcast you’ll find. It promotes voices of all genders, religions, and sexualities across the spectrum to educate and inform listeners about things they may never have thought about.

I particularly love how much care they take into getting first-person experience for every topic. A recent episode took on a topic near and dear to me: disability and sex. As someone who has a chronic illness and is also Deaf, I’ve often felt like our community has been left out of the sexual health discussion. This podcast really makes you feel centered.

Listen to Sex in Space here.


Dipsea Stories

Not a true podcast, Dipsea is a discreet app with short, sexy stories. This is absolutely porn for your ears. You don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed, either. Unlike traditional porn, there’s no foley artist making the sex sound like two canned hams in a tumble dryer.

There’s a ton of hot stories to choose from: sapphic, nonbinary, solo, all of it in one. And the app is available for a minimal monthly fee.

Start a free trial of Dipsea here.


Carefully Reckless

Carefully Reckless with Jess “Hilarious” Moore is not just about sex, but it comes up often enough that I’ve included the pod on the list. She talks about politics, sex, dating, and even Black-owned businesses. She is, as her name implies, hilarious, but she’s also whip-smart and quite clever with her approach.

Listen to Carefully Reckless here.



Quinn is a series of short, erotic true stories searchable by theme. Whether you want a friends-to-lovers story or maybe a little anonymous encounter with a hot, silver fox “Daddy,” you can find it on the super popular app. And don’t worry, you’re not going to accidentally trip into a story with dubious consent or potentially triggering topics. This sex is dirty, but it’s also clean.

Listen to Quinn here.


Sensual Self

Did you know that sexuality doulas were a thing? Ev’Yan Whitney, host of the podcast Sensual Self, is a sexuality doula who takes listeners on a journey to know themselves better and more intimately. Getting in touch with your inner sensuality isn’t always easy, and sometimes it means you’re going to need to ask yourselves some big questions. Ev’Yan is here to guide you.

Listen to Sensual Self here.


Sluts and Scholars

Sluts and Scholars with clinical sex therapist Nicoletta Heidegger is a really daring sex podcast. It hits some very deep, and sometimes disturbing aspects of sex (like true sexual deviancy). However, “Sluts and Scholars” is a must listen. It is an unflinching look at the good, the kinky, and the WTF of sex.

Listen to Sluts and Scholars here.


The Submissive Next Door

If you’re even a little kink-curious, you should check out The Submissive Next Door with Dr. K, a holistic sex educator. She discusses all aspects of the most popular BDSM types of kink, from D/s relationships to flogging. It’s shame-free and fun, and a great primer for those looking to toe their way into the lifestyle or talk through the idea with a partner.

Listen to The Submissive Next Door here.


Sex Stories

Contributors to Sex Stories come from across the country and good gravy some of them are wild. Sex outdoors, sex with strangers, funny sex, threesomes, all of it, told in the words of the people who experienced it all firsthand. A recent episode featured a very slippery elevator encounter where the lift wasn’t the only thing going down.

Listen to Sex Stories here.


Good Moms Bad Choices

I have never laughed as hard at a pod as I have listening to “Good Moms Bad Choices.” Erica and Milah are curious, funny, and above all funny. I love how they approach teach topic, diving deep into the conversation with openness and a willingness to learn. They also talk a lot about how to talk to your kids about uncomfortable topics, which I have found incredibly helpful.

Listen to Good Moms Bad Choices here.

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