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Two kids with easter eggs in a list of Easter bunny ideas for parents.
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8 Fun Ways To Make It Look Like The Easter Bunny Was Here

If you really want to step up the magic this year.

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Easter is right around the corner, and if you are celebrating it with your kids, you’re probably planning all the fun activities and gifts that are a part of this special holiday. For little ones, the thought of getting a visit from the Easter Bunny can be more exciting than candy or presents, and becoming the Easter Bunny for them is equally exciting for you. But how do parents do the Easter Bunny? Is there a set tradition, like Santa coming down the chimney with a bag of presents? Or do most of us just DIY it? Somehow Easter always feels a bit less prescribed than Christmas — at least in our home — and it also seems to sneak up, since the date moves around. We’ve rounded up some easy Easter Bunny idea for parents, as well as some fun “Easter Bunny was here” ideas, too, for the real overachievers out there.

Sure your egg hunts, egg coloring activities, and Easter baskets will take center stage on Easter. For younger kids, it’s really easy to come up with tons of imaginative ideas on how to make it seem like the Easter Bunny really did make a stop at your house. But if you have older children, you may need to be a little extra creative to pull off the magic.

For some tried and true Easter fun for kids of all ages, here are some magical ideas from parents on how they do the Easter Bunny and create those sweet traditions.


Leave a trail of bunny foot prints

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Caroline Shannon-Karasik tells Romper that she makes a trail of powder footprints on the floor . You can use a bunny paw template and sprinkle flour or baby powder around it to create Easter Bunny footprints around your home or yard. “My parents always did this for me and my three siblings,” adds Karasik, “so we have continued the tradition.”


Plant jelly beans that sprout lollipops

This one it literally sweet and so easy. The day before Easter, “I plant jelly beans with the kids,” Elpida Halaris D'Itri tells Romper, “and the next morning, the kids find that lollipops have sprouted out of the garden.” She says that when the Easter Bunny visits, he makes the jelly beans grow into lollipops, and she even leaves bitten carrots in the yard to make it look like he had a snack.


A letter from the Easter Bunny

Stacy, a mom of four, tells Romper that her for her older kids, she leaves a letter from the Easter Bunny in each child’s basket. “In each personalized letter, the Easter Bunny tells the kids how great they’ve been,” says Stacy, “and he mentions all the specific wonderful things they’ve been doing.” This “Easter Bunny was here” idea feels like a natural fit for families with kids that love Elf on a Shelf.


A trail of Easter Bunny fur

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Azra, a mom of two, tells Romper that she uses cotton balls to leave a trail of “bunny fur” that her kids can follow to their Easter baskets. She pulls apart the cotton balls and scatters it on the floor near the baskets. “The kids get so excited when they see the bunny fur,” says Azra, “and sometimes they even end up fighting over who can keep it.”


Leave an egg on the window sill

My kids are older now, but when they were younger, I would ask my husband to keep them occupied while I’d go outside and hide plastic, treat-filled eggs around the yard, leaving one egg on a window sill. After a bit, I would casually ask my kids to look outside that specific window to see if it’s raining. When they would see the egg on the sill, they would assume the Easter Bunny had paid a visit, and they would run outside with their basket to hunt for eggs.


Easter Bunny basket switcheroo

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You can even play a little Easter Bunny switcheroo, like Romper editor Samantha Darby. “We have a basket we use every year, which we leave our dyed hard boiled eggs in,” Darby says. “The Easter Bunny takes the eggs and replaces them with candy and a little gift.”


Leave a trail of “Easter Bunny poop”

Bineesh, a mom of twin toddlers, tell Romper that she plans on helping her kids hunt for eggs by leaving a trail of jelly beans (which will act as ‘bunny poop”) near the places she hid the eggs. Not only will this add to the magic of the Easter Bunny, she hopes that this also makes it easier for her toddlers to find the eggs without losing interest.


Easter Bunny evidence

Much like the trail of bunny fur, convince your kids that the easter bunny was here by leaving some half-eaten carrots around the yard. Clear evidence of Easter Bunny activity (and so easy for parents to do).

Have fun with Easter magic and don’t forget to fill those baskets with plenty of candy — because we know what the kids are really excited about on Easter morning, and it’s definitely the basket full of sugary treats.

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