Easter outfits for babies, toddlers, and kids.
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42 Adorable Easter Outfits For Babies & Little Kids That Are Too Dang Cute

The ruffles. The spring prints. The tiny collared shirts!

Easter is upon us, and whether you’re planning on having a family gathering, attending a church service, or dyeing and hunting eggs, why miss an opportunity to dress the kids up in a super cute spring outfit? There are so many adorable Easter outfits for babies and toddlers on the market this year, and it’s definitely worth a little window shopping online.

And I know, I know, why dress up your kids in the first place, right? Will they spit up on it or spill their food on it within minutes? Of course! But half the fun of having babies and little ones is to enjoy their cuteness and share it with the world. If you can pop them into a ruffled two-piece set or a fuzzy bunny sweater and give yourself and your other family members an “aww”-inducing moment, it’s worth the effort. Besides, there’s nothing a little stain remover can’t fix once you get back home.

So, get to browsing these Easter outfits for babies, toddlers, and little kids alike. Whether you need a formal collared shirt and pants or a casual dress or jumpsuit, there’s an Easter look here for every occasion you may attend this time of year.

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Baby Girl Easter Dresses

Would Easter even be Easter without the dresses? I still remember going to the store every year with my grandmother to pick out an Easter dress and shoes, and you can start that tradition with your own littles from their very first Easter.

Baby Boy Easter Outfits

If you can look at these tiny cardigans, bunny hats, and collared jumpers and not buy something, you deserve a medal for self-control. One or more of these looks will definitely wind up in my baby’s closet this year.

Baby Girl Easter Sets

If you’ve never been a bonnet mom, Easter is a great time to experiment with the idea. Or, if you’re solidly in the camp of no bonnets, consider a set with ruffles, flowers, or a fluffy bunny tail on the bum.

Little Boy Easter Outfits

Toddler boys don’t always get the same selection of clothes as toddler girls (OK, rarely, if we’re being honest), but there are some pretty unique Easter choices out there for the fellas this year. Those carrot overalls? OMG.

Toddler Girl Easter Clothes

If you’re looking for more formal Easter dresses, they’re easy enough to find, but maybe your little girl needs a more lightweight, washable option. And those are out there too, as are Easter jumpsuits for the gals who aren’t interested in skirts.

Matching Sibling Easter Outfits

Whether you’re taking family photos or just want to look extra coordinated for Easter, these sibling outfits will have you looking like a matching Hallmark movie family.