13 Easy Toddler Lunch Ideas

Lunches so easy, you barely have to think.

Being a parent is hard, but being a toddler parent is the hardest. (At least, it was for me!) Don’t get me wrong, the toddler stage is a ton of fun, but it is utterly exhausting to chase a tiny human around all day long. Keeping them happy, entertained, somewhat clean, and fed three times a day — plus snacks — is super time-consuming. If you want to make at least one meal of the day a quick one, consider adding these easy toddler lunch ideas to your repertoire.

Toddlerhood is usually ripe with emerging opinions, strong likes, and even stronger dislikes — particularly when it comes to food. That can make falling into a lunch rut particularly easy to do. Whether you just want to shake things up a bit or want to give your toddler the opportunity to try new foods, these lunch ideas are a simple place to start.

With toddler-friendly ingredients and minimal prep work, every recipe on this list is a cinch to put together. Many can even be made ahead of time, so you barely have to stop what you’re doing to put them together and have a filling lunch on the table for your toddler.


Mac & Cheese Cups

What toddler doesn’t like macaroni and cheese? (For that matter, what adult even?) From Damn Delicious, these mac and cheese cups are an easy way to have toddler-sized servings on hand for ready-to-serve lunches.


Tortellini Lunchbox

Pasta and toddlers are basically a match made in heaven, and the shape of tortellini makes them one of the easiest types of pasta for tots to pick up with their tiny little hands. Keep a set of these tortellini lunchboxes from Family Fresh Meals in the fridge and you’ll have a grab-and-go lunch delicious enough to quell any midday toddler meltdown.


Cheesy Lunchbox Poppers

Easy to make on a whim, these cheesy lunchbox poppers from A Spicy Perspective don’t necessarily have to go in a lunchbox at all. Instead, they can go right into your toddler’s hot little hands at lunchtime. Puff pastry, salami, and lots of gooey cheese come together in about 30 minutes total.


Mini Chicken Quesadillas

I think pretty much any meal with “mini” in the title qualifies as a toddler lunch. These mini chicken quesadillas from Damn Delicious are not only perfectly-sized for toddler hands, but they’re tasty and great for dipping in some guacamole, sour cream, or salsa.


Mini Pot Pies

From Averie Cooks, these mini pot pies are not only easy to assemble and bake with just three main ingredients, but they’re perfectly toddler-sized. Plus, they’re packed with frozen veggies (because they’re easy!) so they’re a filling and nutritious lunch option.


PB&J Waffle Sandwiches

There are plenty of lunchbox and meal-prep ideas that work well for toddler lunches both at home and when you’ll be out and about. How perfect is this recipe for PB&J waffle sandwiches from Family Fresh Meals? It’s a fun twist on the classic toddler-friendly sandwich that your tot is sure to love.


English Muffin Pizza

Making a miniature pizza on an English muffin is a pro parenting move. With these step-by-step instructions from Wholefully, you can have these toddler-sized pizzas made in about 20 minutes. To make things even quicker, make them ahead of time and pop them in the freezer, so all you have to do is warm one up and lunch is ready.


Ham & Cheese Rollups

If your toddler is stuck in their ham and cheese sandwich era, you can mix things up with this ham and cheese rollup recipe from The Comfort Of Cooking. I mean, what toddler wouldn’t love a gooey, cheesy sandwich for lunch? And this one’s made with pizza dough, so it’s extra hard to resist.


Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Bites

Breakfast for lunch is always an easy idea, but these bacon, egg, and cheese bites from Princess Pinky Girl make it even easier. You can assemble them ahead of time or even completely bake them and store them in the fridge until your toddler is ready for lunch.


Hummus Avocado Toast

One easy toddler lunch idea that’s in heavy rotation in my own household is avocado toast. There’s just something about the creaminess of an avocado on a crunchy piece of toast that my kids really love. This recipe from The Comfort Of Cooking has hummus and ripe tomatoes to give it an extra boost.


Egg Salad

If you don’t already have a container of egg salad ready to slap on some toast for your toddler’s lunch, you totally should. This classic egg salad recipe from Foodie Crush is the ultimate go-to if you’re looking for an easy toddler lunch idea that you can have ready to go in a snap.


Teriyaki Chicken Bowl

When you want to feed your toddler something wholesome, but easy to make, stir fry is a fantastic choice. In about half an hour, this recipe for teriyaki chicken bowls from Wholefully comes together to make a simple and comforting lunch that both you and your toddler will enjoy. It’s great for leftovers, so make a big batch on Sunday for an easy lunch throughout the week.


Hot Dog Rollups

A tried and true toddler favorite, hot dog rollups are such an easy standard to lean on for lunches. From The Comfort Of Cooking, this recipe is a cinch to put together and they bake up in just about 10 minutes.

With these easy toddler lunch ideas, you definitely won’t have to block off an hour for prepping lunch. In fact, you’ll barely have to stop what you’re doing at all to put together a meal to fuel your toddler until dinnertime.