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18 Cute Notebooks That Make Every Subject Exciting

All they need are doodles in the margins.

Shopping for school supplies is one of the most exciting parts of heading back to school — your child gets to choose a backpack that shows off their personality, decide which lunchbox and water bottle they like best, and pick out all their pens and pencils too. And for some kids, choosing cute notebooks for every class is the best part.

When you were in school, did you assign specific colors to certain classes? Maybe red notebooks and folders were for reading while green was meant for math. Well, with all the characters, patterns, and designs available today, maybe it’s more like the pizza notebook is for history and the Black Panther one is for science.

Depending on your child’s grade, they may need spiral notebooks for some classes and composition books for others. And the older they are, the more likely they are to need a steady supply of graph paper (which happens to come in cute notebooks these days as well). No matter their interests, you can find the notebooks they need in designs that will make them excited to flip open a fresh page and get to work.

Spiral notebooks

This school supply is on every kid’s list of must-haves, and sometimes they’ll need one for every class. With cool designs and bright colors, they’ll know which notebook is for which class (and hopefully stop forgetting the one they need to do their homework at school). Just make sure to heed their teacher’s preferences on college- versus wide-ruled before you add to cart.

Composition notebooks

Black and white composition books are all the way out — bring on the superheroes, smiley faces, and even the pizza slices. There are countless cute notebooks available online that will make your child’s composition book stand out in science class. Even better, many composition books today are made of recycled materials (like the pizza picnic notebook below).

Lined notebooks

Does your kid need a place to jot down ideas, tasks, or random thoughts throughout the day? A smaller lined notebook is perfect for journaling or learning to create to-do lists. You could purchase one hardcover notebook to last them all year, or opt for a multipack of smaller ones if they tend to lose their journal often.

Grid notebooks

OK, making graphing fun is a big ask, but maybe these cute notebooks filled with graph paper can help. They all have at least 80 sheets to work on, so they should last through a semester (or at least the first quarter). If your child needs to turn in their graphs, just note that only the yellow notebook has perforated pages. Otherwise, all three are perfect for keeping math homework organized in one place.

Blank notebooks & sketchpads

Kids taking art class may have a sketchbook on their supply list this year, and art class is definitely the place to show off some personality in their supplies. You can choose one with spirals on the top (for left-handed kids who hate having them in the way), large pages, or some personalization on the cover.

Notebooks with a planner

Some schools provide a planner to every student at the start of the new school year. If your child’s school doesn’t, or the layout just doesn’t work well for them, browse for kid-friendly planners online. For elementary schoolers, find one that includes calendars, daily task lists, and bonus pages like allowance trackers. For middle and high school kids, search for planners with notebook pages for jotting down assignments, class schedules, and handy conversion charts they can reference in class.

With cute notebooks packed into their new backpack, you can send your kid to their first day of school knowing their supplies will show off exactly who they are. Just beware that you may be creating a stationery addict (but there are worse things, right?).