The Grannies Approve

Bluey Nails Are A Thing & Here’s All The Inspo You Need For Your Own

It just doesn’t get any cuter.

It’s evident by now: Everyone loves Bluey. Bring it up in a room full of parents and not one of them will groan, “Oh, yeah, my kids are obsessed,” like they do with Blippi or Blaze and the (effing) Monster Machines. Instead, you’ll probably here a bunch more grownups saying they love that show, and it’s true — Bluey has so many emotional episodes about family life, a great brand of humor, and Chili and Bandit are just so dang relatable. Not to mention, adult fans have picked up on a quite a few Easter eggs in the show and cooked up countless theories about the characters. So, mega-fans, this is your sign to get Bluey nails at your next appointment.

Getting nails inspired by Bluey and Bingo would be so cute if your kid has a Bluey-themed birthday party coming up, or you’re dressing up as the characters for an event, or Halloween. But honestly, if you just love the Heeler fam, why not have them added onto your manicure for the month? Besides, you already exclaim “Oh biscuits!” at the slightest inconvenience and “I’m gonna be late for mahjong” whenever you can’t find your keys. You may as well go all in.


Abstract Bluey & Bingo Nails

The colorful tips have so much dimension. The paw prints and pearl accents are adorable. And those hand-painted puppy dog faces? These nails set the standard for cute Bluey manicures.


Bluey Nails Reminisicent Of “Sleepytime”

Yes, the dream episode that made all of us moms cry. “Sleepytime” has lots of celestial visuals, and these nails take me right back to realizing that Chili is the sun to her kids.


Short, Natural Bluey Nails

OK Bluey and Bingo’s little faces peeking up over the edge of the nails is kind of genius. This design is perfect for people with short nails who maybe can’t fit an entire cartoon dog on their fingertips.


A Similar Design, But Matte

These designs are very similar, but proof that you can alter the color palette of the base polish and designs to suit different skin tones.


Bluey Nails With A Guest Appearance

Bluey is not the only cartoon character who has this signature color. These nails also star Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls, which does make you think — these two girls would be best friends.


Bluey Nails With Bandit & Chili

That little freeze dance game the Heeler family plays in the intro? These nails perfectly capture everyone’s moves, and those chunky, neon glitters feel like the perfect accents for summer nails.


Keepy Uppy Nails

If you, like so many of us, can’t have a balloon in the house anymore without your kids begging to play Keepy Uppy, then this set will speak to you on a deep level.


Bluey Nails With Girly Touches

Pink and purple swirls and daisies? Yes please. You don’t have to go full-blown Bluey with your manicure to include a little nail art of the blue heeler here and there.


Birthday Bluey Nails

Want to get special nails to match your child’s birthday party theme this year? These are the perfect example. That big bold two with the birthday cake sprinkles is the perfect contrast to the chrome blue nails around it.


Bingo & Bluey Nails

These short nails aren’t short impact — the pastel blue and orange look so good together, each hand with its own dedicated color, especially with the glitter accents.


Rainbow Bluey Nails

If the “Double Rainbow” episode from Season 3 really spoke to you, you’ll love these nails with Bluey and Bingo’s faces alongside some tiny pastel rainbows.


Pastel Blue Nails

This artist absolutely nailed Bluey’s signature font from the intro — it’s so small, but so clear! By keeping the nail art to a minimum, a design like this ensures you’ll enjoy the bright, happy blue color of your mani without getting sick of the dog designs.


Toned Down Bluey Nails

If that much blue isn’t your thing, ask your nail tech which other colors might work well with your Bluey and Bingo nail art. This artist opted for gray and a muted orange-y glitter.


A Bluey French Manicure

Why not get Bluey French tips, accented by her signature spots? This design would look so cute on any nail shape — square, squoval, or almond.


Half & Half Bluey Nails

If you don’t want to commit quite so much, you could include a little Bluey nail art on one hand and opt for solid blue tips on the other. This artist nailed it when replicating the title font.


Swirls & Pawprints

If you want mix-and-match nails, ask your artist for the peekaboo Bluey and Bingo faces alongside some other trendy patterns, like those colorful swirls that are everywhere right now. Add in some ombre paw prints, or maybe your nail tech can replicate Bluey and Bingo’s spots.


Bluey Nails With A Fancy Background

Want some cute scenery behind the Heelers? Show your nail tech this photo and ask if they can recreate those fluffy clouds, blue skies, and green grass.


Christmas Bluey Nails

Last but not least, if you’re looking for something festive around the holidays, you could just ask your nail artist to pop a Santa hat on Bluey. This is one artist’s design on a press-on nail, but of course, it’s doable on your nails, too.

Are you convinced yet? Come on — you know Bluey nails would be the cutest conversation starter.