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16 Easter Nail Designs, From Gingham Tips To Peter Rabbit Portraits

You can see his whiskers!

Easter is such a fun holiday — there’s no pressure to buy a ton of gifts for everyone or attend a thousand gatherings, but you still get all the good parts: big homemade meals, fun holiday activities, and time with family. If you and your kids have a full calendar leading up to March 31, then the time to make an appointment for your Easter nails is now. Of course, that means sifting through a bunch of Easter nail designs so you have something to show your nail artist when you get there. But no worries: we’ve done the digging for you.

If you’re someone who gets your nails done regularly, you probably have some go-to polish shades and designs that you know you love. But these Easter designs are so fun and happy, they might sway even the most devoted neutral nail lovers. There’s truly a perfect Easter nail look for everyone, whether you like your manicure on the subtle side or bright blue nails with Easter bunnies on them is what you’re in the market for.

Whether you’re going to church, organizing an Easter egg hunt, or just staying in and dyeing eggs, having festive nails is just... fun. So, here are 16 of the cutest Easter nail designs for your 2024 Easter manicure.


These Peter Rabbit Masterpieces

If your nail tech is truly an artist, they’ll love creating something similar to these Peter Rabbit nails. His little portrait is so detailed it’s amazing, and the pretty blue flower designs complement his cardigan perfectly.


A Gingham French Manicure

Gingham and Easter just go together, so these pastel patterned nails are the perfect Easter nail inspo. Scroll through the photos to see the 3D Peeps hiding on the thumb nails.


Pastel Bunnies For Short Nails

If your canvases are too small for super elaborate nail art, consider these little pastel bunny silhouettes. They’re colorful and festive, and still totally readable.


Gold Bunnies On Pastel

If you want a little more color in your manicure, this one’s for you. Pick your five favorite pastel shades and ask for gold bunny silhouettes in the center of each nail. Again, this is a great option for short nail-havers.


Blue Easter Nails With Peek-A-Boo Bunnies

If you have a little more room for your rabbits, a nail look like this might be more your speed. The little bunnies peeking over the edge of the nail are so cute, and obviously you can choose any base color your heart desires.


Speckled Candy Egg-Inspired Nails

Those chocolate-covered candy eggs only come around once per year. If you’ve been known to hoard a few bags to get you through spring and summer, then this manicure will definitely speak to you.


Simple Stripes & French Tips

Pick an Easter color palette that speaks to you — or ask your nail artist for their help — and then let them do their thing. These simple nails make a statement (the statement being, “It’s Easter!”) without needing literal bunnies to do it.


Spring-Inspired Floral Nails

If you want Easter nails that don’t feel outdated as soon as the holiday passes, go for something floral and light colored. The bright pinks and little blooms still feel Easter-y, but they’ll feel just right for spring after March 31.


Blue Gingham & Bumblebees

This gorgeous manicure is another option for nails that will look great on Easter and throughout April until you make it back to the salon.


Pastel Polka Dots

These dotted nails alone, thanks to the color palette, would make for super cute and subtle Easter nails. Of course, having the little bunny but with a dotted-on tail is the perfect accent to this manicure.


Bunnies & Carrots

Not everyone can rock orange nails, but if it works on you, add some cute carrot patterns to your nails alongside those little Easter bunnies. This look is such a good example.


A Mix-And-Match Pastel Job

Iryna Veklich/Moment/Getty Images

If you like to paint your own nails, these Easter nails are super easy to do at home. Just choose your favorite pastels from your polish collection and paint each nail a different color.


Happy Little Bunnies & Easter Eggs

Smiling Easter bunny tips, simple speckles, and pretty patterned eggs? If you’re getting into nail art for the first time, these nails have a little bit of everything without being too much.


Easter Egg-Inspired Nails


All the fun patterns you might put on your Easter eggs? Ask for them on your nails, in whatever combination you want (though obviously pastel shades are the most on-theme).


Hatching Chick Designs


These chicks peeking out of their egg shells are seriously so cute. If you want even more color, they could be hatching out of patterned Easter eggs, you know...


Bright Bunny Nails


You don’t have to shy away from the more vibrant hues, if that’s what you like. Stick to the yellow, blue, pink, and purple families and choose brights from there, then ask for bunnies on top.

So, which Easter design will you show your nail tech once you hop down to the salon?