The 6 Best Toddler Slides

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Bring the fun of a playground home with a slide, and your toddler will soon be fearlessly scooting down the slide while developing important skills. The best toddler slides feature handrails to steady little ones learning to climb and slide, and they’re durably made to last beyond a season. Ahead you'll find slides designed to grow with your toddler for years of fun and gross motor skill development.

Depending on the size of the kid’s slide, some of my picks will be more suitable for younger or older toddlers, so note the manufacturer’s age and weight recommendations for using each slide safely. You'll also want to consider material: Toddler slides are usually made of plastic, which is durable, relatively affordable, and lightweight, so you can set it up indoors or outside. High-density polyethylene (aka HDPE) is particularly strong, dense, and impact-resistant. But if you’re looking for a beautiful heirloom-quality toy, consider an eco-friendly wooden slide that lasts for years and perhaps blends in better with home decor. And if you’ve ever seen the look of glee on a toddler’s face in a bounce house, you might consider investing in a big vinyl toddler slide they can also jump in; look for one made with puncture-resistant vinyl, since inflatable slides are prone to tearing and may require patching.

Look for slides that have wide steps for stable stepping and handrails for added stability. You can get even more bang for your buck with a toddler slide that comes with a basketball hoop or a swing.

No matter which one you choose, your toddler will be thrilled to have a slide of their own as part of their indoor or outdoor fun. Here are the six best toddler slides.

1. The Best Starter Slide

  • Dimensions: 23 x 18 x 39 inches (length by width by height)
  • Age Recommendation: 18 Months to 6 Years

Start here with the best toddler slide for kids ages 18 months old and up. You can't go wrong with this fan-favorite with a 4.7-star rating and nearly 30,000 reviews on Amazon. Set up this plastic slide indoors or outdoors, and when not in use it's conveniently foldable for storage. But good luck with that — your toddler won't want to quit sliding.

With comfortably wide steps, easy-to-grip handrails, and a bottom that gently lands toddlers on the ground, this stands out for a beginner's slide (it extends 3 feet). No tools are required for this slide's quick assembly, and its maximum weight limit is 60 pounds.

A helpful review: “My son is almost 2 and he LOVES this slide. After showing him just once, he learned how to climb up on his own and slide down all by himself. This slide is great quality, easy to put together, and it's a great price! The smiles you get from your toddler sliding down the slide are priceless of course! The main reason I bought this slide over other ones I've seen, the bottom of this slide goes right against the floor. Which means when your toddler slides down they don't get thrown off the bottom of the slide. (Other slides I've seen have a raised bottom that isn't flat against the floor). [...]”

2. A Durable Longer Slide (With Some Fun Add-Ons)

  • Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 66 inches (length by width by height)
  • Age Recommendation: 24 Months to 6 Years

Like the first pick, this one is also from Little Tikes. If your toddler is ready for a more exciting slide, try this large toddler slide that's taller with a 5-foot slide that extends 2 feet longer than my previous pick. The added height of this plastic slide has a wide base and locking support arm for more stability, and handrails along the ladder support climbing toddlers. And if you're looking for more fun ways to entertain your toddler outside, bundle this slide with a mini-trampoline or a toddler play table.

Use this highly rated slide inside or outside the house and know that it's also foldable for storage. This bigger slide does require assembly, and it's recommended for ages 24 months to 6 years with a maximum 50-pound weight limit. With over 1,700 reviews, shoppers noted they appreciated the durability of this slide's thicker construction.

A helpful review: “I have a 3 yr old who is tall for his age and I got this because it is more sturdy and will last longer than the other ones. It is the perfect height and I love that I can store it in my son's closet (we live in a condo so no grass). [...] Great product! Very pleased! No problems with it at all! Definitely worth the money.”

3. A Beautiful Wooden Climber & Slide

  • Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 43.5 inches (length by width by height)
  • Age Recommendation: 6 Months to 6 Years (younger babies require adult supervision)

This wooden climber and slide, with a fun triangle design, encourages your toddler to practice their climbing skills. The wood surface is smooth and waterproof with a slide piece that can be adjusted to different heights. This unique design helps further improve a little one's balance and control, according to the manufacturer.

It doesn't have traditional handrails, but instead, toddlers can grab the bars as they step onto the climber. This pick has a bearing capacity of 132 pounds and is ASTM-certified, which means it has been tested for quality assurance and safety. This highly rated climber-slide combo is available in natural wood or a colorful option to suit your home's style. Either way, when not in use, the climber folds into a 7.5-inch wide piece.

A helpful review: “[...] After searching, reviewing, debating and waiting, I finally bit the bullet and I’m so glad I did. No regrets. My now 12-month-old was starting to climb furniture at 10 months and I wanted something safe for her to play on. I was hesitant to buy this because of the cost and the size. It arrived earlier than expected, truly took less than an hour to set up (using a drill instead of screwdriver), was an instant hit with dear daughter, and folds up nicely for storage. My daughter quickly went from a step or two up to all the way to the top and down. She looks so proud of herself! I would buy it again in a second.”

4. An Indoor Slide That Works With Your Sofa

  • Dimensions: 69 x 12.2 x 23.6 inches (length by width by height)
  • Age Recommendation: 18 Months to 10 Years

Toddlers are already bouncing on our sofas, so why not go full playground and add a slide? This indoor toddler slide is designed to sit on your couch; with no stairs to climb, it can be easier for younger toddlers just learning how to slide.

This sturdy HDPE plastic slide comes with a silicone mat to keep the base in place and protect your couch cushion. This slide with handrails can also be placed on a bed and holds up to 220 pounds. You can adjust the height from 19.7 to 23.6 inches to suit your child's growing play needs. Match this indoor slide to your kid's space with either a pink or white-and-green version.

A helpful review: “This is the best thing I could've gotten for my son, especially during this pandemic! He is 2 and a pretty tall kid, the slides perfect for him, he plays with it everyday."

5. This Slide & Swing Combo

  • Dimensions: 48 x 43 x 48 inches (length by width by height)
  • Age Recommendation: 1 to 5 Years

The best toddler slide and swing set is a one-stop entertainment area for your toddler to climb, slide, and practice swinging. This HDPE plastic set is designed to be used outdoors for ages 1 to 5, and the manufacturer noted one person can assemble it in just 20 minutes.

The ladder to the top of the slide is enclosed with generous handrails and steps. A basketball hoop on the side provides a fun opportunity for your toddler to practice throwing and hand-eye coordination with the included basketball.

The slide can hold up to 110 pounds while the swing has a weight limit of 66 pounds; the base can be filled with sand or water to increase stability. Choose this set in either pink or blue.

A helpful review: “OMG this playground is my kids’ favorite thing and it has been a life saver for us [...] We bought it 2 months ago and they’ve been using it every single day. We live in Seattle and since most of entertainment happens indoors due to weather, we have this playground in the house. It has very nice colors, which is important as it became part of our interior look. We have twins so usually if one swings on the swing, the other one would slide or play basketball. The kids had a lot of fun helping their dad to assemble the playground which was easy and didn’t take long. I would definitely recommend this product for everyone who is looking for entertainment for their kids!”

6. The Bounce House Slide To Invest In

  • Dimensions: 106.2 x 137.7 x 65.7 inches (length by width by height)
  • Age Recommendation: 3 to 8 Years

Bring fun to any afternoon and every birthday party by investing in this bounce house with slide. This slide and bouncer is made of puncture-resistant vinyl and is the only one of my picks with a slide wide enough to hold multiple kids at once, with an overall limit of 250 pounds.

This highly rated pick with over 6,000 reviews is comparable to a day's rental for a bounce house, and it deflates to a compact size for storage. Inflating the bounce house slider is easy with the provided high-pressure blower, and it comes with a carrying case, stakes, and repair kit, for setting up anywhere outside. Double-stitch seams protect the fabric against rips and tears, and it features convenient shoe storage on the side. Kids bouncing down the slide can hold onto wide handrails on the slide's sides, and mesh closure walls keep them safely bouncing inside.

For a similar pick that takes up less room, check out this bounce house slider for ages 2 and up.

A helpful review: “Our daughter absolutely loves her "jumpy." It has helped immensely with her coordination and balance...all while burning up that energy before bedtime!!!! The video posted is at a birthday party which inspired her own birthday gift.It is a very heavy duty vinyl like material. There is a fan that plugs into a 3-prong electrical outlet. The material is very easy to clean and dries quickly. [...] We keep ours inside for now due to a long WI winter, but it does come with stakes to easily anchor in the ground. It's very easy to assemble, less than 10 minutes, inflates in about a minute or two and deflates about the same."

Also Nice: A Balance Board/Slide For Endless Imaginative Play

  • Dimensions: 32 x 11.8 x 0.66 inches (length by width by thickness)
  • Age Recommendation: 19 Months and Up

For a multi-purpose toy that takes up minimum space, consider this wooden balance board. Toddlers can spark their imaginations and improve physical development by using this sturdy beech board as a slide, rocker, recliner, bridge, tunnel, and more. It's impressively strong with a 485-pound weight limit to support kids 19 months old and up. The edges of the wood are smooth, and this highly rated board comes in a natural wood finish, or options with gray and green finishes. The board comes with a roadmap mat that serves as a fun surface where kids can rock back and forth on the board.

A helpful review: "This is an open ended toy that has engaged our daughter mentally and physically. She drives cars over and under it, stands on it, walks over it, rocks side to side and props it on the couch to slide stuffed animals down. She has played with it everyday since we got it! Very sturdy and well-finished. No sharp corners or edges."