Best Swim Goggles For Kids
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The 8 Best Swim Goggles For Kids

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“Goggles are a good idea for swimming regardless of the water environment,” pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Geoffrey Bradford, MD, explains in an email to Romper. That’s because they can help kids avoid “the painful eye irritation that often comes with exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water, salt water at the beach, or river water with particles of dirt,” according to Dr. Bradford. In order to achieve that, the best swim goggles for kids will fit your child’s face snuggly yet comfortably, and the goggles should keep all water out but not be so tight that they leave severe marks on the face. They will also have lenses that are beneficial for the specific swimming conditions that your child is in and boast easy-to-adjust straps to hold them firmly in place. For tips on finding the best pair for your child, Romper reached out to two experts — a swim instructor and a pediatric ophthalmologist.

The Experts

Brendan O’Melveny is the chief aquatics officer at Imagine Swimming, a learn-to-swim school in New York City, and he has been teaching swimming to infants, children, and adults for nearly two decades. As a father of two children, he has seen many different swim goggles at work and knows how to choose the best pairs.

Dr. Geoffrey Bradford, MD, is a pediatric ophthalmologist in academic practice at West Virginia University. He’s also a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Section on Ophthalmology.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Swim Goggles For Kids

Finding The Best Fit

A snug, yet comfortable fit is a necessity for goggles for young swimmers. Take note of the manufacturer’s suggested age range for the product — this can help to give you a general idea of whether or not the goggles will fit your child. Once you get your hands on a pair, O’Melveny suggests that you “try putting the goggles on their face, without putting the straps on their head, and apply light pressure to create suction, and see if they stay on their face for several seconds.” He explains, “If they do, it’s probably a good fit.”

As you shop, pay attention to the goggles’ gaskets (sometimes referred to as the sockets), which are the seals that keep the water out of your child’s goggles. Gaskets in children’s goggles are commonly made from soft silicone for a comfortable fit.

The straps are another important element to consider because they’ll hold the goggles in place on your child’s head. The easier it is to adjust the straps, the better — and picks with hook-and-loop closures, toggles, or clips are particularly good choices. While most goggle straps are made from silicone or elastic, there are some pairs featuring neoprene that won’t snag hair. And speaking of comfort, goggles with dual straps or a split single strap will likely stay in place better on your kid’s head.

Choosing The Best Lenses

Swim goggles for kids usually have polycarbonate lenses that are shatter-proof and 100% UV protective. That being said, you’ll have to consider whether you want to go with goggles that have clear or tinted lenses. “For children, a clear or lightly tinted lens is best in most circumstances, especially when swimming indoors,” notes O’Melveny. “If they’re swimming outside in bright sunlight, a dark tint is best because it reduces glare and protects their eyes.” Another option to consider is mirrored lenses; however, O’Melveny recommends that swimmers only utilize goggles with mirrored lenses outdoors on bright, sunny days because “they limit visibility so much, especially indoors.”

There are a variety of helpful lens features that you may come across on your hunt for swim goggles. Many lenses boast an anti-fog coating that can help to keep your child’s goggles nice and clear. And some lenses are actually polarized to block out glare — a particularly great option for outdoor use. Also, pay attention to the shape and size of the lenses, which can vary. Larger lenses typically allow for wider visibility and better peripheral vision.

Choosing Goggles For Competitive Swimming

If your child will be wearing their goggles for competitive swimming, there are a few other factors to keep in mind when picking out a pair. For one, you’ll want to ensure the goggles have a low-profile design to reduce drag. Be sure to avoid goggles with 3-D design elements — O’Melveny only recommends these for casual swimming since the frames can “catch more water, which can result in the water breaking the seal and causing leaks.” Also, the goggles should fit tightly and securely inside your child’s eye sockets to ensure that water stays totally out. Picks with interchangeable nose pieces allow for a more secure and customizable fit, too.

Shop The Best Swim Goggles For Kids

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best swim goggles for kids:

  1. A Pair Of Goggles With An Anti-Tangle Strap: Frogglez Kids Swim Goggles
  2. An Expert-Recommended Pair Of Scented Swim Goggles For Kids: FINIS Fruit Basket Scented Kid’s Swim Goggles
  3. A Fan-Favorite Pack Of Swim Goggles For Kids: Aegend Kids Swim Goggles
  4. A Pair Of Speedo Goggles With A Bungee Strap & Adjustable Toggle: Speedo Unisex-Child Swim Goggles
  5. These Wide-View Swim Goggles For Kids: Seago Swim Goggles
  6. A Budget-Friendly Pair Of Goggles With A Cute 3-D Design: Stephen Joseph Swim Goggles
  7. A Pair Of Mirrored Swim Goggles With Polarized Lenses: OMID Kids Swim Goggles
  8. The Best Kids’ Goggles For Competitive Swimmers: Speedo Unisex Swim Goggles Vanquisher 2.0 Junior

Is your little one ready to make a splash? Grab one of these pairs of swim goggles for them — Amazon reviewers have confirmed that they’re some of the best of the best! You might notice your kids enjoy the experience of swimming more, too. As Dr. Bradford explains: “Goggles allow children to open their eyes underwater, giving them more confidence when swimming and allowing them to enjoy the fascinating things they can see [underwater].”

With all that being said, The American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend children partake in swim lessons until they’re one year old. (And most kids are ready by the time they turn four.) The vast majority of children’s goggles are recommended for children at least three years of age — and this is why all of the picks on this list are for kiddos that are at least that age.

1. A Pair Of Goggles With An Anti-Tangle Strap


  • Split neoprene strap won’t snag hair
  • Goggle fit is easy to adjust


  • Pricey
  • Only two color options

Goggles with silicone head straps can yank on hair — ouch! But your kid won’t have to deal with that when wearing these Frogglez swim goggles since the split head strap is made from neoprene to glide on and off comfortably. Oh, and one more thing — the strap is quite thick, too, so it’ll stay put on your swimmer’s head when in use. The goggles feature hook-and-loop closures that’ll allow you or your child to make simple sizing adjustments, and soft silicone gaskets for a comfortable, yet watertight fit.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought these for my three year old after many battles with getting his other goggles on. These are much more comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the strap falling down. He can put them on and take off by himself and they never fill with water! A bit more than I would usually spend on goggles, but I think it’s worth it.”

Ages: 3 to 10 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Clear | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Split neoprene strap | Available colors: 3

2. An Expert-Recommended Pair Of Swim Goggles For Kids


  • Scented for added appeal to kids
  • Durable, according to reviewers


  • Back clip on the straps can be more difficult to adjust

Romper asked O’Melveny which swim goggles for kids he recommends (remember, he’s also a dad of two), and he mentioned this pair from FINIS. He describes them as “a great, durable model with a near-universal fit.” And not only that, they have a special surprise: They smell like fruit to make them even more appealing for kids. The goggles feature dual straps that’ll remain in place on your kiddo’s head, soft silicone gaskets to keep water out, and a one-piece frame that should last for the long haul. Choose from a variety of color options with different scents, including peach, watermelon, and apple.

One reviewer wrote: “This is our second pair of fins fruit basket swim goggles. My son has been on a swim team for three years and these are by far his favorite. Most other googles for his age don’t fit the frame of his face well, they allow water in and he is constantly stopping to empty them. Our first pair of fruit basket fins held their scent for over two years and he used them weekly.”

Ages: 3 to 8 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Clear | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Double silicone straps | Available colors: 6

3. A Fan-Favorite Pack Of Swim Goggles


  • More than 7,000 reviews on Amazon
  • One-year return policy


  • Single strap might be less secure than other options

These swim goggles from Aegend are packed with features, so it’s no wonder they’re super popular on Amazon, boasting a 4.5-star rating overall after 7,500-plus reviews. First off, soft silicone gaskets and a flexible nose bridge ensure that this pick is comfortable, yet secure-fitting — no water will be able to sneak its way in! And while these swim goggles may only have a single strap, the good thing about it is that it’s actually super simple to adjust (just pull to tighten), and the buckle in back allows for easy off when the time comes. The clear polycarbonate lenses have a special coating that reflects sunlight — a great perk for outdoor use.

This set comes with two pairs of colorful goggles. Plus, they come with a one-year return policy, should your little one not totally love them.

One reviewer wrote: “These work well for our 5 year old. They stick to her face well and are comfortable. The clip with adjustments in the back are easy to access and easy to put in and take off.”

Ages: 3 to 9 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Clear | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Single elastic strap | Available colors: 12 (some with different lens colors)

4. A Pair Of Speedo Goggles With A Bungee Strap & Adjustable Toggle


  • Features a bungee strap with an easy-adjust toggle
  • Well-reviewed product from a tried-and-true brand


  • Bungee straps can tug on hair

Boasting a near-perfect star-rating on Amazon after 2,800-plus reviews, tons of commenters mentioned that they highly recommend these Speedo swim goggles for kids because they’re so easy to adjust — the unique toggle feature in back can be tightened or loosened as needed, allowing for a perfect fit even as your child grows. Other pluses of this pick include double bungee straps, larger lenses for an increased view, and ultra-comfortable silicone gaskets.

One reviewer wrote: “These are great goggles, they fit and seal perfectly (3 year old) but the best part is the bungee. It is really easy, quick and comfortable to adjust, so kids don’t complain about hair getting pulled like with typical silicone straps.”

Ages: 3 to 8 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Clear | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Double bungee strap | Available colors: 12

5. These Wide-View Swim Goggles For Kids


  • Wider lenses for increased peripheral vision
  • Will grow with your child; suitable for ages 3 to 15


  • Single strap

These wide-view swim goggles for kids allow for increased peripheral vision, so your child can take in more of the underwater world around them. Soft silicone gaskets are equally comfortable and functional — they’ll effectively keep water out of your child’s eyes. And the strap is simple to adjust: Just give it a tug to tighten. The buckle in back allows for easy off when your child is done having fun in the water. This pick is also totally latex-free, should that be a concern of yours.

One reviewer wrote: “These are perfect, love the big wide view! comfortable and easy for kids to put on themselves. I would buy again!”

Ages: 3 to 15 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Clear | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Single silicone strap | Available colors: 6

6. A Budget-Friendly Pair Of Goggles With A Cute 3-D Design


  • Under $10
  • Cute character design


  • Single strap

For less than $10, these swim goggles from Stephen Joseph are a good deal. Plus, they feature comfortable silicone gaskets, an easy-to-adjust head strap (just pull it to tighten), and an adorable 3-D character design that just about any little swimmer will love. Choose from options like clownfish, dolphin, unicorn, and dino. And when transporting the goggles — like from your home to the community pool — utilize the included zip-up carrying case to keep them protected.

One reviewer wrote: “Work great [...] My son loves these. They are easy to adjust, stay sealed and dont fog up.”

Ages: 3 to 7 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Subtle tint | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Single silicone strap | Available colors: 9

7. A Pair Of Mirrored Swim Goggles With Polarized Lenses


  • Mirrored, polarized lenses
  • Wide lenses for increased peripheral vision


  • Pricey

If your child will be swimming outdoors, these swim goggles are definitely ones to consider. They’re constructed with mirrored, polarized lenses that allow for much better visibility in bright conditions. The wider-than-average curved lenses will increase your child’s peripheral vision. Other plusses include super soft silicone gaskets that are watertight and side release clips for quick adjusting. When not in use, store these goggles in the included carrying case to keep them in top shape.

One reviewer wrote: “These are a little more expensive than what I usually pay, but they are well worth it. My grandkids love the comfort and colors. I love that they are polarized lenses.”

Ages: 6 to 14 years | Lens material: Polycarbonate | Lens color: Mirrored | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Yes | Strap: Split silicone strap | Available colors: 14

8. The Best Kids’ Goggles For Competitive Swimmers


  • Ideal for competitive swimming
  • Four nosepiece options for a secure fit


  • In-eye gaskets not as comfortable for casual swimming

Those that swim competitively will find these swim goggles from Speedo a go-to option. For one, the swim goggles feature a sleek, low-profile frame that will help to reduce resistance. And the silicone gaskets sit securely in the eye sockets to keep water out while minimizing drag. The wider, panoramic lenses allow your swimmer to see better when in the water — and some options have mirrored lenses should that be a need. Amazon reviewers confirm that the dual straps are easy to adjust to achieve a good fit. This pick also has four interchangeable nose pieces to adapt to almost any face.

One reviewer wrote: “My 8 year old daughter swims 3 days/week on a swim team and she LOVES these goggles. They hold up well in the chlorine and she loves the way they fit.”

Ages: 6 to 14 years | Lens material: Unspecified | Lens color: Clear | Anti-fog coating: Yes | UV protective: Unspecified | Strap: Double silicone strap | Available colors: 10 (some with mirrored lenses)