25 Clever Ways To Prop 2 Elves

Might as well roll with it.

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Your love for Elf on the Shelf may be off the charts at the start of the season, but as December wears on, that passion can quickly dwindle. It's freakin' hard work finding daily new places for an Elf to appear, and while it might seem counterintuitive, having two elves can actually help you come up with more playful possibilities. Two can get into a lot of mischief, after all. If you're looking for fun two Elf on the Shelf ideas, you've come to the right place, because these double trouble Elf on the Shelf ideas are next level.

You'll have double the fun when there are two little red helpers in the mix, but first let’s say that this list is strictly G-rated. You've all probably seen the risqué images of the Elf on the Shelf doing some very scandalous things with Barbie, or the ones of Santa's poor assistant getting "tortured" by other toy characters, but as entertaining as those NSFW Elf ideas might be, you won’t find them here. The Elf on the Shelf ideas for two elves on this list are a little more toddler-appropriate.

Of course you can also apply many of these ideas to one elf, or three, or more. Keep reading for funny Elf On The Shelf ideas for multiple Elves that are completely innocent and wholesome.


Rocking a nostalgic BFF necklace

Elf on the Shelf

If you have two Elf on the Shelf friends in your house this year, give them their own set of bestie necklaces. Sharing a set of matching BFF charms, they’ll be sure to spread holiday cheer and togetherness.


Playing some Kit-Kat Jenga

Elf on the Shelf

Let your Elves play the classic game of Jenga, but with their own sweet twist. Instead of stacking their jumbling tower with wood, opt for some chocolate wafer bars, such as Kit-Kats.


Sledding on towels

Elf on the Shelf

When winter comes it’s time to hit the slopes. Give your Elves their very own snowy hill to sled down by piling up some white towels in the shape of a slope. Then make sure to sit your Elves on some mini tubes and sleds.


Setting up an elf trap

Elves are known to get a little wily, and their tricky ways are on full display in this fun scene. Don't have the right size glass or jar? Don't worry, you can always use a cut-out milk jug or other package you have around the house.


Coloring candies with crayons

Elf on the Shelf

Ever wonder how pieces of candy get their different colors? Give your Elves some crayons and set up some small bowls of bright sweets, such as M&Ms or Skittles, separated by color to make it appear as though they are the ones responsible for coloring in the pieces.


Enjoying a zen garden

Elf on the Shelf

It’s time for your Elves to kick back and relax in their very own Zen garden. Simply fill up a place with sugar for sand, place some peppermints in the sand as rocks, and give your Elves a fork as a rake.


Sharing a meal

Sometimes the Elves just need to sit down and eat for the day. Whether they’re eating pizza, pies, or just candy anything will be cute laid out on a table for two.


Playing Pin the Tail

The beauty of having two Elves is that they can play together, and this classic party game is no exception. The Elf On The Shelf website has a ton of clever ideas and free resources, like this free pin-the-tail-on-the-elf-pet game printable.


Ice skating

Elf on the Shelf

If you’re really trying to make your kids search for your elves, try sticking them in the freezer in this super creative take on ice skating (just look at those tiny candy cane skates). If you want to make it look great, print the “elf crossing” sign for free.


Playing Operation Elf

Get creative by pulling out some old board games, like @heartsandcartsparties did with Operation. One elf can be the patient, and the other the doctor. Let's hope they know their way around a scalpel.


Hiding in the pantry

Elf on the Shelf

There’s nothing more Elf on the Shelf than hiding in plain sight. If you want your two Elves to blend into their surroundings, give them some pantry or household item disguises, which you can easily print out on paper or DIY.


Playing candy cane putt putt

Elf on the Shelf

Set your Elves up for a game of North Pole mini golf, where they use candy canes instead of putters. To make the set-up even more festive, you can use a mini marshmallow as the golf ball.


Playing a game of Elf ping-pong

What’s cuter than an Elf-sized table tennis set? When it comes to two Elf on the Shelf ideas, any kind of sport, such as soccer, baseball, or basketball, would be a fun choice, but a two-person sport is even more fitting if you plan to only have two Elves.


Building a snowman

Have some Frosty fun, like @heartsandcartsparties did, by using some white balloons or white marshmallows to have the elves, "build a snowman." C'mon, that's so cute it could melt even the Grinch's heart.



There's nothing wrong with pulling out some bath toys to keep the elves "occupied." I love how @mamadoitblog made it game for both the elves and the kids.


Hanging out in a clubhouse

Elf on the Shelf

If you’re down to DIY, consider crafting a tiny clubhouse to fit your two Elves out of popsicle sticks and a shoebox. Then, place the secret hideout inside your Christmas tree for an adorable set up. Decorate it using mini lights, signs, and fake trees inside to make it all the more festive and cute.


Having a snowball fight

Elf on the Shelf

Snowball fights are a must come the wintery season, so it’s a no brainer that your Elf on the Shelf figures should have one, too. Recreate this popular holiday pastime at home by using paper in lieu of actual snow to mimic snow balls — or you could even use marshmallows instead!


Making a gingerbread house

Elf on the Shelf

What’s a more festive shared activity than building a gingerbread house at Christmastime? Set your two Elves up with pieces — be them big or small — and have them in positions of assembly for this gun idea.


Performing some elfie acrobatics

I've seen some pretty creative pics of Elves hanging from chandeliers and off Christmas trees. Well, with two Elves to work with, you can really get your Cirque du Soleil on, like in this example from @jamesandholly.eots.


Staying toasty

If you're looking for a little Elf inspiration, the kitchen is a good place to find it. Use some good old-fashioned toast, like @elizasplaydiary did, to make a fun winter pun.



With two elves babysitting, what could go wrong? I love how @mamadoitblog included in a cheeky little note for her elves. And yes, you earn bonus points if pay your elves in candy.


Enjoying date night

If two elves fall in love, they have to go on dates to keep the romance alive. Stage cute dates for your little red sweethearts, like @adventuresofbuddyandtrixie did in this sweet bath time scene.


Having a movie night

A classic holiday flick, some snacks... and some elf snuggles. Your kid will want to do the same thing, except maybe on a couch.


Making a mess

Got some silly string leftover from Halloween? Perhaps your elves went a little bit overboard when everybody was sleeping. The next evening's tableau could include a clean-up crew and an apologetic note.


Roasting marshmallows

Let your Elves get nice and cozy roasting marshmallows over a fire. Using a small tea candle is a perfect size appropriate “fire pit” for them to share.

There are tons of fun, easy, and festive Elf on the Shelf ideas for two elves to test out this holiday season. They’re so cute, you might just consider adding a third.

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