Daylight Saving Time

It's time to spring forward in 2021.
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It’s Almost Time To Spring Forward

And after 2020, I’m ready to lose a year of sleep for an optimistic spring.

Spring is so close I can almost feel it, and honestly, I don't think I've ever been more excited about the changing of seasons. In preparation, you may be thinking ahead to Daylight Saving Time and when we spring forward this year. It’s sooner than you think. Whether you’re dreading losing an hour or sleep or excited for more sunshine, mark your calendar for Sunday, March 14, friends. I mean, sleep is important and all, but I’m more than ready to say hello to more light in the evening, warmer temperatures, spring flowers peeking through the grass and most importantly, more vaccinations and a return to normalcy (or, at least, something closer to life prior to 2020). This year, of all years, I'm more than happy to lose an hour of my day in favor of better times ahead.

Now that you're up to date on our first time change of 2021, you may be wondering how "springing forward" will affect your children. While researchers at ScienceDirect say a one-hour shift in sleep can disrupt sleep cycles for about a week, leading to early morning wake-ups and bedtime resistance, there are a few things you can do to prepare in advance. You can try shifting your child's sleep schedule a few days ahead of time and making Sunday a busy activity-filled day so that your child will be ready for an earlier bedtime, and the effects of Daylight saving time will be a bit more bearable. And if all else fails? There are always blackout curtains. Although spring's time change is generally preferred by most parents to gaining an hour in the fall, you still want to be prepared.

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Sure, going through a time change with children is not the most fun thing ever, but I'm willing to deal with it since I know each day brings us closer to this pandemic being over. This past year was disruptive and upsetting on so many levels, and like everyone, I'm ready to move on cautiously and optimistically. I'm even a little bit excited. C'mon spring, let's do this.