These Buy Buy Baby hacks can save you some serious money.
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Try These Buy Buy Baby Hacks For Your Next Shopping Trip

Seriously, baby gear is expensive.

by Meg Kehoe and Ashley Jones
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Shopping for a new baby can be overwhelming for new parents, but a one-stop-shop like Buy Buy Baby can totally save your sanity. They carry nearly everything you could ever need — and plenty you never knew you needed. These Buy Buy Baby hacks that every mom needs to know can help lessen the chaos of shopping for your baby, streamline your experience, and best of all, save you some serious cash.

Buy Buy Baby is like a magical wonderland filled with anything and everything you’ll need to get through your child’s first few years of life. From big-ticket items like cribs and strollers to everyday essentials like diapers and wipes, you’ll find it all right on their jam-packed shelves. Whether you're just discovering the wonders of Buy Buy Baby or you're a seasoned vet, there are tips and tricks to shopping that wondrous cavern of baby products that you simply need to know. Because if you're paying full price at Buy Buy Baby, you're doing it wrong.

Rather than spending all of your extra cash on amazing (but expensive) things for your baby, why not dial into the following Buy Buy Baby hacks and save yourself a ridiculous amount of money in the process? Put all that money you've saved into your babe's college fund. Or just buy yourself a glass of wine, because after artfully navigating the world of Buy Buy Baby, you deserve it.


Organize Your Coupons With The My Offers Wallet

You’ve got enough to juggle as a new parent without also trying to keep track of your paper and digital coupons. With Buy Buy Baby’s My Offers, all of your coupons are held in a digital wallet that can be scanned in-store or used online to easily access your available discounts. When you sign up for a Buy Buy Baby account, you’ll be automatically enrolled in My Offers.


Use Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons In-Store

You know those mythical 20% off coupons from Bed Bath & Beyond that never expire? Lucky for you, Bed Bath & Beyond and Buy Buy Baby are sister companies, so you can use those forever-coupons at your favorite baby megastore. It’s worth noting that this deal does only work in-store though, not online. (Also keep in mind that per Buy Buy Baby guidelines, the 20% off coupons can't be used on diapers, wipes, formula, baby food, or baby furniture.)


Put Yourself On The Mailing List

You can sign up for the Buy Buy Baby mailing list to get 20% off coupons delivered to your home mailbox and your email inbox on a regular basis. Bonus fact? If you're on the Bed Bath & Beyond mailing list, you'll get double the coupons to use in-store.


Use The Buy Buy Baby Registry

Signing up for the Buy Buy Baby baby registry is one of the best things you can do for you and your baby. When you're getting close to your due date, Buy Buy Baby gives you a completion discount, where you can purchase anything and everything on your baby registry that you didn't receive at a 15% discount to use without restrictions.

You also get a free goodie bag filled with samples and coupons when you sign up. So, even if you don’t actually use the registry, it’s worth signing up just for the free swag.


Refer Your Friends

Refer a friend to create their baby registry at Buy Buy Baby and once they're all signed up, you get a $25 off coupon of any in-store purchase of $100 or more. When you’re shopping for big-ticket items, this type of discount will come in super handy.


Move Your Registry Date Up

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A few genius moms over at The Bump figured out that Buy Buy Baby will let you adjust your due date on your registry, which means after your baby shower's over, you can change your due date, and get your registry completion discount even earlier. The Buy Buy Baby website confirms that to change your registry information, simply login to your registry online, call, or visit the store to make the change. This is perfect if you want to make sure you have everything before baby comes along.


Check Out Groupon For Coupons

If you stalk the savings page on Buy Buy Baby's website religiously, you'll be thrilled to know that it's not the only place on the web with coupons for all of your needs. Groupon has Buy Buy Baby coupons, too. So if you're a coupon addict, make sure you bookmark both of these for future reference.


Download The App

Yes, there's a Buy Buy Baby app. And you need it. With easy scanning features for your registry and special offers you won't find anywhere else, the Buy Buy Baby app might just become your favorite shopping app of all time.


Know What’s Excluded From The Coupons

There are some items and brands that aren't included in Buy Buy Baby's coupons. Know what they are before you go, so that you're not planning on saving 20% off of something that you have to end up paying full price for. (But remember, if it's part of your registry completion deal, you'll get 15% off, no matter the item or brand.)


Utilize The Price Match Guarantee

Before you buy, be sure to check out the Buy Buy Baby price match guarantee. The store offers a price match promise on any identical item offered by a direct competitor (excluding clearance and closeout items). And I know, direct competitor seems like it might hinder your price match savings, but did you know that Buy Buy Baby considers Amazon a direct competitor? That makes your hunt for the best prices on baby gear a whole lot easier.


Take Advantage Of Pick-Up & Delivery Options

Buy Buy Baby offers several options for pick-up and delivery that are incredible for new parents. With contactless curbside pick-up, you and your napping infant can stay safely inside the car while an employee will bring your order out to you. Better yet, Buy Buy Baby offers a same-day delivery option for in-stock items at your local store for $9.99.

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