Disney's pizza Friendsgiving.

Celebrate Friendsgiving With Mickey & Friends, Plus The Best Kind Of Pie

There's nothing sweet about these pies.

I love the actual day of Thanksgiving, though I’ve never been super excited about the food. If I’m being honest, I’d rather have pizza (this is true for most meals) and apparently Mickey and his pals feel the same. Disney's Mickey and (Friends)giving is Nov. 21 and it’s all about (pizza) pies. If you’re scratching your head wondering what pizza has to do with a typically turkey-centric celebration, the idea is that slices are the best way to bring pals together (hard agree from me), whether they’re near or far.

The event is hosted by celebrity chef, Roy Choi, who you may recognize as the co-host of the Netflix series, Chef Show, or as the host of Broken Bread. Choi also owns several restaurants, though his Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant in Las Vegas is particularly topical here, as it's called Best Friend.

So how will Mickey and his pals celebrate? Well, six chefs from around the country will each create a unique pie with Mickey or one of his best buddies in mind. All of the pies are available for pre-order now and will be available for pickup on Saturday, Nov. 21.

Jon & Vinny’s in Los Angeles (there are locations in both Fairfax and Brentwood) will be whipping up a Mickey-inspired twist on a pepperoni pie using three cheeses and little smokies sausages in lieu of traditional pepperoni. Paying homage to Minnie’s classic polka dots comes a beautiful margarita pizza from Home Slice in Austin, with dots of mozzarella that pop against bright red sauce, topped with a parmesan crisp is the shape of Minnie’s bow.

Coming from Roberta’s in Bushwick, Brooklyn is a pie to capture Donald Duck’s fiery spirit; it’s made with house-made spicy nduja sausage, bitter castelfranco radicchio ,Taleggio cheese, and finished with bright lemon zest. The Williamsburg Roberta's location will be cranking out pies inspired by Daisy Duck: it’s a white pie with thinly sliced potatoes, plus elegant dots of salsa verde.

Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia will be serving up a truly quirky take: the sandwich pizza is made with a light tomato cream base, mozzarella, mortadella, then sprinkled with crunchy salad. Sound funny? You guessed it, this one’s for Goofy. And finally, to capture the essence of zany Pluto, there’s a twist on a meat lovers pie (fennel, sausage, pepperoni and cheese) made by Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix.

If you want to get your hands on one of these delicious Friendsgiving treats, they're all available for pre-order now. And not to fret if you don't live near any of these pizzerias; there are instructions on the Disney Friendsgiving website for how to make any of these yummy creations at home (just get ready to crank your oven way up). There's also a digital background you can add to your Zoom if you're having a virtual pizza Friendsgiving.