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A new 'Bluey' Wedding Time! Figurine four-pack is available at Walmart and on Amazon, featuring mini...
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There Are New Bluey Figurines From “The Sign” Already & Yes, We Need Them

Now your kids can add Rad and Frisky to their collection.

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Have you seen “The Sign” yet? Bluey fans around the world are being emotionally destroyed by the new 28-minute episode, which covers weddings, moving, and more in the show’s signature way. And if your kid has collected other characters and toys from the show’s memorable moments, they’ll be pleased to know there is now a “Wedding Time!” four-pack of figurines available from Moose Toys.

In Bluey’s new episode, Uncle Rad and Aunt Frisky tie the knot in a beautiful backyard ceremony at the Heelers’ home (after Frisky pulls a quick runaway bride moment and everyone helps talk her down from Mount Coot-tha, of course). But after that little snafu is over, the rest of their big day goes off without a hitch. If your kids want to re-enact the whole thing, now they totally can.

The new “Wedding Time!” four-pack includes Bingo and Bluey figurines, complete with their adorable flower crowns from the wedding, and Aunt Frisky and Uncle Rad figurines wearing their wedding day attire. While there are many versions of Bingo and Bluey available in figurine form from Moose Toys, this is the brand’s first time releasing Rad and Frisky figurines. The four-pack is now available on Amazon ($15.99) and at Walmart ($17.45).

Need a little refresher on who the heck the bride and groom are? Aunt Frisky is Chili’s best friend and Bluey’s godmother. She meets Uncle Rad (Bandit’s older brother) when the two are accidentally double-booked to babysit Bingo and Bluey. The girls beg both to stay and the pair get closer as their evening together wears on. Viewers don’t see them again until another episode briefly shows them on vacation together, and now they’re back, making their love official. And of course Bingo and Bluey, the kids who brought them together, are there to celebrate.

You can check out the full catalog of Bluey toys on Moose Toys’ website. As with the brand’s other figurines of Bluey and fam, this set will fit perfectly in the garbage trucks, cars, houses, and other toys that help make up Bluey’s play pretend world.