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The Best Couch Sex Positions

Pro tips for the best sofa sex, ever.

Before you became a parent, you probably had your fair share of lackluster quickies on dorm room sofas, back seats of cars, or the sectional in your parents’ basement. It was fun at the time, but nothing toe-curling. It was convenience sex, or happened at the spur of the moment. But, what if I told you that there are couch sex positions that aren’t just good, they’re teeth-chattering, what-the-hell-was-that, good? There are. I got the scoop from the real experts — two of my favorite adult film actresses Casey Calvert and Sinn Sage.

As actresses in, ahem, adult films, you know that these two women they’ve had the good, the bad, and the ugly. They have seen and done more than most of us, and so they really do know the best couch sex positions. These women know the sex positions that feel the best whether you’re on the top or the bottom, and they were awesome enough to share their secrets with us.

Because let’s be real, if you have a baby, and their room is right next to yours, you can’t really go all-in on your love making without risking of waking the baby. And that’s not a good look — stressing about waking up a sleeping baby is a total turn off. But on the sofa in the living room? Far away from peeping ears, bouncing headboard, and creaking mattresses? Much, much better.

Note: For this article, I will be referring to the person doing the penetrating as the “top” and the one being penetrated as “the bottom,” if penetration is involved.



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With all the shifting and moving of couch sex, cushions can be an issue, so don’t complicate sexual positions on a couch. “Assuming we're talking about a normal size couch, I'd say keep it simple,” Calvert tells Romper. “Missionary in the corner, with the bottom's head propped up on the arm of the sofa works great,” she said. It’s a classic, it won’t put too much stress on the couch, and it won’t put too much stress on either partner.”


Alternative missionary

Not all sofas can handle standard missionary, says Calvert. They’re too short, or they have uncomfortable joiners that dig into your back, or they don’t have arms. There’s an alternative. “You can also do missionary off the edge — the top kneels on the floor (put a pillow down for their knees) and the bottom sticks their [bottom] out over the edge. That one is great if you really wanna get that legs-back, wide-open feel,” Calvert says. This position has the added benefit of making it easier for the top to reach down and stimulate the clitoris or penis of the person being penetrated.


Cowgirl on the couch

It might seem like an obvious choice, but you have to give it up for the cowgirl position, says Calvert. “The top should sit comfortably on the sofa like they normally would, and the bottom can climb on and ride away.” Your partner has full access to the top of your body, your mouth, neck, and can reach around and grab your behind as you straddle them and ride.


Reverse cowgirl

“If I am being the person being penetrated and being on top, the couch is my favorite place to do it,” explains Sage. “Something about my partner sitting upright, with the back of the couch for me to hold onto,” she tells Romper.

One way to utilize the couch’s best attributes is in reverse cowgirl. It’s easier because, rather than being on your knees, you can have your partner sit on the edge, says Sage. You can stand, backing up to them, and sit down for penetration. That way, when you want to move, you’re using your legs and feet for power and bounce, which can really save your knees and back.


Reverse piledriver

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When she’s doing the penetrating, Sage says, the couch is not her favorite, because one leg is always getting more tired than the other. However, one couch sex position that she’s fond of, that can be done on the sofa thanks to how the seats tend to sink inward is the reverse piledriver.

The reverse piledriver is especially good for a chaise lounge. To do it, the bottom lays on their back, with their legs over their head, and the top stands above them, facing the opposite way to penetrate. It’s advanced, for sure. And honestly, I wasn’t sure it was possible. So my approaching- middle-aged behind tried it with my very-middle-aged husband, and you know what? It’s possible and it’s fun. It’s not something you’ll do every time, but darn it, after 17 years of marriage, shaking things up is necessary.


Lay back and think of England

If you are lucky enough to have a clitoris, slouching on the arm of the sofa while your partner sits in front of you, worshipping you with their mouth, is always a good idea. Just don’t forget to return the favor.

Spicing up your routine by adding in a little couch action can change the dynamic during your play. It’s a great way to get beyond a sexual lull or plateau, and heating things up with you and your partner. Watch some sexy Bridgerton scenes together, or even some actual, ethical porn, lay down a blanket and go for it. Whether you’re just looking for a little fun, or the whole kit and kaboodle, getting sexy on the sofa is a great way to do it.

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