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22 Valentine's Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas Sweeter Than Candy

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So you’ve been making something even more exciting than sourdough bread in your so-called oven, and you’re just about ready to announce to the world that you have a new addition on the way. If in mid-February you're ready to share that you’re expecting a baby, you could try one of these Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement ideas. The day is all about love and affection, and the news of a baby on the way inspires feelings of warmth (and tons of heart emojis).

A Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement is probably on most couples' radars who are entering the second trimester of pregnancy around that time, meaning that the new arrival is due sometime in August or September. But, of course, the decision of when to announce a pregnancy is up to the parents themselves, so picking mid-February to shout the happy news about a May or October baby is perfectly okay if that's what works for you.

From spelling it out in candy hearts (real or balloons) or buying a heart onesie you’ll get some use out of when the baby is born, you can take inspiration from these clever reveals and products that work as well on Instagram as they do IRL as Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcements.


Get custom balloons

For an easy and impactful photo reveal that still looks styled, get a bunch of fun Valentine’s Day balloons. Take notes from @jordd and opt for personalized balloons to share your big news and the baby’s due date.


Use a letter board

Don’t skimp on the pregnancy announcement for baby two, especially when it gives you a prime opportunity to use the classic “roses are red” poem like @raising.little.bradshaws did here. A letter board pregnancy reveal is always cute, especially with a few festive additions in the background like a paper heart garland and a doily background.


Send a Valentine’s Day package

They’ll be shocked and elated when they open this little box and see two little handmade booties waiting for them. In case there’s any confusion, the Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement from Etsy includes a rhyming message that’s personalized depending on whether the news is going to a partner or grandparents.


Let your dog deliver the news

There’s nothing quite as cute as letting your pup deliver the news. These custom bandanas from @waggoworks can be made to say whatever you want, so the big reveal can be as subtle or as obvious as you want.


Add flowers & chocolate

Take inspiration from @kenna_reklis and deck out an ultrasound photo by putting it on a letter board, spelling out the name and when the baby is due, and adding some single stem roses and individual pieces of chocolate. This is easy to pull off and is unmistakably Valentine’s Day themed.


Wear red

A Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement like this one from @porcelaindollfinn is the perfect excuse to buy the red maternity dress. Create a simple yet festive background using some V. Day decor and have any older siblings or partners join in on the fun.


Spell it out in chalk

Enlist the help of professionals like @southernchalking to make a custom chalkboard sign announcing your pregnancy. If you have the artistic chops (and frankly even if you don’t) you could also make a chalk design on the driveway to greet your guests with the news.


Have big brother do the talking

If you have friends or family coming over for a Valentine’s Day celebration, put big brother in this cute tee from @greysoncolecreations_. The most observant in the group will squeal with delight and set of a chain reaction.


Heart on the belly

If you’re going for a bump reveal on Feb. 14, put a heart sticker or a cute temporary tattoo on your bump like @adriananathalyy did. This is an understated Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement that’s still super cute and clear.


Say it with shoes


You’ve seen this one done before, but that doesn’t make it any less cute. Choose a pair of red or pink shoes for Valentine’s Day and have your partner stand behind you or next to you holding hands. Add some punny text like “a new sole is coming” or “really feeling these little kicks.”


A cupcake in the oven

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For a fun and festive twist on “a bun in the oven” switch out the bread for a Valentine’s Day cupcake and caption your photo with something about how you’re baking something especially sweet this Valentine’s Day.


Share the news in chocolate box


Get a heart-shaped box of chocolates and put your ultrasound photo inside, then snap a pic. It’s the perfect way to announce the sweetest surprise of all.


Share the onesie-ful news

Say it with a onesie from Etsy shop, Shop Little Bear Design. The cool thing about this is that you can have it customized with the baby’s last name (or first, if you’re ready to share) plus their due date month, and you’ll have a physical object you can one day show the baby. Bonus points if you have a letter board to write in how far along you are.


A hand-y announcement

If you prefer to go the subtle route, you could do what Kristin Cavallari did when she and husband Jay announced they were expecting their third child: share a pic of yourself forming a hand-heart over your growing baby bump.


Sweet balloons

No message-heart candy in the stores? Say it with personalized balloons instead, as this couple did last year when they had their photo taken by Sara Wise Photography.


Enlist an older sibling

Big brother or sister will love to be involved with the announcement of baby number two, and these cute customized shirts are a great way to make that happen. You can pick the color combo if your kid isn’t into red, and reviewers noted that this shirt is true to size.


Puppy love

Dogs are part of the family too, and this sign (which is a printout from Etsy store, Chalking It Up Boards) is a fun way to spread the word about your new addition (and your pet’s new BFF, hopefully).


A Onesie they'll wear again

This sweet and simple design is made of 100% organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes. You can pull off an easy photo shoot by setting your iPhone to the self-timer mode, then snapping a pic of you and your partner each holding one side of the onesie. Plus once baby is here you can never have enough of these.


Toast to the news

Giving your family individual wine bottles with a revealing label, like this one from Inscape Creations will ensure both a flurry of congratulations and an impromptu toast. (Mom-to-be can have sparkling cider instead.) Note that this is a set of six labels, wine not included.


Put conversation hearts to good use

Sure candy hearts may taste like chalk (in my humble opinion) but they make a really cute pregnancy announcement. You can buy customizable hearts and get one that says “baby” plus the numbers of the due date, then snap a pic on a pretty red or white background. Or if you can’t stomach the chalky little treats, announce using candy heart balloons like these from Etsy.


Send a real valentine

Remember how fun it was getting Valentines in school? You could go the snail-mail route and send out physical cards, like these pregnancy reveal notes, with your good news written inside. Just make sure to FaceTime those closest to you to see their priceless reaction when opening.


Scratch-off surprise

Unlike instant-win lottery tickets, which lose more often than they win, these Valentine's scratch-off announcements from Emma Lee Lou Designs are all winners. Distribute them to family and friends and watch them reveal the underlying message (customizable, but "We're pregnant!" is the default).

Whether you order a box of props to make your Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement or do something super low-key, these festive and sweet announcement ideas will make you feel all the love.

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